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Paperwork halts solid waste expansion in Kansas.

Harvey County is looking to build up, not out, at its solid waste facilities, but a hang-up involving paperwork is halting progress and could cost taxpayers money.

The plan is to increase volume of existing construction and demolition cells by adding height rather than acquiring new land and expanding the footprint of the facility. Before the county is able to begin moving dirt it needs to obtain permits of approval from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. To do so, the county must provide signed copies of engineering and surveying work done of the facility.

The county does have documentation of such work done during 2010 and 2011 under contract by Poe and Associates, Wichita. It was for the closure of two construction and demolition cells at the facility. One of the documents--a plot plan depicting an accurate boundary of the facility--in question was sent, but not signed.

The county currently contracts such work to MKEC Engineering, Wichita. The signed copy is also needed because without it MKEC either assumes some liability or they would need to replicate the work done previously by Poe.

That work cost approximately $8,500. MKEC starting from scratch could cost local taxpayers $10,000 before the company begins any additional work in the process.

Bill Fox, chief surveyor for Poe and Associates, told The Kansan he did sign and send copy of the phase one plot plan to the county. A plot plan of phase two was also sent.

"The second phase or plot plan was never approved by KDHE," said Fox, who cited lack of KDHE approval as his reasoning for not signing the document.

Waltner confirmed KDHE indicated there were adjustments that needed to be made, but said the critical part for the county's future plans--the facility boundary--was indeed accurate.

"If they sign it this basic boundary survey and some of the research that goes into that can be used," Waltner said. "MKEC, of course, would then survey contours, because of course some of that has changed over time."

Source: Nicolas Wahl, Newton Kansan

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Publication:Solid Waste Report
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Date:Nov 16, 2015
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