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Papua New Guinea bans imports of Chinese dairy products.

SYDNEY, Sept. 25 Kyodo

Authorities in Papua New Guinea have announced a ban on Chinese milk products over rising concerns about a tainted milk scandal, Papua New Guinean media reported Thursday.

PNG's Internal Revenue Committee issued an alert to all of the country's ports of entry on Wednesday, making it the latest in a series of countries to impose an import ban on Chinese dairy products.

Four infants in China have died from kidney stones and related illnesses after drinking baby milk powder contaminated with melamine, a chemical which is normally used to make glues and plastics. About 13,000 infants are ill in hospital.

IRC commissioner general Betty Palaso told the PNG Post Courier newspaper that Chinese dairy products would most likely be sent to Australia for further testing.

Some local supermarkets have started recalling a range of Chinese-made chocolates, yoghurts and ice creams in response to an earlier recall of the same products in Singapore.

Infant milk formulas consumed in the country are largely imported from Australia and New Zealand, The National newspaper reported.

Several countries including Singapore and Indonesia have banned Chinese dairy products after the scandal became public.
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Publication:Asian Economic News
Date:Sep 29, 2008
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