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Parish nursing in South Korea.

By Maureen Daniels, RN, MSN, Director of International Programs and Coordinators' Support, IPNRC

The trip to South Korea was a wonderful experience! After much preparation we arrived in Daegu, on Sunday evening, October 24th, and had dinner with Dr. Chungnam Kim. We had lovely and very welcoming accommodations. Over the next two days we met with the Dean of the Nursing College, Dr. Youngsook Kwon, and other people from the University, talked with our translators, and also did some sightseeing.


The day of the International Conference was quite exciting as we were escorted to the University Hall and witnessed the signing of the agreement for the establishment of the Asian Parish Nurse Resource Center. It was a very festive ceremony and reminded me of just how significant this event is. I will never view this regional resource center establishment the same again.

Thank you to all the Koreans who made this possible for Parish Nursing. The International Conference was attended by over 200 participants, I estimate. We spoke on spirituality and healing, and the day ended by a presentation on Korean Parish Nursing by Dr. Chungnam Kim. It was a celebratory day.

Our last two days were busy with teaching an Advanced Parish Nurse course for Parish Nurses, Clergy and potential Parish Nurse folks. It was again so great to have the opportunity to share this ministry with so many (there were 70 people in this course) and keep spreading God's healing work. All were very happy to learn what we could share and we promised many more emails and conversations. And as I told the class, we have learned as much about them and their culture as they have learned about us, and Parish Nursing. The love, care and hospitality were incredible and we were most grateful.


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Author:Daniels, Maureen
Publication:Parish Nurse Perspectives
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Date:Sep 22, 2010
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