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Parochialism in FA 90?

I read with interest the article by retired Major General Terry E. Juskowiak and Lieutenant Colonel Robert L. Shumar concerning the Multifunctional Logistician Program in the November-December issue of Army Logistician. I don't necessarily disagree with the need to better develop multifunctional logisticians; however, I found it curious that the 12 formerly coded 88 (Transportation Corps) Surface Deployment and Distribution Command command positions were deemed to be more appropriately coded as FA 90 commands, while other functional battalion command positions were left alone. The terminal operations, distribution, and traffic management skill sets relative to commanding one of these former 88 battalions are certainly as functionally unique as those skill sets related to ammunition, supply, and POL [petroleum, oils, and lubricants] units.

While the article speaks of the need to curtail parochial divisions between the logistics branches, this very selective half-measure only enhances the perception that parochialism is alive and well.

BG Donald D. Parker, USA (Ret.)

Southport, North Carolina
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Title Annotation:Log Notes
Author:Parker, Donald D.
Publication:Army Logistician
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Mar 1, 2005
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