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Part of a global chemical organization.

Part of a Global Chemical Organization

Reichhold Ltd. (Canada) concentrates on two major product lines. As well as a wide family of polymers for the forest products industry, the company produces an extensive range of polymers for the coatings and plastics industries including alkyds, polyurethanes, emulsions, polyesters, as well as specialty phenolics and aminoresins.

The Canadian operation is only one segment of a global specialty chemicals organization. Its parent is Reichhold Chemicals Inc., based in Raleigh, NC, a $1-billion company with more than 5,000 employees around the world. Reichhold Chemicals is itself a member of a much larger corporate family - Dianippon Ink and Chemicals, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan).

The Forest Products Industry

Reichhold is growing to serve the Canadian forest products industry. This industry plays a very significant role in economies of Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia as well as in many communities in other provinces. The company is one of the world's leaders in specialty polymers for the wood panel industry.

As a leading supplier of phenol formaldehyde polymers to the waferboard and oriented-strand board industry, Reichhold met a challenging set of requirements. This is a young industry constantly searching for product improvements - strength, durability, improved edge seals, non-skid surfaces, better fire and moisture resistance. Reichhold is pioneering R&D to produce a variety of surface and core adhesives, both liquid and powder for the varied needs of mills around the world.

At the same time, Reichhold is working with waferboard/OSB producers to improve their cost efficiencies. For example, superior polymers have helped to speed up press times and production increase. Reichhold technology has led to more efficient adhesives, which reduce consumption, thus generating significant cost savings. Board properties have been improved and work environments made cleaner, with help from Reichhold.

The Wood Products Industry

Reichhold also plays a major role in the Canadian plywood industry. Reichhold developed foamable phenolic polymers which have helped plywood makers to reduce mill costs and waste. Significant technical advances have been made in low emission UF polymers and more moisture tolerant PF resins. Delamination problems have been minimized and customer satisfaction cemented through technological advances shared by Reichhold and its customers.

Reichhold also offers spraydried UF and PF plywood adhesives. They are more stable than liquid adhesives and enjoy lower shipping costs. They are easily reconstituted and can be supplied as ready-to-use adhesives for use with the addition of catalysts and extenders.

Particleboard and medium density fiberboard industries have a unique combination of needs and their demands are particularly high. Their products used in the manufacture of furniture and special industrial applications must be of uncompromising quality with such properties as surface smoothness, hardness, uniform density and fastener holding ability.

Reichhold polymers have helped mills to achieve and maintain these high standards. A chemistry expertise developed on three continents; a network of five production plants in Canada responding to market requirements, and an ongoing commitment to R&D in the polymers of the future are Reichhold's strengths.

Today, growth opportunities also exist in decorative laminates. Reichhold offers an extensive line of melamine-formaldehyde polymers for decorative laminates and papers saturated with these polymers.

Other Markets

Reichhold also serves a wide range of customers as a source of specialty chemicals for manufacturing of other products. These include formaldehyde for use in manufacture of polymers, urea-formaldehyde concentrate for the fertilizer and resin industries, wet strength resins for the paper-making industry, and specialty urea-formaldehyde, melamine-formaldehyde and phenol formaldehyde resins for a wide range of uses in both liquid and powder forms.

PHOTO : The decorative laminates market is one that Reichhold sees as an area of future growth potential
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