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Parrots and art: Natalia Hoosova: Slovak Republic.

If birds and animals can be our friends, why can't they be our art critics or advisors?

My two parrots, Coca and Black, always help me with my painting, Sometimes they ridicule my art, break and eat my dry pastels, chew my special paper, and prance across my table, when I am most busy.

They scrutinize my art. I can just tell from their looks what they are thinking. They are always truthful. As I finish an artwork, their opinion of it hardens. If they like the painting, they sit by it for hours. When I frame a painting they like, and hang it on the wall, they may perch on the edge of the frame, nearly motionless the whole day.

Some people say that some animals have the special abilities; they can feel good energy from something (for example, art). Maybe my parrots feel something about my art, and maybe that's the reason why they are sitting right now on one of my paintings.

Animals can also be an inspiration for people. When the animals make funny things, people can draw them. Coca is sitting on my mother's head while Black is looking around our room vacantly. They like to copy what we do, they eat with us and cook with us. They inspect everything we bring home, be it food or clothes. When no one is home, they wait for us, sitting still for hours.

Parrots are blessed with very nice colors. Their colors are colorful like my art. My first parrot, two year ago, was also name Coca. One day she saw an open window, she flew away and never returned. She once ate a piece of my painting. So, in memory I painted her with my dry pastels.

My parrots are my friends. They are very smart. They like music, especially a CD of Navajo flute player Carlos Nakai. They also make aerobics and stretching with their wings and legs.

Most of the parrots have very nice colours especially macaws. They live in tropical forests in South America and are very friendly. I also like parrots called nestor kea, from New Zealand. They are the most intelligent birds in the world. I drew one with the pencil, like a sketch.

Right now Coca and Black are helping me write this article.

Natalia Hoosova (age 14) is ICAF Youth Board Member in the Slovak Republic. She was her country's Arts Olympian and participated in ICAF's international festival in Washington, DC in September 2003.
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Date:Jul 1, 2005
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