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Parents of THIRTEEN kids tell how they feed the family for 66p a head; Cutting out the weekly supermarket shop has helped the Hanns save hundreds and hundreds of pounds on their food bill.

Byline: John Fitzsimons

Having a big family means feeding a lot of mouths, but one family has proven that doesn't have to mean a massive food bill too.

Emma and Roy Hann's savvy approach to the groceries mean they are able to feed their ten children who still live at home a and themselves a with dinners costing around [pounds sterling]10 a day.

The family, who live in Dundee, cooked up seven different evening meals over a week, with enough for 12 portions each night. And on average it came to a bill of just [pounds sterling]12 a meal.

The Hanns dumped the traditional weekly supermarket shop five years ago, and reckon they are now around [pounds sterling]200 better off each month.

Emma, who owns her own cafe, realised that the family were spending more at the supermarket than they really needed to, as "you're tempted to throw in deals and special offers that you don't really want or need".

"Being able to get everything under one roof is obviously really convenient and works for a lot of families, but by shopping around and being a bit savvier about where we buy certain products from, we managed to save around [pounds sterling]50 a week on food."

As a result, the family now spend around [pounds sterling]200 a week on their food shopping.

Teen cuts mum's shopping bill in HALF after taking over cooking family meals

The family bought the meat for their week of meals from delivery serviceMusclefood, opting for one of the site's [pounds sterling]85 meat hampers.

Roy, a nurse practitioner, noted that the family looks to bulk buy around [pounds sterling]150-worth of meat once a month, and that even after a week that included hosting a family barbeque, there was "loads of extras left over" from the hamper.

Roy took over the family cooking duties around eight years ago, and says the family has "always had a cupboard that's pretty much full of different herbs and spices, plus essentials like chopped tomatoes, kidney beans, and chickpeas".

He explains that every few days they will nip to the shops to pick up some fresh vegetables and buy large bags of pasta and rice from wholesales to supplement the bulk-bought meat.

Man cuts supermarket bill in half - paying [pounds sterling]30.63 for a week's food at WAITROSE

Emma says that even with so many mouths to feed, it's important to try to mix things up and keep meals varied, though there are a few go-to meals they eat most weeks.

She adds: "We also try to do a roast at least fortnightly, but this can be quite expensive when you're cooking for all 13 kids, plus their partners.

One way to cut that cost is to get some of the older kids who have now moved out to bring the mashed potatoes or Yorkshire puddings "so everyone chips in".

"With so many mouths to feed and tastes to suit, we tend to make one main meal and then includes lots of different sides, just so that everyone has something that they like.

"We're lucky as none of our kids are particularly fussy eaters, but it's good to provide options anyway."

Secrets of the supersavers



Dad Roy gets to work on the potatoes for Christmas Dinner

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Title Annotation:Money
Publication:Daily Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 26, 2019
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