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Park blazes didn't harm groundwater.

When wildfires ripped through Yellowstone National Park in the summer of 1988, some people feared that the tremendous amount of newly created ash might alter groundwater chemistry lowering water quality in the area. Not so, reports Mary A. Siders of the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Siders collected postfire water samples over several years at four sites in the park and compared them with samples taken before the fires. Matching sites that hadn't burned with sites that burned moderately or severely, she found no dramatic, fire-related changes in the concentrations of various chemicals in the groundwater. Yellowstone is normally a nutrient-poor environment, so the addition of nitrates and other chemicals from blazes could fertilize dangerous algal blooms if the chemicals reached the groundwater.
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Title Annotation:wildfires at Yellowstone National Park in 1988
Author:Monastersky, Richard
Publication:Science News
Date:Nov 2, 1991
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