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Parents' Reports of School Practices to Provide Information to Families: 1996 and 2003. Statistics in Brief. NCES 2006-041.

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The purpose of the current report is to replicate analyses from the previous NCES report (Vaden-Kiernan 1996) with data from the 2003 survey. As with the previous report, parent-reported school information practices are discussed first and then examined in relation to the frequency of parent involvement at the school. Next, parent-reported school information practices to involve parents are examined in relation to school, family, and student characteristics that have been found to be related to variation in school practices or parent involvement in Vaden-Kiernan (1996) and other studies (Epstein 1990; Epstein and Dauber 1991; Epstein and Lee 1995; Kohl, Lengua, and McMahon 2000; Shumow and Miller 2001). Following these findings, the results are summarized and suggestions are made for future research. Finally, survey methodology, data reliability, and statistical tests used in the report are discussed. The current report focuses on parent reports of the frequency of their involvement at school meetings or activities. (Contains 4 tables.)

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Author:Vaden-Kiernan, Nancy
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Article Type:Abstract
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Dec 1, 2005
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