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Parliament dissolution to be postponed?

If what political leaders agreed upon in Przino--holding an early general election on 11 December--is honored, rather than on 12 October, Macedonia's Parliament will most probably dissolve about ten days later. This has not yet been officially confirmed but is highly probable considering the chances of passing next year's budget and re-tailoring the sixth electoral unit by 12 October are slim, reports Dnevnik.

This probability was hinted by independent legislator Roza Topuzova-Karevska during a committee debate last week although she didn't bring it in connection with the procedure of passing the budget bill 2017.

"By the law, the Parliament needs to dissolve not more than 60 days prior to elections. However, this doesn't mean that the dissolution should take place exactly 60 days earlier especially in the event of an early election when procedures get shortened. In the past three election cycles--2008, 2011 and 2014--the Parliament dissolved 47 or 48 days earlier.

"Bearing this in mind, I see no reason for rushing things in order to dissolve Parliament on 12 October. The Assembly can work until 21 October with plenty of time to complete all responsibilities and for the State Election Commission to pass its rules of procedure," she said.

She also dismissed as speculations the information that the Assembly wasn't going to dissolve on 12 October because of the budget.

On the other hand, the authorities quite openly point out the importance of passing the new budget before the Parliament dissolves. They say next year's budget will most certainly be passed and add that if SDSM win the election they may pass a new budget.

Sources from the Parliament say that in addition to the budget, the adoption of which is likely to take 15 days, another pending issue is the revision of the sixth electoral unit's borders considering the four major political parties haven't yet reached an agreement.

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Publication:INFOMAC Daily News Service
Date:Sep 27, 2016
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