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Mortality Risk and Fine Particulate Air Pollution in a Large, Representative Cohort of U.S. Adults. Pope, C. Arden, III.; Lefler, Jacob S.; Ezzati, Majid; Higbee, Joshua D.; Marshall, Julian D.; Kim, Report Jul 1, 2019 9920
Long-term Air Pollution Exposure, Genome-wide DNA Methylation and Lung Function in the LifeLines Cohort Study. de F.C. Lichtenfels, Ana Julia; van der Plaut, Diana A.; de Jong, Kim; van Diemen, Cleo C.; Postma, Report Feb 1, 2018 9238
The Association of Long-Term Exposure to Particulate Matter Air Pollution with Brain MRI Findings: The ARIC Study. Power, Melinda C.; Lamichhane, Archana P.; Liao, Duanping; Xu, Xiaohui; Jack, Clifford R., Jr.; Gott Report Feb 1, 2018 9986
Estimating Acute Cardiovascular Effects of Ambient [PM.sub.2.5] Metals. Ye, Dongni; Klein, Mitchel; Mulholland, James A.; Russell, Armistead G.; Weber, Rodney; Edgerton, Er Report Feb 1, 2018 9621
Fine Particulate Air Pollution and the Expression of microRNAs and Circulating Cytokines Relevant to Inflammation, Coagulation, and Vasoconstriction. Chen, Renjie; Li, Huichu; Cai, Jing; Wang, Cuicui; Lin, Zhijing; Liu, Cong; Niu, Yue; Zhao, Zhuohui; Report Jan 1, 2018 8506
Novel Index for Evaluation of Particle Formation Tendencies of Fuels with Different Chemical Compositions. Wittmann, Jan-Hubert; Menger, Lars Report Nov 1, 2017 3279
Associations between Ambient Fine Particulate Oxidative Potential and Cardiorespiratory Emergency Department Visits. Abrams, Joseph Y.; Weber, Rodney J.; Klein, Mitchel; Samat, Stefanie E.; Chang, Howard H.; Stricklan Report Oct 1, 2017 8942
Peas in a Pod? The Similarities between UFPs and Nanoparticles Yield Research Opportunities. Arnold, Carrie Report Oct 1, 2017 930
Warm, Cozy Woodstoves ... and the PM They Produce: Home Interventions Show Mixed Results in Protecting Children with Asthma. Barrett, Julia R. Report Oct 1, 2017 1482
Nanomaterials Versus Ambient Ultrafine Particles: An Opportunity to Exchange Toxicology Knowledge. Stone, Vicki; Miller, Mark R.; Clift, Martin J.D.; Elder, Alison; Mills, Nicholas L.; Moller, Peter; Report Oct 1, 2017 19287
Assessing exposure to household air pollution: a systematic review and pooled analysis of carbon monoxide as a surrogate measure of particulate matter. Carter, Ellison; Norris, Christina; Dionisio, Kathie L.; Balakrishnan, Kalpana; Checkley, William; C Report Jul 1, 2017 11866
Ambient coarse particulate matter and the right ventricle: the multi-ethnic study of Atherosclerosis. D'Souza, Jennifer C.; Kawut, Steven M.; Elkayam, Laura R.; Sheppard, Lianne; Thorne, Peter S.; Jacob Report Jul 1, 2017 9261
Concentration-Response Relationship between [PM.sub.2.5] and Daily Respiratory Deaths in China: A Systematic Review and Metaregression Analysis of Time-Series Studies. Ren, Mengying; Fang, Xin; Li, Mei; Sun, Sun; Pei, Lu; Xu, Qun; Ye, Xiaofei; Cao, Yang Report Jan 1, 2017 9012
Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality Assessment at School near the Steel Plant in Taranto (Italy). Di Gilio, A.; Farella, G.; Marzocca, A.; Giua, R.; Assennato, G.; Tutino, M.; de Gennaro, G. Report Jan 1, 2017 5474
Bufei Huoxue Capsule Attenuates PM2.5-Induced Pulmonary Inflammation in Mice. Jing, Yue; Zhang, Hongchun; Cai, Zhe; Zhao, Yukun; Wu, Ye; Zheng, Xuan; Liu, Ying; Qin, Yuying; Gu, Report Jan 1, 2017 5356
Regularities of dust formation during stone cutting for construction works. Lebedev, V.G.; Bespalova, A.V.; Dashkovskaya, O.P. Report Jul 1, 2016 3135
This is your brain on smog. Reuben, Aaron Jul 1, 2015 4046
Black carbon fouls New York subway. Rosen, Meghan Brief article Jan 10, 2015 159
Dear EarthTalk: what are some of the more dangerous threats to our air quality and what can be done to eliminate them so we can all breathe more easily? Scheer, Roddy; Moss, Dough Sep 28, 2014 573
Microplastics lodge in crab gills, guts: creatures absorb particles through food and via respiration. Akpan, Nsikan Aug 9, 2014 403
Particulate Matter Associated Lung Function Decline in Brick Kiln Workers of Jalalpur Jattan, Pakistan. Raza, Ali; Qamer, Muhammad Fiaz; Afsheen, Sumera; Adnan, Muhammad; Naeem, Sajid; Atiq, Muhammad Report Feb 28, 2014 4455
Identification of organic compounds in solid aerosols related to Faisalabad environment using XRD technique. Shahid, Muhammad Attique Khan; Hussain, Khadim; Raza, Ahmad Report Dec 31, 2013 7062
Photochemically altered air pollution mixtures and contractile parameters in isolated murine hearts before and after ischemia. McIntosh-Kastrinsky, Rachel; Diaz-Sanchez, David; Sexton, Kenneth G.; Jania, Corey M.; Zavala, Jose; Report Nov 1, 2013 5686
Size-fractionated particle number concentrations and daily mortality in a Chinese city. Meng, Xia; Ma, Yanjun; Chen, Renjie; Zhou, Zhijun; Chen, Bingheng; Kan, Haidong Report Oct 1, 2013 6601
Retinal microvascular responses to short-term changes in particulate air pollution in healthy adults. Louwies, Tijs; Panis, Luc Int; Kicinski, Michal; de Boever, Patrick; Nawrot, Tim S. Report Sep 1, 2013 6930
Want to know what is so special about dust? Jun 1, 2013 320
Human exposure assessment of indoor dust: importance of particle size and spatial position. Cao, Zhiguo; Yu, Gang; Wang, Bin; Huang, Jun; Deng, Shubo Apr 1, 2013 671
Memory maximizers: here's the latest research to help you keep your brain sharp. Mar 1, 2013 564
Nanopollutants pose crop risk: tiny particles can boost toxic absorption by plants. Raloff, Janet Oct 6, 2012 507
Agricultural burning monitored for air pollutants in Imperial County; exposure reduction recommendations developed. Harnly, Martha; Naik-Patel, Kinnery; Wall, Stephen; Quintana, Penelope J. E.; Pon, Diamon; Wagner, J Report Jul 1, 2012 5417
'Warming hole' postponed US global warming. Rustad, Harley Brief article Jun 1, 2012 222
When it comes to electric vehicle emissions, location matters. Holzman, David C. Report Jun 1, 2012 1010
The beat. Dooley, Erin E. Jun 1, 2012 784
A compact exposure: estimating inhalation of engineered nanoparticles in cosmetic powders. Tillett, Tanya Jun 1, 2012 434
Indoor PM pollution and elevated blood pressure: cardiovascular impact of indoor biomass burning. Weinhold, Bob Oct 1, 2011 463
Burden of mortality due to ambient fine particulate air pollution ([PM.sub.2.5]) in Interior and Northern BC. Elliott, Catherine T.; Copes, Ray Report Sep 1, 2011 3405
Anti-Aging Medicine: beware the air: Anti-Aging advisory on harmful indoor air pollutants. Klatz, Ronald; Goldman, Robert Column Jul 1, 2011 1612
Which light bulbs are best for your health? Jul 1, 2011 1095
Modeling spatial patterns of urban air pollutants. Brief article Jun 1, 2011 184
Development of an experimental methodology to determine monolayer and multilayer particle resuspension from indoor surfaces. Boor, Brandon E.; Siegel, Jeffrey A.; Novoselac, Atila Report Jan 1, 2011 4005
[PM.sub.2.5] and cardiac autonomic dysfunction. Abstract Oct 1, 2010 185
Reduced [PM.sub.2.5] in Trujillo, Peru, on El Dia Sin Autos ("The Day Without Cars"). Cassidy, Brandon E.; Aguilar-Villalobos, Manuel; Ryan, P. Barry; Naeher, Luke P. Report Jul 1, 2010 3302
P[M.sub.2.5] negatively affects ventricular repolarization. Brief article Jul 1, 2010 227
What's cooking? Jun 15, 2010 607
Commuters' exposure to air pollution. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 229
Association of biomarkers of systemic inflammation with organic components and source tracers in quasi-ultrafine particles. Delfino, Ralph J.; Staimer, Norbert; Tjoa, Thomas; Arhami, Mohammad; Polidori, Andrea; Gillen, Danie Report Jun 1, 2010 8297
Impact of particle length of alfalfa hay in the diet of growing lambs on performance, digestion and carcass characteristics. Saiady, M.Y. Al-; Abouheif, M.A.; Makkawi, A. Aziz; Ibrahim, Hafiz A.; Owaimer, A.N. Al- Report Mar 11, 2010 5869
Polluted air may cause headaches. Mar 4, 2010 390
When running marathons, women get more affected by air pollution than men. Mar 3, 2010 330
Long-term exposure to constituents of fine particulate air pollution and mortality: results from the California Teachers Study. Ostro, Bart; Lipsett, Michael; Reynolds, Peggy; Goldberg, Debbie; Hertz, Andrew; Garcia, Cynthia; He Mar 1, 2010 8621
Secondhand smoke hazards in bars, restaurants. Feb 22, 2010 337
Air pollution adds to heart attack and stroke risks. Feb 22, 2010 248
Air pollution exposure 'can lead to cardiovascular disease'. Feb 13, 2010 195
Black carbon from India contributing in melting of Himalayan glaciers. Feb 4, 2010 435
Air pollution and prothrombotic tendency in diabetics. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 223
Ambient air pollution and sperm quality parameters in fertile men. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 215
Childhood asthma and early-life exposure to air pollution. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 234
Traffic marker? Early exposure to air pollution associated with childhood asthma. Alderson, Laura Feb 1, 2010 467
Effect of cooling rate on the surface resistivity of polymer/multi-walled carbon nanotube nanocomposites. Lim, Geon-Oh; Min, Kyoung-Tae; Kim, Gue-Hyun Report Feb 1, 2010 2599
A growing role for gender analysis in air pollution epidemiology. Clougherty, Jane E. Report Feb 1, 2010 13290
Air pollution-related prothrombotic changes in persons with diabetes. Jacobs, Lotte; Emmerechts, Jan; Mathieu, Chantal; Hoylaerts, Marc F.; Fierens, Frans; Hoet, Peter H. Report Feb 1, 2010 7172
The effect of ambient air pollution on sperm quality. Hansen, Craig; Luben, Thomas J.; Sacks, Jason D.; Olshan, Andrew; Jeffay, Susan; Strader, Lillian; P Report Feb 1, 2010 8592
Effect of early life exposure to air pollution on development of childhood asthma. Clark, Nina Annika; Demers, Paul A.; Karr, Catherine J.; Koehoorn, Mieke; Lencar, Cornel; Tamburic, Report Feb 1, 2010 9084
Quetta Polices protest causes rise in air pollution. Jan 27, 2010 298
Fujifilm, IBM tech could yield 35TB magnetic tape drives. Jan 25, 2010 403
Spending even two hours in traffic can cause heart problems. Jan 23, 2010 422
Tehran's Air Pollution Alarm Goes off Again. Jan 18, 2010 390
Stable Nanometric Black Carbon Slurry Developed in Iran. Jan 11, 2010 251
Blame air pollution for Capital's blanket of fog. Jan 8, 2010 660
Airborne particles in the San Joaquin Valley may affect human health. Ngo, Mai A.; Pinkerton, Kent E.; Freeland, Sandra; Geller, Michael; Ham, Walter; Cliff, Steven; Hopk Report Jan 1, 2010 3354
Association of heart rate variability in taxi drivers with marked changes in particulate air pollution in Beijing in 2008. Wu, Shaowei; Deng, Furong; Niu, Jie; Huang, Qinsheng; Liu, Youcheng; Guo, Xinbiao Report Jan 1, 2010 5490
Baseline repeated measures from controlled human exposure studies: associations between ambient air pollution exposure and the systemic inflammatory biomarkers IL-6 and fibrinogen. Thompson, Aaron M.S.; Zanobetti, Antonella; Silverman, Frances; Schwartz, Joel; Coull, Brent; Urch, Report Jan 1, 2010 5522
Bootstrap-after-bootstrap model averaging for reducing model uncertainty in model selection for air pollution mortality studies. Roberts, Steven; Martin, Michael A. Report Jan 1, 2010 7714
Urban heat island and air pollution--an emerging role for hospital respiratory admissions in an urban area. Lai, Li-Wei; Cheng, Wan-Li Report Jan 1, 2010 3923
Abortion risk goes up with air pollution. Jan 1, 2010 233
EPA finalizes Paint and Allied Products Manufacturing Area Source rulemaking; heeds many of ACA's comments. Jan 1, 2010 534
EPA data on enforcement in waste, air pollution shows increased inspections and penalties. Jan 1, 2010 444
Marine biofouling inhibition by polyurethane conductive coatings used for fishing net. Huang, Jer-Ruey; Lin, Wei-Ting; Huang, Ran; Lin, Chih-Yang; Wu, Jiann-Kuo Jan 1, 2010 2832
Don't burn that yule log, air pollution agency says. Dec 25, 2009 606
Black carbon deposits on Himalayas threaten Earth's 'Third Pole'. Dec 15, 2009 387
Dear EarthTalk: I ride my bike to work along busy urban streets. Should I be worried about inhaling pollutants from vehicle emissions and other sources? Kaufman, J. Dec 6, 2009 563
Network of environmental sensors will help people avoid air pollution hot spots. Dec 5, 2009 402
Environment and health in China: challenges and opportunities. Kan, Haidong Editorial Dec 1, 2009 1377
Lung inflammation, injury, and proliferative response after repetitive particulate hexavalent chromium exposure. Beaver, Laura M.; Stemmy, Erik J.; Schwartz, Arnold M.; Damsker, Jesse M.; Constant, Stephanie L.; C Report Dec 1, 2009 5670
Traffic-related air pollution, oxidative stress genes, and asthma (ECHRS). Castro-Giner, Francesc; Kunzli, Nino; Jacquemin, Benedicte; Forsberg, Bertil; Cid, Rafael de; Sunyer Report Dec 1, 2009 7638
Cancer risk disparities between Hispanic and non-Hispanic white populations: the role of exposure to indoor air pollution. Hun, Diana E.; Siegel, Jeffrey A.; Morandi, Maria T.; Stock, Thomas H.; Corsi, Richard L. Report Dec 1, 2009 7749
Residential exposure to traffic and spontaneous abortion. Green, Rochelle S.; Malig, Brian; Windham, Gayle C.; Fenster, Laura; Ostro, Bart; Swan, Shanna Report Dec 1, 2009 8058
New diesel particulate filter from Mann+Hummel. Prandi, Roberta Dec 1, 2009 551
A novel method of utmost utilization of renewable energies for environmental protection. Amirthalingam, M. Report Dec 1, 2009 2467
Preparation and processing of doped AlN nanopowders/Dopeeritud AlN-nanopulbrite valmistustehnoloogia ja tootlemine. Grabis, Janis; Steins, Ints; Patmalnieks, Aloizijs; Berzina, Baiba; Trinklere, Laima Report Dec 1, 2009 2681
Walkability level linked to air pollution. Currie, Donya Dec 1, 2009 168
How air pollution, cigarette smoke trigger coughing. Nov 24, 2009 265
Seminar on air pollution in Maghreb. Nov 23, 2009 192
Air pollution may pose health concern for people near smaller regional airports. Nov 20, 2009 294
NCBA concerned about EPA regulation of 'particulate matter'. Nov 16, 2009 186
Exposure to air pollution increases infants' bronchiolitis risk. Nov 6, 2009 354
Scientists find links between city walkability, air pollution exposure. Nov 3, 2009 440
Aerosols can make methane more potent than previously thought. Nov 1, 2009 395
Neighborhood walkability and air pollution. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 163
Black carbon, oxidative stress, and blood pressure. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 199
Traffic pollution: preeclampsia and preterm birth. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 214
Air pollution and wheeze in young children. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 212
Micro management: understanding how diesel exhaust particles alter cellular processes. Washam, Cynthia Report Nov 1, 2009 422
You are where you live: the interrelationship of air pollution, address, and walkability. Tillett, Tanya Report Nov 1, 2009 430
Comparative toxicity of size-fractionated airborne particulate matter collected at different distances from an urban highway. Cho, Seung-Hyun; Tong, Haiyan; McGee, John K.; Baldauf, Richard W.; Krantz, Q. Todd; Gilmour, M. Ian Report Nov 1, 2009 9055
Spatial modeling of [PM.sub.10] and [NO.sub.2] in the continental United States, 1985-2000. Hart, Jaime E.; Yanosky, Jeff D.; Puett, Robin C.; Ryan, Louise; Dockery, Douglas W.; Smith, Thomas Report Nov 1, 2009 7819
Chronic fine and coarse particulate exposure, mortality, and coronary heart disease in the Nurses' Health Study. Puett, Robin C.; Hart, Jaime E.; Yanosky, Jeff D.; Paciorek, Christopher; Schwartz, Joel; Suh, Helen Report Nov 1, 2009 7260
Disruption of microRNA expression in Human airway cells by diesel exhaust particles is linked to tumorigenesis-associated pathways. Jardim, Melanie J.; Fry, Rebecca C.; Jaspers, Ilona; Dailey, Lisa; Diaz-Sanchez, David Report Nov 1, 2009 6260
Healthy neighborhoods: walkability and air pollution. Marshall, Julian D.; Brauer, Michael; Frank, Lawrence D. Report Nov 1, 2009 8593
Black carbon exposure, oxidative stress genes, and blood pressure in a repeated-measures study. Mordukhovich, Irina; Wilker, Elissa; Suh, Helen; Wright, Robert; Sparrow, David; Vokonas, Pantel S.; Report Nov 1, 2009 7254
Association between local traffic-generated air pollution and preeclampsia and preterm delivery in the South Coast Air Basin of California. Wu, Jun; Ren, Cizao; Delfino, Ralph J.; Chung, Judith; Wilhelm, Michelle; Ritz, Beate Report Nov 1, 2009 8531
Cabot (, Boston, MA, announced the commissioning of 150,000 metric tons of manufacturing capacity at its carbon black facility in Tianjin, China, bringing the plant's annual production capacity to nearly 300,000 metric tons. Nov 1, 2009 98
Particulate suspension flow induced by peristaltic waves in a non-uniform channel. Medhavi, Amit; Singh, U.K. Report Nov 1, 2009 3366
Effect of piston bowl geometry on flow, combustion and emission in DI diesel engine--a CFD approach. Gunabalan, A.; Ramaprabhu, R. Report Nov 1, 2009 2305
Pottery studio air quality: Jeff Zamek and Anthony Volpe discuss respiratory safety in the ceramics studio. Zamek, Jeff; Volpe, Anthony Nov 1, 2009 2910
Air jet sieves light, fine particles. Nov 1, 2009 148
Placental stereology: spanning the levels from molecule to whole organ. Mayhew, Terry M. Report Nov 1, 2009 4411
Air pollution, aeroallergens, and emergency room visits for acute respiratory diseases and gastroenteric disorders among young children in six Italian cities. Orazzo, Flavia; Nespoli, Luigi; Ito, Kazuhiko; Tassinari, Davide; Giardina, Daniela; Funis, Maurizio Report Nov 1, 2009 7715
Pollution 'increases miscarriage risk'. Oct 29, 2009 313
Pollution 'increases miscarriage risk'. Oct 28, 2009 313
Pollution 'increases miscarriage risk'. Oct 27, 2009 313
Pollution 'increases miscarriage risk'. Oct 26, 2009 313
Pollution 'increases miscarriage risk'. Oct 25, 2009 313
Pollution 'increases miscarriage risk'. Oct 24, 2009 313
Pollution 'increases miscarriage risk'. Oct 23, 2009 313
Polluted air causes headache. Oct 23, 2009 390
Air pollution 'ups dementia risk'. Oct 22, 2009 211
Air pollution could trigger appendicitis. Oct 21, 2009 231
New mobile lab allows scientists to study damaging health effects of air pollution. Oct 21, 2009 380
Delhi breathes easy despite Diwali noise. Oct 19, 2009 556
AIR pollution may trigger appendicitis, [...]. Oct 12, 2009 189
Air pollution could trigger appendicitis. Oct 12, 2009 229
New mobile lab allows scientists to study damaging health effects of air pollution. Oct 12, 2009 378
Effect of carbon black on electrical property of graphite nanoplatelets/epoxy resin composites. Fan, Zhuangjun; Zheng, Chao; Wei, Tong; Zhang, Yicheng; Luo, Guilian Technical report Oct 1, 2009 2071
Plating anomalies and defects, Part 2: surface roughness can originate from a number of sources; imbalances in the organic additives and improper filming of the copper anodes are key contributors. Carano, Michael Oct 1, 2009 543
Air pollutants from abroad can travel thousands of miles to harm atmosphere. Sep 30, 2009 417
Invisible air pollution remains silent killer. Sep 22, 2009 700
MP Filtri develops new ICM online particle counter. Sep 1, 2009 394
Turnkey air pollution control systems. Sep 1, 2009 103
Advances in structure measurements of carbon black. Joyce, George A.; Henry, William M.; Magee, Ricky W. Sep 1, 2009 5270
Carbon black batching. Sep 1, 2009 153
Air Pollution: Air Quality and Permitting of New Coal-Burning, Electricity-Generating Units in Central Texas. Sep 1, 2009 811
"Black carbon" from wood burning chokes Chilean towns. Zhou, Jane Sep 1, 2009 333
COPD and air pollution. Etingin, Orli R. Sep 1, 2009 171
Synthesis and characterization of open-cell foams for sound absorption with rotational molding method. Chu, Raymond K.M.; Naguib, Hani E.; Atalla, Noureddine Report Sep 1, 2009 5413
Design and electrical conductivity of poly(acrylic acid-g-gelatin)/graphite conducting gel. Tang, Qunwei; Sun, Xiaoming; Wu, Jihuai; Li, Qinghua; Lin, Jianming Report Sep 1, 2009 4446
Central neuroplasticity and decreased heart rate variability after particulate matter exposure in mice. Pham, Hai; Bonham, Ann C.; Pinkerton, Kent E.; Chen, Chao-Yin Report Sep 1, 2009 4765
'Toxic cocktail' in tunnels can increase air pollution levels by up to 1,000 times. Aug 28, 2009 387
Air pollution hotspots identified. Aug 24, 2009 509
Cleaning up black carbon provides instant benefits against global warming. Aug 22, 2009 440
Air pollution kills 380,000 people each year in the world. Aug 15, 2009 313
Quantification of the distribution of carbon black in natural rubber/polybutadiene blends by differential scanning calorimetry. Portal, Julien; Carrot, Christian; Majeste, Jean-Charles; Cocard, Stephane; Pelissier, Vincent; Anse Report Aug 1, 2009 5883
Fate of copper in intensive shrimp farms: bioaccumulation and deposition in pond sediments/Dinamica do cobre na carcinicultura intensiva: bioacumulacao e deposicao em sedimentos de tanques de criacao. Lacerda, L.D.; Santos, J.A.; Lopez, D.V. Report Aug 1, 2009 4008
A consortium ( formed by Evonik Degussa GmbH, Cabot, Columbian Chemicals, Timcal Belgium S.A., Sial Richardson Carbon & Energy, Continental Carbon and Cancarb Ltd., has successfully submitted the REACH dossier for carbon black to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in Helsinki, Finland. Aug 1, 2009 85
Effect of modified carbon black on viscoelastic properties of NR and SBR. Adhikary, Abhijit; Sengupta, Pranab Kumar; Mukhopadhyay, Rabindra Aug 1, 2009 6498
Linking environmental particulate matter with genetic alterations. Cetta, Francesco; Dhamo, Armand; Malagnino, Giuliana; Galeazzi, Mauro Report Aug 1, 2009 987
Environmental particulate matter and genetic alterations: Tarantini et al. respond. Tarantini, Letizia; Bonzini, Matteo; Pegoraro, Valeria; Bollati, Valentina; Marinelli, Barbara; Cant Report Aug 1, 2009 823
Air pollution exposures and circulating biomarkers of effect in a susceptible population: clues to potential causal component mixtures and Mechanisms. Delfino, Ralph J.; Staimer, Norbert; Tjoa, Thomas; Gillen, Daniel L.; Polidori, Andrea; Arhami, Moha Report Aug 1, 2009 7742
Autonomic effects of controlled fine particulate exposure in young healthy adults: effect modification by ozone. Fakhri, AsgharA; Ilic, Ljubomir M.; Wellenius, Gregory A.; Urch, Bruce; Silverman, Frances; Gold, Di Report Aug 1, 2009 6014
Chronic residential exposure to particulate matter air pollution and systemic inflammatory markers. Hoffmann, Barbara; Moebus, Susanne; Dragano, Nico; Stang, Andreas; Mohlenkamp, Stefan; Schmermund, A Report Aug 1, 2009 8985
Association between GIS-based exposure to urban air pollution during pregnancy and birth weight in the INMA Sabadell cohort. Aguilera, Inmaculada; Guxens, Monica; Garcia-Esteban, Raquel; Corbella, Teresa; Nieuwenhuijsen, Mark Report Aug 1, 2009 8055
City ring road residents 'dicing with early death' Air pollution is silent killer on Queens Drive. Jul 29, 2009 418
Early exposure to ultrafine air pollution linked to lung disease in adulthood. Jul 23, 2009 229
Prenatal air pollution exposure reduces kids' IQs in later life. Jul 21, 2009 405
Diesel quality conducive to air pollution. Jul 6, 2009 771
Carrier's new CARB-verified APU. Jul 1, 2009 514
Carbon and granulometry fractions of soil organic matter under organic production system/Carbono e fracoes granulometricas da materia organica do solo sob sistemas de producao organica. Loss, Arcangelo; Pereira, Marcos Gervasio; Schultz, Nivaldo; dos Anjos, Lucia Helena Cunha; da Silva Report Jul 1, 2009 3819
Grease particle emission characterization from seven commercial kitchen cooking appliances and representative food products. Kuehn, Thomas H.; Olson, Bernard A.; Ramsey, James W.; Rocklage, Joshua M. Report Jul 1, 2009 4916
Delivering sustainability promise to HVAC air filtration--part I: classification of energy efficiency for air filters. Sun, Christine; Woodman, Dan Report Jul 1, 2009 2360
Laboratory evaluation and modeling of electrostatic precipitation of PM emissions from poultry buildings. Manuzon, Roderick B.; Zhao, Lingying Report Jul 1, 2009 7770
Sulfate particles enhance climate warming properties of atmospheric soot. Jun 30, 2009 438
Pursuing environmental justice: obstacles and opportunities - lessons from the field. Kang, Helen H. Jun 22, 2009 14394
Air pollution at 2008 Beijing Olympic Games was far worse than reported. Jun 20, 2009 429
Trans boundary effects multiplying air pollution in Pakistan. Jun 17, 2009 458
Denso Corp. and Robert Bosch GmbH have agreed to discontinue their joint development activities for diesel particulate filters (DPFs). Jun 1, 2009 124
Superfund will clean up mess in Sweet Home. May 28, 2009 943
Tree leaves can monitor pollution levels in the city. May 20, 2009 405
Even short-term exposure to pollutants can increase cancer risk. May 18, 2009 306
Developer's troubles lead to arrest. May 12, 2009 913
Extrusion profile geometry measurement methods and case studies. Reynolds, Dennis May 1, 2009 2424
Essar Steel Algoma puts a sock on air pollution: new $25 million baghouse technology traps particulate. Ross, Ian May 1, 2009 637
Dangerous breaths. Wedekind, Jennifer May 1, 2009 360
Air pollution causes respiratory diseases, eye irrigation. Apr 19, 2009 469
Data is in: End field burning now. Apr 19, 2009 764
Air pollution a major public health issue. Clinical report Apr 12, 2009 544
Curving laser "light bullets" may help scientists monitor air pollution. Apr 10, 2009 299
Vehicular pollutants stick to the lung more than other smoke, dust particles. Apr 2, 2009 385
Carbon black batching. Apr 1, 2009 144
Air purification to reduce OA. Dieckmann, John; McKenney, Kurtis; Brodrick, James Apr 1, 2009 2034
An experimental study in passive cooling systems and investigation of their role in consumption and diminishing environmental pollutants. Khani, M.R.; Yaghmaeian, K.; Dehghani, A.R. Report Apr 1, 2009 3320
New tool differentiates between man-made and natural nitrogen-oxide pollution. Mar 26, 2009 236
On warming, let's get China on board with small first step. Mar 25, 2009 564
Fuel Tech Announces New Contracts for Air Pollution Control Technologies. Mar 24, 2009 300
Air pollution increases heart attack risk. Mar 23, 2009 289
National strategy being evolved. Mar 19, 2009 819
Indoor pollution levels to be checked. Mar 19, 2009 819
Clear sky visibility over land has decreased globally over past 30 years. Mar 13, 2009 460
Court ruling likely to require increased air quality monitoring by livestock producers. Mar 9, 2009 278
Pupils help to check county's air pollution. Mar 5, 2009 300
Cleaner air ups U.S. life expectancy. Currie, Donya Mar 1, 2009 218
Air pollution ups infant death risk. Currie, Donya Mar 1, 2009 166
Automated particle characterization system. Mar 1, 2009 152
Conductive carbon black. Mar 1, 2009 131
Commercial ships emit half as much particulate pollution as world's cars. Feb 27, 2009 338
Indoor air pollution 'worsens asthma symptoms in kids'. Feb 20, 2009 417
Traffic-induced air pollution worsens asthma in kids. Feb 17, 2009 190
Aerosols may have a greater impact on patterns of rainfall than previously thought. Feb 15, 2009 387
Characterization of fatty acid modified reinforcing carbon black. Adhikary, Abhijit Feb 1, 2009 3448
Thermal carbon black. Feb 1, 2009 99
Carbon black. Feb 1, 2009 98
Carbon black pre-weighs. Feb 1, 2009 99
Poison in the air we all breathe... Jan 28, 2009 628
Red route scheme curbs air pollution; ENVIRONMENT: Cleaner air on Stratford Road since 'no stopping' ruling. Jan 23, 2009 336
80% of air pollution in Bishkek caused by car engine emissions. Jan 20, 2009 143
Particulate emission from natural gas may increase mortality risk. Jan 9, 2009 229
Characterization of cooking effluent from seven commercial kitchen appliances and representative food products. Kuehn, Thomas H.; Ramsey, James W.; Olson, Bernard A.; Rocklage, Joshua M. Report Jan 1, 2009 7357
Global warming predictions may be overestimated. Dec 3, 2008 408
Health threat posed by California wildfires may have been underestimated. Dec 3, 2008 276
Creating safe and healthy communities. Litman, Todd Dec 1, 2008 8391
Insight into the reinforcement mechanism of fillers in a polymer matrix--part 2. Brindha, M.; Mahapatra, D. Dec 1, 2008 4738
Volvo Trucks North America and Mack Trucks, both part of the Volvo Group, one of the world's largest manufacturers of trucks, buses and construction equipment, diesel engines and drive systems for marine and industrial applications, announced that they have launched a large-scale program to remanufacture diesel particulate filters (DPFs). Dec 1, 2008 184
Global warming predictions may be overestimated. Nov 25, 2008 408
Health threat posed by California wildfires may have been underestimated. Nov 25, 2008 276
Arab countries suffering effects of air pollution. Nov 12, 2008 595
'Vehicle emissions cost Arab countries $5bn'. Nov 11, 2008 515
Vehicle emissions 'cost Arab countries $5bn'. Nov 11, 2008 515
Global meet in UAE to discuss air pollution. Nov 5, 2008 282
Volvo Construction Equipment has entered into a strategic partnership with Huss LLC, a manufacturer of diesel particulate filtration aftertreatment, to provide retrofit systems for Volvo construction equipment. Nov 1, 2008 111
Mexico Carbon Manufacturing SA de CV (MXCB), a wholly-owned member of the Bridgestone Group (www., officially opened a plant last month to produce carbon black in Mexico. Nov 1, 2008 95
Highly filled compounds for building profiles and pipe seals--part 2. Clayfield, Tim E.; Tang, Solomon H.K.; Billouard, Cyrille Nov 1, 2008 3875
Particulate water absorbent containing water absorbent resin as a main component: no. 7,435,477; Yoshifumi Adachi, Takahiro Kitano, Hirotama Fujimaru, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi and Katsuyuki Wada, assignors to Nippon Shokubi Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan. Nov 1, 2008 254
Use of hot EGR in a DI diesel engine with emulsified biodiesel as alternate fuel to study the performance and emission characteristics. Sachuthananthan, B.; Jeyachandran, K. Nov 1, 2008 2453
BRIDGESTONE Inaugurates Carbon Black Plant in Mexico. Oct 21, 2008 253
Carbon Black World 2008 organized. Oct 1, 2008 717
Carbon black replacement. Oct 1, 2008 147
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Crackdown ordered on air pollution; Sefton told to take immediate action. Sep 23, 2008 445
IT'S TIME FOR THE WETTER FORECAST; Aerosol pollution to blame for more rainy days in Ireland. Sep 15, 2008 333
Set for 2010--and beyond: engine manufacturers put the finishing touches on 2010 and Tier 4 Interim technology; greenhouse gas seen as a growing concern. Majewski, W. Addy Sep 1, 2008 1600
Performance of silkworm pupa oil and methyl ester and diesel--fuel blends in CI engine. Manjunath, S.H.; Kutty, P. Sankaran Report Sep 1, 2008 2631
Optimization of machinability parameters of aluminium/alumina metal matrix composites. Yuvaraja, C.; Sharma, K.V. Report Sep 1, 2008 1970
Medical studies make case to ban field burning. Aug 29, 2008 672
Studies with a non-petroleum, versatile and economic filler for rubber applications. Chakravarty, A.; Chakravarty, S.N. Aug 1, 2008 5658
Global warming increases air pollution. Brief article May 1, 2008 152
Air pollution may lower IQ. Bateman, Chris Brief article Apr 1, 2008 134
Air pollution may increase heart disease risk. Apr 1, 2008 135
Volunteers get ball moving on study of air pollution in Lebanon. Mar 3, 2008 418
For diesel exhaust Tenneco puts it all together: while there are regulations and attendant consternation regarding diesel emissions, Tenneco believes that it has the technical wherewithal to handle the needs of diesel engines 2 liters and above. Vasilash, Gary S. Mar 1, 2008 1069
Poluicao do ar como causa de morbidade e mortalidade da populacao urbana. Danni-Oliveira, Ines Moresco Jan 1, 2008 9099
Designing healthy places: land use planning and public health. Johnson, Sherrill; Marko, Josh Clinical report Jan 1, 2008 5036
Creating safe and healthy communities. Litman, Todd Jan 1, 2008 8410
2007 Chrysler Pentastar Award. Case, Lenny Interview Jan 1, 2008 591
New materials range for Diesel after-treatment. Palmen, Nick Jan 1, 2008 1265
Understanding air filtration: understanding the basics of compressed air filtration is essential to be able to specify a solution that optimises the uptime of machinery, and ultimately, minimises costs. PWE reports. Oct 1, 2007 1160
Use of novel polyetheralkanolamine comb polymers as pigment dispersants for aqueous coating systems. Nguyen, D.T. Sep 1, 2007 7845
Waterborne latex coatings of color: III. Triblock polyether influences on color development and viscosity. Mahli, David M.; Wegner, Jon M.; Glass, J. Edward; Philips, Daniel G. Report Mar 1, 2007 3895
States sue EPA over soot standards. Arias, Donya C. Brief article Mar 1, 2007 209
Children's exposure to particulates drops. Arias, Donya C. Brief article Dec 1, 2006 286
When a shot is not: PCBs may impair vaccine-induced immunity. Harder, B. Sep 2, 2006 491
New Johns Hopkins Center to Study Health Affects of PM. Brief Article Jan 30, 2006 207
Diabetics: don't breathe the air. Dineen, Shauna Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 168
Everything gives you cancer: but good lifestyle choices will help you fight it off. Knopper, Melissa Sep 1, 2005 1347
Pollution ups blood pressure: inhaled particles linked to transient effect. Harder, B. Jul 16, 2005 494
FOE U.K. Says London Air Pollution Breaking European Law. Brief Article May 26, 2005 167
School buses spew pollution into young lungs. Brief Article May 21, 2005 226
New WHO Data Reveal Cost of Air Pollution to Human Health. Brief Article Apr 20, 2005 273
Nine States Achieve EPA Fine Particle 'Attainment' Status. Brief Article Apr 8, 2005 152
Central Environment Council. Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 179
An ounce of pollution: particles' harm varies by person, region, season. Harder, B. Mar 26, 2005 549
Fleetguard, EPA Partner on Mexican Diesel Retrofit Program. Brief Article Mar 11, 2005 203
NYPA to Expand Clean School Bus Effort. Brief Article Mar 8, 2005 190
CARB Enforces New Trash Truck Emission Reductions. Feb 28, 2005 117
Japan to Introduce New Vehicle Emissions Regulations in 2009. Brief Article Feb 24, 2005 128
Indianapolis Issues First-ever Fine Particle Pollution Warning. Brief Article Feb 11, 2005 85
EPA Designates Fine Particle Air Pollution Nonattainment Areas. Brief Article Dec 22, 2004 162
NAAQS's 'Where's Waldo?' Problem. Jones, Kay H. Dec 22, 2004 1846
Inhaled particles damage vascular lining. Brief Article Dec 4, 2004 247
Scientists Link Particulate Pollution With Genetic Mutation. Brief Article May 26, 2004 211
Filtered air cuts down mutations. Brief Article May 22, 2004 290
Technology isolates the way we breathe. (Computing). Thilmany, Jean Mar 1, 2003 481
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Ensure air quality in production areas. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 167

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