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Paradise lost? Humphrey's island idyll may be coming to an end as his dad turns up demanding he returns to England and his marriage.

PICK OF THE DAY Death In Paradise (9pm BBC1) JAMES Fox guest stars in the final episode of series four as Humphrey Goodman's dad. He's a stuffy QC who thinks his son is wasting his time on Saint Marie and that he needs to return home to England, get a proper police job and patch up his marriage.

Humphrey of course is having none of it. Even though Camille has now left to pursue her career in Paris, Humphrey likes living in a shack on the beach, he likes his lizard, he probably also likes the fact that the dress code for female detectives on Saint Marie is hot pants, but of course nobody's ever going to say that out loud.

Tonight's case - another locked room mystery - is the murder of a murderer. A defendant locked in the cells below the court room is shot before his trial can begin. It's a tiny role for guest star Charlie Creed-Miles, but a huge puzzle for Humphrey to solve as the uneasy working relationship between Dwayne and new boy JP is put to the test.


Is the party over for |Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall)

James Fox |turns up tonight as Humphrey's disapproving father

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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 26, 2015
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