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THIS week, the ECHO launched our Operation Zigzag campaign - aimed at highlighting the issue of selfish and dangerous parking near schools, and we have been overwhelmed with the response.

The huge volume of correspondence, images and examples sent into us shows two things - what a big problem this is around our region, but also how many people care deeply about the issue.

As our campaign continues, we have selected some of the very worst examples of people parking outside schools and putting youngsters in danger.

We are grateful to everyone who has helped us to shed a light on the problem - and hope everyone's efforts will make some people thing again the next time they consider parking on zigzag lines outside a school.

| As our campaign continues, send any images of bad parking to King David High School, Wavertree This image - outside King David High School, in Wavertree - was sent to us by the Bad Parking Liverpool Twitter account, which is backing our campaign.

St Ambrose RC School, Speke Frustrated resident Danny Budworth sent this image to us to show it's not just parking at the school gates that is a problem - but generally bad parking around school areas, too.

was This Operation Zigzag The Whitby High School, Ellesmere Port This image was taken outside the Whitby High School, in Ellesmere Port, and sent to help our campaign by the team behind the Wirral Parking Idiots Facebook page.

St Anne's (Stanley), Prescot Road Another reader, Cliff Jenkinson, said the area outside St Anne's school is a "complete nightmare". He added: "Cars are sometimes queuing off the main road to drop kids on the zigzags."

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 17, 2019
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