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Partick H.A. Close Cleaning & Backcourt Management and Maintenance Services 2016-2019.

Contract Notice: Partick Housing Association is a not for profit social housing provider and is a registered social landlord based in the West of Glasgow.

It is the Association~s intention to enter into a contract with a single suitable contractor to carry out their Close Cleaning and Backcourt Management and Maintenance Services.

The required works include: -


Grass Cutting 14nr cutting visits over the course of each growing season (March/April to September/October of each year of the contract would generally constitute the growing season~). All grass areas to be edged with edging iron at each visit on completion of cutting works.

Litter Collection to be carried out on a fortnightly basis over the course of the full year. During the growing season the fortnightly litter collection visits will be programmed to coincide with the grass cutting visits. All litter to be cleared and removed from back court and front gardens and paths, hard standings and car parks. Litter is deemed to include leaves. All arisings and clippings to be mechanically collected and disposed off site. All hard standings and bin areas to be brushed and kept weed/leaf free.

Weeding spray all areas and remove weeds once they have died off. Spraying to be carried out over four separate visits to all areas over the course of each complete growing season.

Moss Control all backcourt areas including walls and bin stores, etc. up to a height of 2m and front access paths to closes to be sprayed with suitable fungicide and to be hard brushed when moss has dried out. This to be carried out over three separate visits to all areas over the course of each complete growing season.

Shrub Beds and Planters Four separate visits to all areas over the course of each complete growing season to keep all plants and beds in a neat and tidy and weed-free condition. Beds to be edged as appropriate at each visit to keep tidy.

Trees and Hedges Three separate visits to all areas over the course of the growing season. Prune trees and hedges and remove all waste and arisings from site. Check all ties and stakes are secure. Re-secure (or replace if necessary) any loose ties and stakes and report any dead trees to the Association. Include for tidying all hedge beds and keeping in a neat and weed-free condition at all times.

Winter Maintenance Four separate visits over the winter season (October/November to February/March) to all areas. Remove all fallen leaves (in addition to routine fortnightly litter collection which shall be ongoing all year round) and brush all pathways including external front paths leading to close entrances and backcourt hard standing areas. Remove all waste from site. Remove any litter/leaf debris, etc. from all shrub and hedge beds, grass areas and tree grilles and dispose of off site.

Generally Report to Association ar


Address : 10 Mansfield Street,

Town: Glasgow,

Postal Code: G11 5QP,

Attn: Mr Michael Monaghan

Country :United Kingdom

Tender notice number : (SC Ref:427187)

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2016-02-12

Tender documents : T31474489.html , G31474489.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Feb 5, 2016
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