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Parade gear: Pendleton Roundup 2010.

Anyone who has seen a Native American horse parade has stood in amazement at the elaborate decoration of the horse and rider. It is a source of honor and pride for the family to outfit the horse in such a fantastic way.


This beautiful paint horse carries a proud rider. The young lady is wearing a basket hat that is made of woven fibers and is typical for women in the region. The top of her beaded dress looks to be a cape that is laid over the top of the hide dress. Hanging from the saddle horn is a beaded bag that commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Pendleton Roundup. A tanned elk hide is covering the horses back and gives the appearance it is part of the horse. The saddle bag on the rump of the horse appears to be from the Plateau region, while the beaded hide item on the front of the horse could be a rifle case.


This horse (left) is wearing a fully beaded martingale around it's neck beaded in a couched overlay style. A matching beaded saddle blanket with long white fringe is just barely visible over the horses rump . The rider is sitting on a native saddle. From the horn hangs a beaded floral flat bag. Her two hide dress is typical of the Plateau style. Her cuffs and matching headband offer a vintage look.

Often rider and horse regalia are designed to compliment one another. The horse is wearing what appears to be a partially beaded martingale. Draped over the rider's lap is a floral beaded saddle blanket. The young lady has a 1950's vintage look with her dentalium shell covered top, beaded headband with an upright feather, beaded cuffs and otter wraps with beaded accents. A Plains style saddle bag is draped over the rump of the horse. A floral and fringed shawl hangs


Any student of Native American parade gear will marvel at the diversity and volume of items in this photo (left). The shape, color and design of the beaded horse mask, with matching martingale with beaded and fringed reigns with matching beaded saddle bag on the horse's rump is incredible. Several beaded bags hang from the horn of the saddle. Two wolf skins hang on either side of the bottom of the saddle. Over her lap is a blanket with a very wide blanket strip. To the back of the saddle is a very well made parfleche bonnet case with extremely long white fringe. Another blanket with a beaded blanket strip is on the rump of the horse; ermine hides hang from the center of the medallions of the blanket strip. The rider's hide dress is typical of the region and includes matching cuffs and a headband.

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Title Annotation:Powwow Fashions; Native American traditional clothing
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