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Parental Perceptions of Early Intervention: A Survey of Parents from a New England Early Intervention Center.

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Since 1986, federal law has mandated that states provide appropriate early intervention for children from birth to age three with disability or developmental delay. Current federal legislation has focused on expanding services into natural environments other than the child's home. Natural environments are settings in which the child would be if he or she did not have a disability. In response to these policy changes, this study surveyed 23 parents involved with a New England early intervention center about their child's intervention services. Findings show that parents want services in natural community settings, but also like services in the home and at the intervention center. Parents also report some problems associated with natural environments, such as safety, confidentiality, disruptions, and cost. In addition, parents indicate that they would like children without disability or delay included in their child's play group. Parents have strong opinions about what is best for their child. Clearly, policy changes should not be implemented without understanding the needs and perceptions of the families. The survey is attached. (Contains 4 tables and 20 references.) (Author/SLD)

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Author:Raciocot, Lina; Shelley, Lynn
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Oct 1, 2000
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