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Parts Department.

How do your tires stack up?

Storing an extra set of tires and wheels, such as snow, summer or racing tires, takes up valuable garage space and they're a pain to move once they're stacked. That is unless they're on wheels, of course. The TruStack Tire Dolly allows you to move your rubber to wherever spot is most convenient. Designed primarily for commercial use, the 30-inch (diameter) injection-molded plastic unit comes with heavy-duty casters, two of which swivel and have brakes. A strap that attaches to the TruStack's center point helps keep up to four tires properly secured. Order for $150 from

Brighten your drive

Swapping out your vehicle's old headlight bulbs for a set of LEDs is a good idea, especially if you do a lot of highway driving at night. The more light, the better. A pair of Stoofs claims that its Hi-Lo Auto Headlamps are easy to install and will illuminate the way forward far better than traditional halogen bulbs. The manufacturer claims its water- and dustproof LEDs meet all international standards and are good for 30,000 hours. That's basically a lifetime for most drivers. Order a pair for $40 at

Furniture made from cars

The artisans at Weld House Metalworks repurpose old car and truck trunk lids, hoods and roofs from 1950s to 1980s automobiles. The result is a wide variety of unique home and office furniture and accessories for sale. The company's line of coffee tables is constructed using steel tubing for the frames and legs, which makes the pieces virtually indestructible. Weld House applies a clear coat to protect the original patina. Coffee tables start at $1,750, but other furniture such as dining tables and bed frames sell for up to $4,950. Scope out Weld House's line at

Pound-the-pedal in fancy footwear

Driving shoes can make you feel good while piloting your vintage sports car around a twisty road or track. They can also make you feel good when you're just walking down the street. Sports shoemaker Pikolinos of Spain has been around since 1984 and produces a sharp-looking line of laced driving loafers. They're made with naturally dyed leathers and come with a removable leather insole, a rubberized heel and they feature unique hand-sewn baseball-style stitching. You can choose from brown, blue, black and red. Prices start at about $170. Visit to view the company's entire line and order.

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Date:Jun 30, 2018
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