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Paris would have been a great mate; Dawn Collinson talks to TV hopeful Jade Morgan about her time with Paris Hilton.

Byline: Dawn Collinson

BEING best gal pals with the world's most notorious socialite sounds like the ideal role for any girl.

But for Liverpool student Jade Morgan, the job description wasn't the dream it appeared. In fact, after just three days vying to be Paris Hilton's British Best Friend, the 19-year-old was in tears and heading home.

Jade, from Woolton, was chosen from more than 3,000 hopefuls competing in an ITV2 reality show to impress the US hotel heiress.

Having been scouted by programme makers when she won the city's Miss Noir contest last summer, she was keen to secure a place in Paris' jet-set world.

That was until the first round of evictions when the fashion student found herself dumped by her would-be BF.

It was a shock, Jade admits, especially as she felt they had so much in common.

"I'd read Paris' book and thought it was brilliant, really funny, so when I was approached to audition I thought it would be an interesting experience. I thought we could get on quite well because we like the same sort of things, even though she lives such an unreal, hectic lifestyle," she says.

"I just saw the show as a great chance to meet her and get an insight into what goes on in her life."

Unfortunately for Jade, there were certain unpredictable conditions to being Paris' best mate - including a compulsory makeover.

In the first episode of the series she was told, despite her protests, to have her long brown hair extensions cut off.

"If someone's your best friend you don't say to them 'you can only be my friend if you get your hair cut'," says Jade.

"If you did then they'd probably say 'well, I don't want to be your friend in that case' and you couldn't blame them.

"But this wasn't really optional, you couldn't refuse.

"When they cut off my hair Paris said I acted over the top, but if someone had done the same to her then I'm sure she'd have had a complaint.

Your hair style is part of your personality so obviously you're going to moan if someone tries to take that away from you and that's all I did.

"In my opinion, if Paris was giving us makeovers, she should have at least had one herself to encourage us."

Paris clearly didn't agree.

She dispatched Jade from the show, declaring: "You're really sweet and you look hot, but TTYN ... Talk To You Never."

It was a harsh departure which left Jade in tears, but she wasn't the only one.

"Paris was crying and saying she didn't want to do the eviction," says Jade. "I think although she knew what she'd signed up to, it was totally different when she saw people's real emotions right in front of her. After they stopped filming, Paris told me she was sorry for what she'd said and she didn't really mean it. She said to me, 'you'll make it with or without me'."

Jade says she was disappointed not to get to know Paris better, especially as she liked what she did see.

"The time we got to spend with her was quite limited and even then it was hard to get near her because there were always so many people around her. She's surrounded by make-up artists, bodyguards and assistants, so there was never any one-to-one time.

"But a couple of weeks ago we all went on a big night out in London for a wrap party and she seemed lovely. It was just like a regular night out with the girls, really normal."

Now she's concentrating on her fashion buying degree at Manchester Met, and has signed with new Liverpool agency City Models.

"I've had my extensions put back in now," she laughs. "So I feel back to myself again."


UPSET: Jade Morgan; TASK MASTER: Paris Hilton
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 4, 2009
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