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Parish nurse coordinator manual: a guide to creating & developing your program.

This new resource from the IPNRC has been written by currently practicing Parish Nurses and Coordinators. This book covers the basic concerns and issues of program development and supervision. Its chapters tell how to build a practice from the specialty's philosophical and structural foundations, to the specifics of the coordinator's role, program implementation and sustainability, budgets and funding, and marketing the program to a community. Whether a program is paid or non-paid, the chapter on personnel management will be helpful in the selection and supervision of a nurse. The manual contains many forms, surveys, assessments, policies, and other resources that will assist a coordinator in the development of a strong, quality program.

Although it is written for the coordinator who oversees multiple churches, much of the information can be used in a single church during its development process. The book can be purchased from the IPNRC, and for an additional charge, will include an optional CD for personalization of forms and policies. ($65 US for manual; $85 for manual with CD.)

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Title Annotation:New Resources for Parish Nurses; International Parish Nurse Resource Center
Publication:Parish Nurse Perspectives
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Date:Jan 1, 2009
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