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Part of interview of BDI leader Ali Ahmeti for Alsat.

"I think that the Macedonian authorities have reservations as regards the demarcation of the border. This should be resolved so that diplomatic relations are established," BDI leader Ali Ahmeti said in the interview for Alsat. Asked about SDSM leader Branko Crvenkovski's open proposal, Ahmeti expressed readiness to cooperate with all parties if that is in the interest of the state. "Everyone wants to be a partner of BDI, as this is a progressive party. We have cooperated and we will continue to cooperate on issues that are of interest to the state. Crvenkovski is well aware of BDI's ideas," Ahmeti stressed. Ahmeti also noted that BDI is a serious party that does not make any acrobatics and does not follow the example of PDSH, "which said that Gruevski's Government is a kindergarten, yet joined the same just two days later". B.M.
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Title Annotation:Koha (weekend edition)
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Jun 15, 2009
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