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Paragon Announces New Multi-Product Suite for Extended Supply Chain Management Using the Internet.


Paragon Applications Suite Version 4.0 includes new products for

collaborative planning and improved linking of enterprises with

suppliers and customers via the Internet. New functionality

easily models industry-specific processes, shortening deployment

time and providing more accurate ATP and CTP

Paragon Management Systems, the technology leader in advanced supply chain management solutions, Monday announced the release of Paragon Applications Suite Version 4.0.

The new suite provides an extended solution for managing the supply chains of large enterprises. Version 4.0 introduces flexible and rule-based available-to-promise (ATP) and capacity-to-promise (CTP), ensuring tighter coordination between an enterprise's front and back offices. Paragon's ATP and CTP capabilities can also be accessed easily from within ERP order-entry systems.

The new products introduced in Paragon Applications Version 4.0 are ParagonGSP (Global Strategic Planner), ParagonGRA (Global Real-Time ATP), and ParagonREM (Real-Time Event Monitor). They complement and are fully unified with Paragon's other products: ParagonSCP (Supply Chain Planner), ParagonMCP (Material & Capacity Planner) and ParagonRDS (Reactive & Dynamic Scheduler).

Paragon's Version 4.0 suite blends memory-resident, event-driven planning and scheduling products with client-sever, Web-based agent technology. The software can be used on a PC or a UNIX workstation at the office or remotely via the Internet.

With Version 4.0, Paragon has introduced an enterprise-wide optimization tool for strategic business planning. This product is an extension of the supply chain model already part of Paragon Applications. It performs "what if" business analysis based on actual costs and projected margins, calculates optimal product mixes, optimizes distribution and sourcing alternatives, identifies best locations for distribution centers and plants based on demand, and optimizes resource allocations.

In addition, recognizing that different industries have different representations for their manufacturing and distribution environments, Paragon has opened up its data model to make it more easily configurable by users.

Users can now attach any type or number of attributes and constraints to any object in the data model, including orders, routes, inventory, resources and operations. All of these attributes can be considered during optimization, planning and scheduling -- at all levels of the enterprise.

"The user-definable attribute technology in Version 4.0 will enable our industry focus teams to further fine-tune our planning and scheduling solutions to meet the industry-specific requirements of our customers," said Kameron Hadavi, vice president of Paragon's Industry Focus Group. "The benefits include more accurate representation of the production line, resulting in much quicker implementation."

Version 4.0 includes a standard set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to popular MES systems for tracking and responding dynamically to shop floor events -- an execution capability that fine-tunes the plan and enables the enterprise to react quickly to unscheduled events.

"Since all of our products share a single data model, we had the opportunity to develop a truly unified system, using the latest object-oriented technology," said Udo Dengler, Paragon's chief technical officer. "With this release, we have achieved a new level in providing a top-to-bottom supply chain management solution -- one that translates into considerable savings in integration costs for our customers."

The next release of Paragon Applications will include several performance enhancements to Paragon's Integrated Data Server (IDS) for improved data persistence, integrity and abstraction at all levels of the enterprise. Paragon is also working closely with several of its customers to extend the software's ability to address the requirements of multi-enterprise supply chains.

To this end, Paragon Applications will expand its Web-based agent technology to streamline multi-enterprise purchasing, supplier communication, inventory management and order fulfillment.

About Paragon

Paragon Management Systems, with corporate headquarters in Los Angeles and sales and support offices worldwide, is the technology leader in supply chain management solutions. Founded on years of research, innovation and experience, Paragon provides software, consulting and implementation services to Fortune 500-class companies seeking to improve delivery performance, minimize excess or obsolete inventory, reduce cycle times and improve synchronization of product flow within and between plants.

Paragon's integrated and configurable software suite provides real-time information critical to supply chain management, planning and scheduling, demand and transportation planning and inventory management.

About Paragon Applications Version 4.0

The new products introduced with the Version 4.0 suite are as follows:

ParagonGSP (Global Strategic Planner) is an optimization tool for strategic enterprise planning and forecasting. The product performs "what if" business analysis based on actual costs and projected margins, calculates optimal product mixes, optimizes distribution and sourcing alternatives, identifies best locations for distribution centers and plants based on demand and optimizes resource allocations.

ParagonGRA (Global Real-Time ATP) provides real-time access to available-to-promise (ATP) information, including delivery dates, price quotes and the status of existing orders. ParagonGRA comes with a collection of pre-defined rules to accurately fulfill orders. In addition, it provides the user with the ability to define his/her own rules based on any attributes of the supply and/or the new demand.

Sales reps, managers and other staff can enter the system and check, edit and verify orders and quotes -- anytime, anywhere -- through the LAN, WAN and Internet. Because of its configurable design, ParagonGRA can also be seamlessly embedded within various ERP order-entry systems. This product has been designed for high transaction processing environments without any loss of data.

ParagonREM (Real-Time Event Monitor) allows for the continuous monitoring of execution on the shop floor and keeps the execution plan constantly feasible by reacting intelligently to unexpected production events. It compares plans vs. actuals, evaluates the impact of manufacturing events, and decides whether rescheduling is needed. ParagonREM includes extensive built-in interfaces to a wide variety of MES and other shop floor systems.

These new products, as well as all other Paragon products, are fully year 2000 compliant.

CONTACT: Paragon Management Systems, Los Angeles

Ken Peterson, 310/338-8444

310/338-9878 (fax)
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