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Parking mad at vile couple.

ASK anyone who knows me I am usually quite the people pleaser. I hate confrontation and I don't like public shows of disaffection. But on my way to a relaxing Eucerin skincare event this week I saw red.

It was my day off and I was looking forward to a skin care analysis - a nice bit of pampering.

I was driving along through town when I quite happily stumbled across a car parking space on Ely Place.

I was attempting to get out of the car when a man in a suit started bashing on my window.

I rolled down the window to see what this angry-looking individual wanted.

He bellowed: "You've just taken my space, I had my indicator on, it's mine."

The old me would have bowed down subordinately not wanting to cause a scene but the new pregnant me grew tall.

Nobody owns a parking space, I hadn't seen him indicating into it, I was there first, fair and square he can bleep off, I'm keeping it.

I thought when this furious human sees my bump he might be overcome with remorse for his vitriolic parking uproar and back away with his tail between his legs.

But the baby in belly admission was simply more fodder for his infuriation.

He boomed: "Well that's no excuse for your arrogance."

He wasn't backing down, staying put and hovering over my car like a bad smell he shouted: "If you don't move your car it won't be there when you get back."

I felt he had gone one step too far. This was verbal abuse and I could feel the rage turning into a hormonal and emotional meltdown. The tears started flowing.

I reached out to two women passing by as I was feeling violated, scared and threatened, asking them if they could be my witnesses.

Enter Mr Evil's female side-kick to stir things up. The white female was eyeballing me from their car and while my male nemesis sported an English accent, she had more of a forced received pronunciation accent, the put-on type.

She proceeded to shout across the street directing her rage at the women. "I witnessed it all" she thundered, adding: "She took our space and now look at her fake pregnancy crying hysteria."

I was gobsmacked and told them I'd call the police.

Before reluctantly moving my vehicle I marched up to the two parking war merchants and told them they could take the space.

There was a space two up from the one we were fighting over in any case. How pathetic - all this rage for nothing.

Nobody owns a parking space but there is etiquette amongst road users. However, I had not seen this uncouth bull of a man waiting for the space.

Hell hath no fury like a pregnant woman who's been verbally attacked in the city centre - and we are supposed to be a friendly nation?


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Title Annotation:Editorial; Opinion Columns
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Apr 17, 2016
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