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Parroty Interactive Ships "Microshaft Winblows 98"; CD-ROM Parodies Microsoft, Bill Gates and Windows.

LARKSPUR, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 5, 1998--Parroty Interactive, the humor division of Palladium Interactive, announced today that it has shipped Microshaft Winblows(TM) 98, a sidesplitting CD-ROM spoof of the company, the software, and the man.

The CD-ROM is available nationwide for the estimated street price of $19.95.

Microshaft spoofs Microsoft by introducing two fictitious Microsoft employees who have created Microshaft to lampoon their omnipotent employer, Bill Gates. What follows is a compilation of hilarious activities, interactive games and multiple levels of play all designed to parody Microsoft, Windows and the genius behind the empire, Bill Gates.

"Anyone who uses a computer knows Microsoft, and for years people have been telling jokes and circulating e-mail that poke fun at the success, tactics and products of Microsoft and Bill Gates," said Palladium's vice president of marketing, Rob Halligan. "We have taken the public's fascination with this cultural phenomenon and injected heavy doses of parody to make fun of an industry that we feel is taking itself too seriously. The result is Microshaft Winblows 98."

Distributed by Mindscape in North America, Winblows' interactive menu includes:


-- The Main Interface -- Where the hilarity begins: Microshaft
 desktop themes, (Outta) Control Panel, Scrolling Microshaft News
 and Microshaft's subversive hosts, the frustrated, fictional
 Microsoft employees, Meg and Graham.

-- The Roll Ahead -- An interactive strategy board game (one or two
 players), where players can see if they have what it takes to
 recreate Bill's journey to success -- humorously speaking of

-- Billagotchi -- The user's very own onscreen cyber-CEO. Nurture
 him, feed him money or else he throws a tantrum in this parody
 spin-off of the virtual pet craze.

-- Win Bill's Money -- A hysterical, but challenging computer
 trivia game show.

-- Campus Cam -- Hidden cameras provide a satirical look at the
 inner sanctums of Microshaft.

-- MSTV -- The future of television -- according to "you know who."

-- Reject Bin -- A look at some fictional MS products that didn't
 quite make the cut.

-- Bill's Personal Outlook -- "What does He want to DO today?" Take
 a sneak peek at His to-do list, to-buy list, journal, e-mail and

-- Winblows Exploder -- Blow away a universe of computer bugs,
 viruses and those annoying error messages in this stress

-- Internet Exploiter -- Continue the fun online by seamlessly
 linking to Microshaft online.

 -- Download Microshaft Screen Saver Desktop Themes -- Transfer
 part of the Microshaft fun right onto your desktop.

 -- Access The Brain Drain -- Tech support without the support.

 -- Become a Power User -- Access secret codes that reveal hidden
 levels in Microshaft.

 -- Participate in the Vent Board -- Post your feelings about
 Microsoft, Windows, Bill Gates, Janet Reno, Ralph Nader, etc.

 -- Read the Microshaft "Joke of the Day" -- Start your day off
 with a rib tickler.


Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 95:

486/66 MHz (Pentium recommended), 16 MB RAM, 20 MB free hard disk space, SVGA monitor (640x480, 256 colors), double speed CD-ROM drive (quad-speed or faster recommended), and 8-bit sound card. Optional Modem (14.4 K bps; 28.8 K bps or faster recommended).

Macintosh/Power Macintosh:

System 7.1 or later, 68040/33 MHz (PowerPC recommended), 16 MB RAM, 20 MB free hard disk space, SVGA monitor (640x480, 256 colors), double-speed CD-ROM drive (quad speed or faster recommended, 8-bit sound card. Optional: Modem (14.4 K bps modem; 28.8 K bps or faster recommended).

Parroty Interactive's Products -- In addition to Microshaft Winblows 98, Parroty Interactive's other parodies on CD-ROM include:

The X-Fools(TM) ($19.95) -- This paranoid paranormal parody of The X-Files features two ultra-paranoid ex-FBI agents, Mully and Scudder, who invite users to become an "agent trainee" and be subjected to a deprogramming regimen of interactive games, trivia and multimedia vignettes.

Star Warped(TM) ($19.95) -- Named "Funniest CD-ROM of the Century" by America Online's Huge Electronic Brain, Star Warped guides players through a galaxy far, far away to meet their favorite intergalactic icons in a variety of familiar, yet slightly warped, settings.

PYST(TM) ($14.95) -- This interactive parody offers the millions of people who have played MYST the chance to experience the island in a whole new light.

About Palladium Interactive

Headquartered in Larkspur, Calif., Palladium Interactive is a developer and publisher of top quality consumer software. For more information on Palladium Interactive and its products, the company's web site can be accessed at .

About Mindscape, Inc.

Mindscape, Inc., distributor of Palladium Interactive's products in North America, is a leading developer and publisher of consumer software for the home, entertainment, education and reference markets. Founded in 1980, Mindscape is part of Pearson, plc, the international media group based in London, which focuses on the information, education and entertainment markets. -0-

Note to Editors: Microshaft Winblows 98 is a parody and is not licensed by Microsoft Corporation or any third parties.

CONTACT: Palladium Interactive

Robert Naify, 415/446-1700 ext. 417


Access Communications

Holly Rossetti, 415/904-7070 ext. 264
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