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Paramedics in UAE warn bad drivers.

Drivers tailgating ambulances to get through traffic and stopping to rubberneck at accidents are the focus of a new film that chief paramedics hope will change attitudes.

National Ambulance launched the video to encourage motorists to consider the impact they could be having on emergency crews responding to an accident. The first of three videos asks motorists to give way to emergency service vehicles and to make sure they don't slow down to stop at accidents.

The video is aimed at the Northern Emirates, which National Ambulance began covering two years ago, but is relevant to all drivers.

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Ahmed Saleh Al Hajeri, National Ambulance Deputy CEO, said: "While National Ambulance is always ready to respond, the people we serve can also play a role in ensuring the best possible outcomes.

"By being ready and responsible, the people of the Northern Emirates are also serving the best interests of the nation."

The videos will also be shown before movies at Vox Cinemas in November.

Al Hajeri added: "The three videos contain very practical tips on actions everybody and anybody should take. "I would urge everyone in the community to watch the films and be prepared to act when needed."

Earlier this year, the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services and Civil Defence officials hit out at the drivers who fail to give way to ambulances.

Dr Omar Ahmed Al Sakaf, Medical and Technical Affairs Director at Dubai Ambulance, said: "Many behind the wheel continue to be ignorant -- or intentionally block vehicles -- preventing paramedics from doing their jobs. Firefighters, paramedics, police, ambulances and emergency service volunteers have all raised concerns about drivers refusing to get out of their way."

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Publication:7 Days (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
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Date:Oct 9, 2016
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