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Parking sir? That's pounds 1,300.

A council worker faces more than pounds 1,300 in parking charges after leaving his car for less than five minutes while he collected his niece from a ballet class.

Tim Garbutt, aged 33, parked his Land Rover Discovery in an empty forecourt in Huddersfield, but when he returned it had been clamped by private car parking attendants.

Mr Garbutt said: 'It was dark and I didn't want to leave my niece to walk alone, so I walked across the road and into the dance school to meet her.'

The car had been clamped by two men who demanded a pounds 95 fine, but Mr Garbutt refused. He was wrestled to the ground, then a tow-truck arrived and Mr Garbutt agreed to pay - but was then asked for a further pounds 190 call-out charge for the truck. Two days later he offered to pay the pounds 285 but was hit with a further pounds 240 charge for damage to the wheel-clamp, pounds 190 for further use of the tow-truck and pounds 70 for storage of his vehicle for two nights.


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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Mar 7, 2002
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