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Parts maker leans on cold shoulder.

Cryocon Inc has announced that Thiokol, a division of Cordant Technologies Inc agreed to use the Company's proprietary Deep Cryogenic Tempering process to increase wear-resistance and durability in parts. Deep Cryogenic Tempering (DCT) is a computer-controlled tempering process that significantly improves the wear and performance characteristics of a variety of different types of metals, alloys, and synthetic materials.

Industry field tests show treated metallic brake pads in commercial aircraft, for example, exhibit nearly twice the life, according to Robert Brunson, Cryocon CEO. The Thiokol facility; in Promotory Point, UT, is using DCT to extend the wear life of its tooling.

Cryocon also announced that Honeywell International Inc has entered into negotiations to incorporate Cryocon's DCT technology in its Offset Program, which provides shareable technology on a global basis to countries participating in defense manufacturing. The company is also in talks to use DCT to increase tooling wear resistance, as well as research the use of DCT in the manufacture of aerospace component parts.

DCT involves subjecting objects to a cryogenics process (temperatures of -170 to -320 E dependent on the material and its application), and then post tempering to +175 to + 1100 F. The process is computer-controlled to within 1/100th of i F and instead of spraying or immersing objects in liquid nitrogen, they are exposed to liquid nitrogen that has been flashed to a gas. This technique--versus traditional liquid nitrogen dipping or spraying applications-eliminates any chance of thermal shock. "The process reduces stress fractures, extends the life of parts and increases the time between rebuilds," says Mr Brunson, a nuclear engineer who holds a patent for the application of DCT.
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Comment:Parts maker leans on cold shoulder.(Cryocon Inc.; Cordant Technologies Inc.)
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Date:Dec 1, 2000
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