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Parlez-Vous Fromage? New Campaign Promoting The Cheeses of France Debuts in The United States.

PORTLAND, Maine, July 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Does American knowledge of The Cheeses of France extend far beyond Brie? Are Americans cheese-savvy when it comes to fromage? According to The Cheeses of France Marketing Council, there's plenty about fromage just waiting to be discovered. To help familiarize Americans with the French cheesemaking tradition and broad selection of French cheese imported into the United States, French dairy interests are announcing a new campaign promoting the French cheese-making heritage and fine quality cheese available today.

"We are so excited to be sharing with cheese-lovers around the world the uniqueness and diversity encompassing The Cheeses of France," said Philippe Jachnik, International Affairs Counselor for Centre National Interprofessionnel de l'Economie Laitiere (CNIEL) on behalf of the Cheeses of France Marketing Council. "There is a selection out there for everyone. Whether your palate seeks a unique nutty or sweet flavor, or a strong aromatic, brightly colored fromage is your preference, France produces an abundant variety worth celebrating. Our goal is to expand the understanding of The Cheeses of France within the United States, and put a French-twist on the specialty cheese renaissance in America."

According to Daniel Boulud, chef-owner of some of this country's finest French restaurants, "France has even more superb cheeses than it has local cuisines, and that's saying a lot. As with French wine making, when it comes to cheese, each region has not one but countless excellent varieties, and several at an exceptional level of quality. I can think of half a dozen for Burgundy alone. This is one of the many things that sets France gastronomy apart. Our cheeses are a matter of national pride and really do reflect the 'terroir' or local culture, climate, soil, terrain and flavor of every part of the country. Vive les fromages Francais!"

Historically, France can trace its cheesemaking heritage back to the 7th century when ancient techniques were preserved by monks and passed down through the ages. Since that time, the French have created more kinds of cheeses than any other country in the word. So how do you describe The Cheeses of France? The range of flavors and aromas are countless -- fresh, nutty, bloomy, grassy, robust, meaty, fruity, luscious, creamy. At the heart of The Cheeses of France experience is the concept of terroir -- directly translated as "land," terroir describes the combined influence of culture and environment on the taste and character of cheeses from different regions. The soil, the climate, the ancient breeds and cheesemaking traditions give each variety of cheese its distinctiveness.

Whether using cow, goat or sheep's milk, all The Cheeses of France need to age before being brought to market. This process is known as affinage. The ancient art of cheese ripening, or affinage, allows flavors to blend and intensify. The cheese ripeners, or affineurs, wash, rotate and nudge cheese along to perfection, carefully controlling the environment and conditions for ideal maturity and taste. Many varieties of cheese are aged in caves cut into French hillsides or built underground.

The Cheeses of France Parlez-Vous Fromage U.S. campaign kicks off in July at a New York City event hosted by chef Daniel Boulud at his namesake four- star restaurant, Daniel. The campaign will unfold with promotion at the summer Fancy Food Show in NYC, a full month-long promotion at Murray's Grand Central Station and Bleecker Street locations, followed by regional supermarket sampling and in-store marketing, web development and public relations.

About The Cheeses of France Marketing Council

The Cheeses of France Marketing Council is a cooperative venture between CNIEL and Swardlick Marketing Group, a strategic marketing agency with more than twenty-five years of experience delivering bold, ambitious and innovative strategies to regional, national and international clients. This is the first promotional venture for the Council in the United States. More information about The Cheeses of France can be found at

CONTACT: Jennifer Reamer of Swardlick Marketing Group, +1-207-775-4100 Ext. 312,

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