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Part 4 Specialized segments of the hospitality industry.


Picture the hospitality industry as a sphere made up of facets of mirror, each facet shining in its own right but very much a part of the whole. The bits and pieces of the looking glass let you peer at the industry from a number of different angles.

Some facets--the meetings industry, for example--reflect the side of the industry that caters to business. Those people who plan and organize meetings and expositions, who arrange conventions and attend to the comfort and welfare of meeting attendees and visitors, are an integral part of the hospitality industry. Another business facet looks to the well-being of the long-term guests, especially the elderly, who frequently require assisted-living facilities. Still, other facets, such as the recreation segment, reflect and cater to the leisure activities of guests. Cozy bed and breakfast places, grand chateaux, country clubs, theme parks, casinos, and cruises--each radiates a specialized view from a sociable perspective. Spas and fitness clubs illuminate two others. Even though each offers a different image of the hospitality industry, each also reflects the basic mission of the hospitality and tourism industry--offering food and lodging to people away from home.

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