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Articles from Parergon (January 1, 2012)

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'Due to disagreements, great, mighty and opulent cities fell into misery and destitution': a city in premodern (East) Central Europe and the collapse of traditional community? Miller, Jaroslav 9504
Adams, Tracy, The Life and Afterlife of Isabeau of Bavaria. Tomas, Natalie Book review 862
Anstey, Peter R. John Locke and Natural Philosophy. Davidson, Lola Sharon Book review 834
Bailey, Lisa Kaaren, Christianity's Quiet Success: The Eusebius Gallicanus Sermon Collection and the Power of the Church in Late Antique Gaul. Joyce, Stephen Book review 455
Barber, Malcolm and Keith Bate, trans., Letters from the East: Crusaders, Pilgrims and Settlers in the 12th-13th Centuries. Flanagan, Sabina Book review 867
Books received. 2051
Bork, Robert, William W. Clark, and Abby McGehee, eds, New Approaches to Medieval Architecture. Collard, Judith Book review 948
Breen, Katharine, Imagining an English Reading Public, 1150-1400. Hollis, Stephanie Book review 852
Capodieci, Luisa, Mediccea Medcea: Art, astres et pouvoir a la Cour de Catherine de Medicis. Broomhall, Susan Book review 1188
Cummings, Brian, ed., The Book of Common Prayer: The Texts of 1549, 1559, and 1662. Harmes, Marcus Book review 827
Davis, Alex, Renaissance Historical Fiction: Sidney, Deloney, Nashe. Swannack, Frank Book review 805
De Vries, Joyce, Caterina Sforza and the Art of Appearances: Gender, Art and Culture in Early Modern Italy. James, Carolyn Book review 584
Fein, Susanna and David Raybin, eds, Chaucer: Contemporary Approaches. Nicholson, Roger Book review 987
Fictional elements in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century sonnet sequences and early modern fictions. Kambaskovic-Sawers, Danijela Essay 10287
Franklin, Carmela Vircillo, Material Restoration: A Fragment from Eleventh-Century Echternach in a Nineteenth-Century Parisian Codex. Maddocks, Hilary Book review 455
From courtesy to urbanity in late medieval England. Foster, Michael Essay 8665
Fulk, R. D., ed. and trans., The 'Beowulf' Manuscript: Complete Texts and 'The Fight at Finnsburg'. Denison, Jane-Anne Book review 418
Garner, Lori Ann, Structuring Spaces: Oral Poetics and Architecture in Early Medieval England. Morrison, Tessa Book review 779
Hamlet and the French connection: the relationship of Q1 and Q2 Hamlet and the evidence of Belleforest's Histoires Tragiques. Jolly, Margrethe Critical essay 10511
Hardwick, Paul, English Medieval Misericords: The Margins of Meaning. McKeown, Ailish Book review 852
Hartman, A. Richard and Sandra C. Malicote, eds and trans., Elye of Saint-Gilles: A Chanson de Geste. Beclawski, Mariusz Book review 603
Hasler, Antony J., Court Poetry in Late Medieval England and Scotland: Allegories of Authority. Jack, Sybil M. Book review 925
Heller, Jennifer, The Mother's Legacy in Early Modern England (Women and Gender in the Early Modern World). Bonzol, Judith Book review 847
Hofele, Andreas, Stage, Stake and Scaffold: Humans and Animals in Shakespeare's Theatre. Gerzic, Marina Book review 778
Hogan, Patrick Colm, What Literature Teaches Us about Emotion (Studies in Emotion and Social Interaction). White, R.S. Book review 1065
Hyland, Peter, Disguise on the Early Modern English Stage (Studies in Performance and Early Modern Drama). Lunney, Ruth Book review 871
Kershaw, Paul, Peaceful Kings: Peace, Power and the Early Medieval Political Imagination. Griffiths, David James Book review 802
Koopmans, Rachel, Wonderful to Relate: Miracle Stories and Miracle Collecting in High Medieval England. Hollis, Stephanie Book review 884
Krafl, Pavel, ed., Regesta Bohemiae et Moraviae aetatis Venceslai IV (1378 dec.-1419 aug. 16.), Tomus VII Fontes Archivi terrae Moraviae Brunae. Curry, Robert Book review 1187
Leach, Elizabeth Eva, Guillaume de Machaut: Secretary, Poet, Musician. Cropp, Glynnis M. Book review 838
Marrow, James H., Richard A. Linenthal, and William Noel, eds, The Medieval Book: Glosses From Friends and Colleagues of Christopher de Hamel. Burrows, Toby Book review 366
Medieval Manuscripts, Their Makers and Users: A Special Issue of 'Viator' in Honor of Richard and Mary Rouse. Crossley, John N. Book review 758
Meteors, prodigies, and signs: the interpretation of the unusual in sixteenth-century England. Carter, Christopher Essay 11891
Mews, Constant J. and Claire Renkin, eds, Interpreting Francis and Clare of Assisi: From the Middle Ages to the Present. Taylor, Cheryl Book review 857
Modigliani, Anna, Patricia Osmond, Marianne Pade, and Johann Ramminger, eds, Pomponio Leto tra identita locale e cultura internazionale: atti Del Convegno Internazionale, Teggiano, 3-5 Ottobre 2008. Muecke, Frances Book review 644
Noble, Louise, Medicinal Cannibalism in Early Modern English Literature and Culture. Davies, Julie Book review 823
Patrick Collinson 1929-2011. Gascoigne, John; Jack, Sybil M. In memoriam 2628
Patterson, Lee, Acts of Recognition: Essays on Medieval Culture. Colwell, Tania M. Book review 550
Payer, Pierre J., Sex and the New Medieval Literature of Confession, 1150-1300. Phillips, Kim M. Book review 443
Phillips, Kim M. and Barry Reay, Sex before Sexuality: A Premodern History. Seiler, Deborah Book review 678
Quinn, Judy and Emily Lethbridge, eds, Creating the Medieval Saga: Versions, Variability and Editorial Interpretations of Old Norse Saga Literature. Hoggart, Carol Book review 1045
Read, Kirk D., Birthing Bodies in Early Modern France: Stories of Gender and Reproduction. Jack, Sybil M. Book review 985
Sanchez, Melissa E., Erotic Subjects: The Sexuality of Politics in Early Modern English Literature. Canadas, Ivan Book review 881
Saunders, Corinne, ed., A Companion to Medieval Poetry. Scott, Anne M. Book review 972
Sederi: Yearbook of the Spanish and Portuguese Society for English Renaissance Studies. Canadas, Ivan Book review 783
Sellin, Paul R., Treasure, Treason and the Tower: El Dorado and the Murder of Sir Walter Raleigh. Swannack, Frank Book review 788
Solomon's temple, Stonehenge, and divine architecture in the English enlightenment. Morrison, Tessa 9982
The apprentice, the Clown, and the Puritan: comic revenge as theatrical drawing-out in Twelfth Night. Madelaine, Richard Critical essay 5264
The priory of Hampole and its literary culture: English religious women and books in the age of Richard Rolle. Freeman, Elizabeth Essay 11897
Travis, Peter W., Disseminal Chaucer: Rereading The Nun's Priest's Tale. Harmes, Marcus Book review 403
Warner, Lawrence, The Lost History of 'Piers Plowman': The Earliest Transmission of Langland's Work. Scott, Anne M. Book review 762
Wogan-Browne, Jocelyn and Thelma S. Fenster, trans., The Life of Saint Alban by Matthew Paris. Martyn, John R.C. Book review 814
Woodward, Michael Scott, ed., The 'Glossa Ordinaria' on Romans. Burrows, Toby Book review 461

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