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Parking And Related Services.

Contract notice: Parking and related services

the purpose of the contracting authority is to operate a single integrated system operating in a single system and the related service background, Which makes it suitable for certain functions of the integrated system, To store data in a single database, To automatically record it in the organizational unit and to ensure that certain functions of the integrated system are performed in such a way that, In the event that a member of the competent unit needs such data, He or she will be available to carry out his or her work. The integrated system is expected to support as much as possible the complete electronic processing of data, Automation and the replacement of manual data processing functions, While eliminating human error. During the operation of the integrated system, At least 50 pdas are continuously in use during operation in the public area, The parking control system and the public area supervision system are currently operating according to the following main indicators: - during operation, Management of the business reaches 67 000 units per year - at least 15,000 inquiries are made from the official vehicle registration and personal and address records - the transmission of data to the infringement system the integrated system shall include the functions detailed below, And provide the operational, Maintenance and development functions required for the operation of the integrated system as a whole in the design and delivery of the entire activity and service to be performed and then in operation. Activities to be performed in the field of parking management (a): A / 1) fulfillment of the function of recording surcharges, A / 2) providing discount parking management, A / 3) providing pedestrian tracking gps function, A / 4.) sity control function, A / 5) fulfillment of the error reporting function of ticket machines, A / 6.) provision of closed parking function. Activities to be undertaken in the field of public surveillance (b): B / 1) fulfillment of on-site fine handling function, B / 2.) providing wheel support function, B / 3) carrying out a vehicle removal function, B / 4) fulfillment of the function supporting the reservation of space, B / 5) fulfillment of vehicle and personal data query function, B / 6.) providing vehicle tracking gps, B / 7.) providing a surveillance camera function other functions related to subjects (a) and (b) (c): C / 1) fulfillment of general notification function, C / 2.) fulfillment of electronic document management function, C / 3.) interface management function, C / 4.) provision of a single financial analytical function, C / 5.) complaint handling function, Customer service activities, C / 6.) providing client window functions, C / 7.) provision of services to provide on-site data recording and verification function and activities ii. 1.) counseling. 2.)


Address : Vrosfejleszto s -Fenntart Kft.


Bszrmnyi t 2022.



Contact Person: Wachsler Gyrgy

Country :Hungary

Email :

Url :

Tender notice number : 369919-2019

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2019-09-02

Tender documents : T446261189.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Aug 6, 2019
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