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Paradyne Announces FrameSaver SLV Multilink Frame Relay Support for Full Bandwidth Disaster Recovery.

TAMPA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 10, 1999--

-- National Distributing Company Selects FrameSaver ISDN

Dial Backup as Hedge Against WAN Downtime --

Paradyne Networks Inc. (Nasdaq:PDYN), a pioneer and leader in broadband network access and Service Level Management (SLM), announced today that FrameSaver(R) SLV (Service Level Verifier) is implementing Multilink Frame Relay (MFR) in order to provide customers with an ISDN dial backup disaster recovery solution that provides service equivalent to their normal primary link bandwidth. Paradyne's FrameSaver is the only leading SLM solution to offer ISDN restoral capabilities.

The cost of network downtime is nothing short of dramatic; with some industry experts estimating annual business impact for an average size company to be as high as $2.2 million in lost productivity costs for hard downtime (no traffic passing on the network) and another $1.4 million for network service degradation.

FrameSaver ISDN Dial Backup systems are a critically important element in ensuring optimization of Wide Area Network availability, because while frame relay networks are reliable, they can experience failures on occasion. Restoral systems, and in particular, the FrameSaver SLV system with ISDN Dial Backup, provide the capability required to keep the network operational and can restore communications even in a "lights out" or unattended network operations center environment.

Prior to MFR functionality, a basic ISDN PRI link could offer dial backup support for up to 23 individual remote sites at 64 Kbps bandwidth for each site. The advent of MFR capability enables the ISDN PRI link to provide backup for multiple remote sites at their full primary link speeds in 64 Kbps increments.

Based on the recently ratified Frame Relay Forum Implementation Agreement (FRF.15), MFR allows the use of multiple transmission facilities - multiple 56/64K, multiple T1, or multiple ISDN B Channels - to be aggregated and treated as a single logical frame relay stream. For example, an MFR empowered ISDN PRI link at the central site could provide simultaneous dial backup for three 64K sites, four 128K sites, one 256K site and one 512K site. MFR is completely transparent to the intervening frame relay network and is also independent of the physical ISDN layer, which represents a significant step up from older "bonding" method that was available at the ISDN physical layer. MFR intelligence will be part of FrameSaver SLV firmware, which can be downloaded to existing FrameSaver SLV ISDN PRI or BRI units. FrameSaver systems with MFR functionality will be available early next year.

Recognizing that FrameSaver ISDN Dial Backup systems are a critical element in ensuring optimization of Wide Area Network availability, the FrameSaver SLV system was recently deployed to National Distributing by a Paradyne reseller, Advantage Technologies, who recognized that this customer's needs mapped perfectly with the Paradyne solution.

According to National Distributing senior systems engineer Mark Engelbrecht, FrameSaver's ISDN dial backup capability will ensure optimized network availability. "We selected Paradyne because of their technical support track record in addition to the world-class product attributes of FrameSaver," said Engelbrecht. "We need end-to-end network performance visibility to ensure key Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics such as availability, latency and throughput, and we need to ensure the continuity of business critical applications across the network itself. Paradyne's solution accommodates all of our requirements."

"Paradyne's FrameSaver solutions with ISDN dial backup are already far superior to alternative router-based implementations," said Frank Wiener, vice president of Broadband Access Solutions at Paradyne. "FrameSaver systems offer far less complexity in terms of configuration, lightening fast backup response, intelligent restoral decisions, plus the added protection of time of day filters that prohibit backup during off hours, holidays and weekends to minimize toll charges. The addition of MFR intelligence to our ISDN dial backup products creates an incredibly powerful solution for our customers. Additionally, we expect our service provider partners will offer bundled solutions based on these capabilities."

Because the FrameSaver system is router-independent, it can detect degraded circuits while LMI is still active and initiate dial backup around the degraded circuits, while router-based implementations require LMI or the PVC to be declared inactive to initiate the dial backup process.

Offering best-in-class functionality to optimize WAN availability, the FrameSaver SLV family offers three models with ISDN dial backup capability - the 9128 and 9126 for T1 access and the 9626 for 56/64 Kbps access. The entire FrameSaver SLV family provides advanced intelligence, innovative diagnostics and full Service Level Management capabilities for complete end-to-end visibility and control of frame relay network connections. FrameSaver's patented Multiplexed DLCI technique provides non-disruptive troubleshooting tools, that enable quick problem resolution, as well as cost savings and management simplicity by multiplexing many data bearing circuits on to a single frame relay connection.

Network management is provided by the OpenLane(TM) system, Paradyne's premier system for ubiquitous anytime, anywhere management access via a web browser interface. Based on state of the industry e-commerce architecture, OpenLane delivers dramatic scalability from micro-nets to carrier-class mega-nets. Because of its rigorous adherence to management standards, Paradyne's SLM solution can be easily integrated with other third party management systems.

FrameSaver SLV and the OpenLane system deliver detailed, real-time information on network traffic and utilization trends for efficient management of the network while providing information necessary for strategic network decisions and investments. When disaster strikes, FrameSaver SLV with MFR powered ISDN Dial Backup will make sure that your mission critical applications have the bandwidth they need to keep your business running at top speed.


Headquartered in Tampa Bay, Fla., Paradyne is a leading innovator, developer and manufacturer of broadband network access products and technology. The company is recognized as a market leader in Digital Subscriber Line, T1 and Service Level Management products. Paradyne markets its award-winning Hotwire(R) DSL and FrameSaver Service Level Management systems to Network Service Providers (NSPs) and business customers. Paradyne also licenses ETC(R) and Tripleplay(TM) technology, and intellectual property incorporated in the V.90 standard.

For more information on Paradyne and its products, call 1-800-PARADYNE (U.S. and Canada), 1-727-530-8623 or visit

"Safe Harbor" Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: Statements in this press release regarding Paradyne Corporation's business which are not historical facts are "forward-looking statements" that involve risks and uncertainties. For a discussion of such risks and uncertainties, which could cause actual results to differ from those contained in the forward-looking statements, see the company's registration statement dated September 28, 1999.

Editors Note: Visit Paradyne's virtual pressroom at for product images and/or additional information. Product availability and pricing subject to change without notification. MVL, NextEDGE, OpenLane, Tripleplay and TruePut are trademarks of Paradyne Corporation. ACCULINK, COMSPHERE, ETC, Hotwire, FrameSaver, Paradyne, the Paradyne logo and Performance Wizard are registered trademarks of Paradyne Corporation. All other service marks and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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Date:Nov 10, 1999
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