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Articles from Parergon (July 1, 2014)

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'Share with me in my grief and affliction': royal sorrow and public mourning in early eighteenth-century England. Oberlin, Amy B. Essay 10245
Amsler, Mark, Affective Literacies: Writing and Multilingualism in the Late Middle Ages. Yuen-Collingridge, Rachel Book review 839
Bailey, Amanda, Of Bondage: Debt, Property, and Personhood in Early Modern England. Harmes, Marcus K. Book review 432
Baker, John, Stuart Brookes, and Andrew Reynolds, eds, Landscapes of Defence in Early Medieval Europe. Bonavita, Roger Vella Book review 435
Baker, Nicholas Scott, The Fruit of Liberty: Political Culture in the Florentine Renaissance. Morrison, Tessa Book review 715
Beadle, Richard, ed., The York Plays: A Critical Edition of the York Corpus Christi Play as Recorded in British Library Additional MS 35290, Volume II. Taylor, Cheryl Book review 714
Benson, Robert L., Law, Rulership, and Rhetoric: Selected Essays. McVitty, E. Amanda Book review 601
Blanton, Virginia, Veronica O'Mara, and Patricia Stoop, eds, Nuns' Literacies in Medieval Europe: The Hull Dialogue. Barratt, Alexandra Book review 621
Books received. Bibliography 4495
Bose, Mishtooni and J. Patrick Hornbeck II, eds, Wycliffite Controversies. O'Brien, Lesley M. Book review 653
Bromilow, Pollie, ed., Authority in European Book Culture 1400-1600. Callisen, Christian Thorsten Book review 630
Burt, Richard and Julian Yates, What's the Worst Thing You Can Do to Shakespeare? Gerzic, Marina Book review 662
Cadden, Joan, Nothing Natural is Shameful: Sodomy and Science in Late Medieval Europe. Seiler, Deborah Book review 701
Calin, William, The Lily and the Thistle: The French Tradition and the Older Literature of Scotland. Jack, Sybil M. Book review 671
Campbell, Erin J., Stephanie R. Miller, and Elizabeth Carroll Consavari, eds, The Early Modern Italian Domestic Interior, 1400-1700: Objects, Spaces, Domesticities. Tomas, Natalie Book review 782
Chapman, Alice, Sacred Authority and Temporal Power in the Writings of Bernard of Clairvaux. Hathaway, Stephanie L. Book review 690
Coleman, Joyce, Mark Cruse, and Kathryn A. Smith, eds, The Social Life of Illumination: Manuscripts, Images, and Communities in the Late Middle Ages. Lyons, Rebecca Book review 677
Corbellini, Sabrina, ed., Cultures of Religious Reading in the Late Middle Ages: Instructing the Soul, Feeding the Spirit, and Awakening the Passion. Pinder, Janice Book review 825
Cummings, Brian and Freya Sierhuis, eds, Passions and Subjectivity in Early Modern Culture. Clement, Jennifer Book review 608
D'Arcens, Louise, Old Songs in the Timeless Land: Medievalism in Australian Literature 1840-1910. Johnston, Judith Book review 811
Dane, Joseph A., Blind Impressions: Methods and Mythologies in Book History. Amsler, Mark Book review 905
Dekker, Rudolph, Family, Culture and Society in the Diary of Constantijn Huygens Jr, Secretary to Stadholder-King William of Orange. Callisen, Christian Thorsten Book review 412
Dying 101: emotion, experience, and learning how to die in the late medieval artes moriendi. Ruys, Juanita Feros Essay 11924
Early memories and portents. Lynch, Andrew In memoriam 1035
Findlay, Alison and Liz Oakley-Brown, eds, 'Twelfth Night': A Critical Reader. Taylor, Cheryl Book review 754
Fisher, Matthew, Scribal Authorship and the Writing of History in Medieval England. Bennett, Alana Book review 618
Flood, John, James R. Ginther, and Joseph W. Goering, eds, Robert Grosseteste and His Intellectual Milieu: New Editions and Studies. Mews, Constant J. Book review 816
Gerber, Chad Tyler, The Spirit of Augustine's Early Theology: Contextualizing Augustine's Pneumatology. Mews, Constant J. Book review 424
Gordon, Andrew and Thomas Rist, eds, The Arts of Remembrance in Early Modern England: Memorial Cultures of the Post Reformation. Jorm, Jennifer Book review 662
Grady, Frank and Andrew Galloway, eds, Answerable Style: The Idea of the Literary in Medieval England. Beclawski, Mariusz Book review 506
Hallett, Nicky, The Senses in Religious Communities, 1600-1800: Early Modern 'Convents of Pleasure'. Baudinette, Samuel K.C. Book review 414
Hicks, Leonie V. and Elma Brenner, eds, Society and Culture in Medieval Rouen, 911-1300. Diggelmann, Lindsay Book review 643
Higham, Nicholas J. and Martin J. Ryan, The Anglo-Saxon World. Kennedy, John Book review 647
Hornback, Robert, The English Clown Tradition: From the Middle Ages to Shakespeare. Derrin, Daniel Book review 708
Houllemare, Marie, Politiques de la parole, le parlement de Paris au XVIe siecle. Broomhall, Susan Book review 852
James, Carolyn and Antonio Pagliaro, trans., Letters to Francesco Datini by Margherita Datini. Rizzi, Andrea Book review 742
Jamroziak, Emilia and Karen Stober, eds, Monasteries on the Borders of Medieval Europe: Conflict and Cultural Interaction. Curry, Robert Book review 629
Jarrett, Jonathan and Allan Scott McKinley, eds, Problems and Possibilities of Early Medieval Charters. Harmes, Marcus K. Book review 632
Kane, Bronach and Fiona Williamson, eds, Women, Agency and the Law, 1300-1700. Fisher, Sally Book review 661
Kay, Sarah, Parrots and Nightingales: Troubadour Quotations and the Development of European Poetry. Gutierrez-Sanfeliu, Carles Book review 687
Kent, Francis W., Princely Citizen: Lorenzo de' Medici and Renaissance Florence. Gutierrez-Sanfeliu, Carles Book review 651
King, Helen, The One-Sex Body on Trial: The Classical and Early Modern Evidence. Swannack, Frank Book review 722
Krinis, Ehud, God's Chosen People: Judah Halevi's 'Kuzari' and the Shi'i Imam Doctrine. Simms, Norman Book review 442
Kuefler, Mathew, The Making and Unmaking of a Saint: Hagiography and Memory in the Cult of Gerald of Aurillac. Stewart, Michael Edward Book review 725
Kurihara, Ken, Celestial Wonders in Reformation Germany. Morrison, Tessa Book review 729
Lines, David A. and Sabrina Ebbersmeyer, eds, Rethinking Virtue, Reforming Society: New Directions in Renaissance Ethics, c. 1350--c. 1650. Albury, W.R. Book review 429
Major, Philip, ed., Thomas Killigrew and the Seventeenth-Century English Stage: New Perspectives. Alessi, Patricia Book review 418
Makowski, Elizabeth, English Nuns and the Law in the Middle Ages: Cloistered Nuns and their Lawyers, 1293-1540. Hall, Dianne Book review 792
Mazzola, Elizabeth, Learning and Literacy in Female Hands, 1520-1698. Gueta, Anat Book review 519
McLeod, Shane, The Beginning of Scandinavian Settlement in England: The Viking 'Great Army' and Early Settlers, c. 865-900. McDonald, Roderick Book review 805
Medieval and early modern emotional responses to death and dying. McNamara, Rebecca F.; McIlvenna, Una Essay 4389
Milliman, Paul, 'The Slippery Memory of Men': The Place of Pomerania in the Medieval Kingdom of Poland. von Guttner-Sporzynski, Darius Book review 824
Moncrief, Kathryn M., Kathryn R. McPherson, and Sarah Enloe, eds, Shakespeare Expressed: Page, Stage, and Classroom in Shakespeare and his Contemporaries. Hansen, Claire Book review 699
Morrison, Karl F. and Rudolph M. Bell, eds, Studies on Medieval Empathies. Knight, Kimberley-Joy Book review 608
Mostert, Marco and Anna Adamska, eds, Writing and the Administration of Medieval Towns: Medieval Urban Literacy I. Brodie, Nicholas Book review 603
Mourning under medical care: a study of a consilium by Bartolomeo Montagnana. Cohen-Hanegbi, Naama Essay 9352
Narratives of death and emotional affect in late medieval chronicles. Marchant, Alicia Essay 7933
Netherton, Robin and Gale R. Owen-Crocker, eds, Medieval Clothing and Textiles. Wedge, Tracey Book review 517
O'Doherty, Marianne, The Indies and the Medieval West: Thought, Report, Imagination. Crossley, John N. Book review 639
Parergon editor's foreword. Scott, Anne M. 151
Philippa Maddern 1952-2014. Wortham, Christopher Obituary 774
Phillips, William D., Jr, Slavery in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia. Dalton, Heather Book review 668
Pohl, Walter and Gerda Heydemann, eds, Strategies of Identification: Ethnicity and Religion in Early Medieval Europe. Joyce, Stephen Book review 837
Raber, Karen, Animal Bodies, Renaissance Culture. Swannack, Frank Book review 778
Richardson, Glenn, The Field of Cloth of Gold. Broomhall, Susan Book review 975
Russell, Delbert W., Verse Saints' Lives Written in the French of England. Beston, John Book review 618
Salloum, Habeeb, Muna Salloum, and Leila Salloum Elias, Scheherazade's Feasts: Foods of the Medieval Arab World. Borom, Samaya Book review 313
Salonen, Kirsi, Kurt Villads Jensen, and Torstein Jorgensen, eds, Medieval Christianity in the North: New Studies. Denison, Jane-Anne Book review 401
Salonius, Pippa and Andrea Worm, eds, The Tree: Symbol, Allegory, and Mnemonic Device in Medieval Art and Thought. Cusack, Carole M. Book review 566
Scarci, Manuela, ed., Creating Women: Representation, Self-Representation, Agency in the Renaissance. Broomhall, Susan Book review 598
Smith, Charlotte Colding, Images of Islam 1453-1600: Turks in Germany and Central Europe. van der Drift, Amanda Book review 688
Stedman, Gesa, Cultural Exchange in Seventeenth-Century France and England. Wedge, Tracey Book review 374
Stone, Charles Russell, From Tyrant to Philosopher-King: A Literary History of Alexander the Great in Medieval and Early Modern England. Martyn, John R.C. Book review 736
Teacher and colleague. Tarbin, Stephanie; Broomhall, Susan In memoriam 1194
The sorrow of soreness: infirmity and suicide in medieval England. McNamara, Rebecca F. Essay 11384
The work of feeling in James Hervey's Meditations among the Tombs (1746). Parisot, Eric Critical essay 7090
Turner, Wendy J., Care and Custody of the Mentally Ill, Incompetent, and Disabled in Medieval England. Brodie, Nicholas Book review 608
Van Dussen, Michael and Pavel Soukup, eds, Religious Controversy in Europe, 1378-1536: Textual Transmission and Networks of Readership. Fudge, Thomas A. Book review 642
Wilson, Adrian, Ritual and Conflict: The Social Relations of Childbirth in Early Modern England. Jack, Sybil M. Book review 706
Wood, Sarah, Conscience and the Composition of 'Piers Plowman'. Scott, Anne M. Book review 442
Yocum, Demetrio S., Petrarch's Humanist Writing and Carthusian Monasticism: The Secret Language of the Self. Hathaway, Stephanie L. Book review 504

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