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Accurate Consistency

Edited by Ingemar Jansson

This comprehensive text offers an overview of consistency measurement in the pulp and paper industry. Topics covered include:


* Correct consistency: the common denominator

* Consistency measurement methods

* Comparing the major measuring techniques

* Planning the consistency control loop

* Simulation & control consistency

* Turning PID controllers

* Consistency transmitter application examples

* Determining pulp consistency through sampling and laboratory analysis

Published by BTG Pulp & Paper Technology AB. 1999. 222 pages, hard cover.

Item Number: 08BTGAC * ISBN: 9163070375

List: $52 * Member: $52

Chemical Processing Aids in Papermaking: A Practical Guide

Edited by Kevin J. Hipolit

This publication describes 14 of the most commonly used classifications of additives, their uses, and chemical and physical properties. It also covers safe handling and storage of materials. 1992. 240 pages, soft cover.

Item Number: 0101R192 * ISBN: 0898522560

List: $115 * Member: $77

Colloid Chemistry of Papermaking Materials

Edited by Gerard J.F. Ring; Written by John Swanson Colloid Chemistry of Papermaking Materials provides an in-depth study of the aspects of colloid chemistry that are important to papermaking. The book's fourteen chapters cover surface chemistry, colloidal chemistry, sorption phenomena, electrokinetic properties, flocculation, internal sizing agents, polymeric additives, and pitch and foam control agents. The text features many paper-specific examples, a variety of diagrams and illustrations, and extensive references. The text is based on lecture notes and handouts prepared by John Swanson for graduate-level courses taught at the Institute of Paper Chemistry in Appleton, WI in the 1960s and 1970s. At that time and until now, there was not a textbook covering the specialized area of colloid chemistry of papermaking.


This will be a valuable reference for chemists, chemical engineers, product developers, professors, scientists and technologist working in the paper industry since it cites many of the key research articles in the field of wet end chemistry. 2002. 278 pages, soft cover.

Item Number: 0101R306 * ISBN: 1930657870

List: $90 * Member: $60

Coming Soon!

Conflict Resolution in Converting

by David R. Roisum, Ph.D.

Coming Soon!

Creative Thinking in Converting

by David R. Roisum, Ph.D.

Critical Thinking in Converting ... A Guide to Industrial Problem-Solving

by David R. Roisum, Ph.D.

This book illustrates many different problem-solving techniques by example. The plant-proven tools introduced in this unique book will help you quickly find solutions to your toughest problems. The tools can be adapted to uncover the inner workings of most any specific problem. Once the problem is truly understood, solution options follow easily. While this is a technical book, no special background is required. The reader only needs a working knowledge of terminology and concepts that are common in web manufacturing and converting. 2002. 266 pages, soft cover.

Item Number: 0101R302 * ISBN: 1930657773

List: $117 * Member: $78

Drying - Papermaking Part 2

Edited by Markku Karlsson

Papermaking Part 2, Drying is volume 9 in the Papermaking Science and Technology Series, published by the Finnish Paper Engineers' Association and TAPPI. This comprehensive textbook presents an overview of the design and operations of the dryer section of a modern paper machine. The book covers drying of the paper web, runnability of the paper machine dryer section, and operations of important auxiliary systems to the dryer section. 2000. 496 pages, hard cover.


Item Number: 0202FIN09 * ISBN: 9525216098

List: $85 * Member: $85

Dry Strength Additives

Edited by Walter F. Reynolds

This classic text provides a comprehensive study of the subject of dry strength additives. Includes information on surface applications, the use of natural gums as dry strength additives, cationic starch, acrylamide-based polymers and an exploration of dry strength additives practiced in Japan. 1980. 188 pages, hard cover.

Item Number: 0102B044 * ISBN: 0898520444

List: $34 * Member: $23

Finishing--Papermaking Part 3

Edited by Mikko Jokio

Volume 10 of the Papermaking Science and Technology Series, published by TAPPI and the Finnish Paper Engineers' Association. This comprehensive volume covers all aspects of paper and board finishing processes. Twenty-four detailed chapters are divided into four main sections: calendering, reeling and winding, roll wrapping and handling, and sheet finishing. 1999. 362 pages, hard cover.


Item Number: 0202FIN10 * ISBN: 9525216101

List: $85 * Member: $85

An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Multiply Forming

See page 28.

The Mechanics of Rollers

by David R. Roisum, Ph.D.

The Mechanics of Rollers combines the science of web handling with the application of rollers. This unique book covers design, application, and maintenance for rollers of all sizes, shapes, and webs. The Mechanics of Rollers is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use reference containing hundreds of figures, tables, and design equations, plus bibliography, glossary, and index. A must-have text for anyone involved in buying, selling, or specifying rollers, this book will also be a valuable reference for machine designers, process engineers, and maintenance personnel in the paper, film, foil, nonwovens, textiles, and converting industries. 1996. 306 pages, soft cover.


Item Number: 0101R255 * ISBN: 0898523257

List: $108 * Member: $72

Mechanics of Rollers--Japanese Translation

Item Number: 0101R255J

List: $108 * Member: $72

The Mechanics of Web Handling

by David R. Roisum, Ph.D.

This unique book covers many aspects of web handling for manufacturing, converting, and printing. The book is applicable to any web including paper, film, foil, nonwovens, and textiles. The Mechanics of Web Handling is designed for product, process, and maintenance engineers responsible for web machinery. Through this valuable text, readers will understand better how to design and operate machinery to avoid wrinkles, web breaks, registration, guiding, and other types of costly web problems. 1998. 222 pages, soft cover.


Item Number: 0101R273 * ISBN: 089852346X

List: $108 * Member: $72

Mechanics of Web Handling--Japanese Translation

Item Number: 0101R273J

List: $108 * Member: $72

The Mechanics of Winding

by David R. Roisum, Ph.D.

This reference book covers winding from introductory basics through advanced winding theory. Written as a practical, comprehensive guide, the book attempts to show not only how to troubleshoot winding problems and wound roll defects, but also why these problems occur. 1994. 256 pages, soft cover.


Item Number: 0101R236 * ISBN: 0898522811

List: $97 * Member: $65

Mechanics of Winding--Japanese Translation

Item Number: 0101R236J

List: $97 * Member: $65

Mechanics Trilogy

Save 20% when you purchase all three 'Mechanics' books by Dave Roisum!

Item Number: 0101ROISUM

List: $251 * Member: $167

The Roisum Series

Save 20% when you purchase all four books by Dave Roisum!

Includes the Mechanics Trilogy and Critical Thinking in Converting--A Guide to Industrial Problem Solving.

Item Number: 0101ROISUM4

List: $345 * Member: $230

Operating Difficulties on Newsprint Machines

Prepared by the Newsprint Committee, Technical Section, Canadian Pulp and Paper Association

This pocket guide is designed to assist operations personnel on newsprint machines to locate and correct operating difficulties. The guide is divided into three sections: Wet End, Pressing and Drying, and Dry End. 1981. 69 pages, soft cover.


Item Number: 08CPODN * ISBN: 1895288401

List: $13 * Member: $13

Paper: An Engineered Stochastic Structure

by M. Deng, Ph.D. and C.T.J. Dodson, Ph.D.

This book illustrates the application of experimental, computational, statistical and theoretical methods to the study of paper forming and its structural characterization. It also contains illustrative mathematical code to allow readers to generate numerical tabulations for selected functions, as well as a 50-page bibliography. 1994, 308 pages, soft cover.


Item Number: 0101R238 * ISBN: 0898522838

List: $82 * Member: $55

Paper and Paperboard Converting

Edited by Antti Savolainen

Paper and Paperboard Converting is the twelfth of 19 volumes in the Papermaking Science and Technology Series, published by TAPPI and the Finnish Paper Engineers' Association. This volume covers all aspects of paper and paperboard converting. 1998. 286 pages, hard cover.


Item Number: 0202FIN12 * ISBN: 9525216128

List: $85 * Member: $85

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See page 63 for details.

Paper and Board Grades

Edited by Hannu Paulapuro Paper and Board Grades is volume 18 of the Papermaking Science and Technology Series, published by the Finnish Paper Engineers' Association and TAPPI. This text covers the most important paper grades in the international markets. The end uses, raw material composition, and manufacturing technology for each of these major grades is discussed in detail. 2000. 134 pages, hard cover.


Item Number: 0202FIN18 *ISBN: 9525216187

List: $85 * Member: $85

Paper Chemistry--An Introduction

by Dan Eklund and Tom Lindstrom Covers the fundamentals of wet end chemistry and its processes. Contents include: fiber and fiber behavior during papermaking; dry strength; wet strength; colloidal stability; aluminum and its reactions; retention and drainage; sizing; fillers and pigments; dyestuffs and dying; foaming and defoamers; and microbiology and slime control. Published by DT Paper Science Publications. 1991. 305 pages, hard cover.

Item Number: 13DTPSH * ISBN: 952903606X

List: $100 * Member: $100

Paper Machine Clothing

by Sabit Adanur This book covers the design, engineering, and application of paper machine clothing in papermaking. This comprehensive resource will be valuable to managers, engineers, professionals, and production specialists working in the papermaking industry. Published by Technomic Publishing Co., Inc. 1997. 396 pages, hard cover.


Item Number: 08PMCLOTH * ISBN: 1566765447

List: $80 * Member: $80

Paper Machine Design and Operation--Descriptions and Explanations

See page 13.

Paper Machine Operations

Edited by Michael J. Kocurek and Benjamin A. Thorp This is the seventh of ten volumes in the Pulp and Paper Manufacture Series, published by the Joint Textbook Committee of the Paper Industry. This comprehensive textbook covers the entire papermaking process. The book includes extensive references, bibliographies, and a complete subject index. 1991. 693 pages, hard cover.

Item Number: 0202MS07 * ISBN: 1895288134

List: $85 * Member: $85

Paper Machine Wet Press Manual, Fourth Edition

See page 14.

Papermaking Chemistry

Edited by Leo Neimo Volume 4 of the Papermaking Science and Technology Series, published by the Finnish Paper Engineers' Association and TAPPI. This comprehensive textbook covers all aspects of chemistry of papermaking. It discusses all aspects of the theory and practice of various aspects in papermaking chemistry and provides an overview of the basic mechanisms, operations, and limitations involved. The book will be of value to papermaking students as well as to papermakers and scientists working in the paper industry. 1999. 330 pages, hard cover.


Item Number: 0202FIN04 * ISBN: 9525216047

List: $85 * Member: $85

Papermaking: The Pictorial Story

See page 23.

Paper Physics

Edited by Kaarlo Niskanen Paper Physics is volume 16 of the Papermaking Science and Technology Series, published by the Finnish Paper Engineers' Association and TAPPI. This volume covers the fundamental structure and physical properties of paper and board. 1999. 324 pages, hard cover.


Item Number: 0202FIN16 * ISBN: 9525216160

List: $85 * Member: $85

the most comprehensive book series in:

Papermaking Science and Technology

covering the latest technology and future trends

The Finnish Paper Engineers' Association and TAPPI have co-published a series of 19 books covering the latest science and technology in papermaking. These books provide a basis for university-level education, for training courses, and are valuable handbooks for the industry. The entire series of books is also available on one CD-ROM.

Paper Science and Paper Manufacture

by John D. Peel

The papermaking process is covered from stock preparation to the winder, including treatment of sizing and coating. The descriptions are augmented with the relevant theory and key equations to better understand the underlying phenomena. Core aspects of papermaking chemistry are carefully explained. The text also discusses the major grades of paper, their properties and the connections between converting requirements and manufacturing techniques. This distinctive textbook is suitable for university-level courses on scientific papermaking. Published by Angus Wilde Publications Inc. 1999. 272 pages, hard cover.

Item Number: 08AWPSPM * ISBN: 0969462832

List: $59 * Member: $59

Pigments for Paper

See page 32.

Pitch Control, Wood Resin and Deresination

Edited by E.L. Black and L.H. Allen This textbook covers all aspects of wood resin, with special emphasis on its effects on the manufacture of pulp, paper, and board. This unique book reviews present knowledge of wood resin, deresination, and pitch control in pulp and paper mills, and describes the effects of wood resin on the properties of paper. 2000. 392 pages, hard cover.


Item Number: 0102B067 * ISBN: 089852069X

List $175 * Member: $115

Principles of Wet End Chemistry

by William E. Scott, Ph.D. This text offers an introductory overview of wet end chemistry. Written by Dr. Bill Scott of Miami University, this text will be a valuable reference tool for everyone involved in wet end chemistry. 1996. 185 pages, soft cover.


Item Number: 0101R241

ISBN: 0898522862

List: $62 * Member $42

Properties of Paper: An Introduction, Second Edition

Written by William E. Scott and James C. Abbott, in collaboration with Stanley Trosset This book is a basic source of practical information about paper properties, grades, and measurement. It provides a comprehensive approach to improving the product, its quality, and organizational profitability through an enhanced understanding of the interactions of process, product, properties, and measurements. Numerous tables, figures, and illustrations assist the reader in understanding the subject matter. A general bibliography is included, as well as lists of suggested texts for further reading. 1995. 192 pages, soft cover.


Item Number: 0102B052 * ISBN: 0898520622

List: $82 * Member: $54

Recycled Paper Handbook

Edited by the Editorial Staff of Recycled Paper News This handbook answers many questions on paper recycling and includes additional information sources. Topics covered: state recycling legislation; purchasing systems; office paper recycling; emerging issues; frequently asked questions; recycled paper manufacturers. 1991. 74 pages, soft cover.

Item Number: 17CERMA1

List: $25 * Member: $25

Retention of Fines and Fillers During Papermaking

Edited by Jerome M. Gess This comprehensive textbook covers all aspects of retention of fines and fillers. Written by a team of industry experts, the book is divided into four main sections: introduction, measurement, and retention; mechanics and retention; chemistry and retention; and pigments and retention. Specific topics include retention in a neutral alkaline papermaking system and pigments for retention, including titanium dioxide and talc. 1998. 357 pages, hard cover.


Item Number: 0102B063 * ISBN: 0898520665

List: $135 * Member: $90

Roll and Web Defect Terminology

by Duane Smith, Task Group Chairman

This must-have manual unites the knowledge of the experts in one easy-to-read, comprehensive book for solving defects in paper webs and rolls. The text supplies a quick reference for defect identification, plus a complete index for all synonyms. By providing a common terminology, employees are able to communicate problems clearly, thereby leading to improved process control, consistency, and quality. 1995. 256 pages, soft cover.


Item Number: 0101R234 * ISBN: 089852279X

List: $88 * Member: $59

Rosin Sizing - Wet End Chemistry:

A Problem Solving Approach

This practical and essential overview of rosin sizing introduces the concepts necessary to solve sizing-related problems commonly encountered in the mill. The program includes interactive quizzes to reinforce learning. The rosin sizing problem deals with unexpected loss of sizing in a bleached cupstock mill. Using an interactive research section along with TAPPI's six-step problem-solving approach, participants will learn the principles of rosin sizing and investigate possible solutions for the sizing loss problem. Specific topics include: reasons for sizing, requirements for an internal size, effects of additives, types of rosin size, wet end differences, size and alum, size testing techniques, and synthetic sizes.


Recommended System Requirements:

* Pentium computer with 75MHz or faster processor Windows 95, Windows 3.x or Windows NT 4.x or later

* 16MB RAM or more

* 4x speed CD-ROM drive

* Sound Blaster or compatible sound card

* SVGA displaying thousands or millions of colors

* Stereo speakers or headphones

Item Number: WPL-WEC2 * ISBN: 0898523427

List: $50 * Member: $35

Site License available, see page 7 for details.

Site License Item Number: WPL-WEC2SITE

List: $1500 * Member: $1000

The Sizing of Paper, Second Edition

Edited by Walter F. Reynolds

Addresses many dramatic technological advances. The 15 contributing authors, experts in their respective fields, emphasize correct procedures as well as problem solving and trouble-shooting. All those responsible for maximizing the performance of a sizing system will find this book useful. 1989. 156 pages, hard cover.

Item Number: 0102B051 * ISBN: 0898520517

List: $88 * Member: $59

Stock Preparation

Edited by M.J. Kocurek, R.W. Hagemeyer, and D.W. Manson This is the sixth of ten volumes in the Pulp and Paper Manufacture Series, published by the Joint Textbook Committee of the Paper Industry. This volume provides a comprehensive look at the fundamental principles of stock preparation. The 15 chapters are divided into two sections: Nonfiberous Additives and Papermaking Stock Systems. 1992. 316 pages, hard cover.

Item Number: 0202MS06 * ISBN: 1895288274

List: $59 * Member: $59

Stock Preparation and Wet End; Papermaking Part 1

Edited by Hannu Paulapuro

This is the eighth of 19 volumes in the Papermaking Science and Technology Series, published by the Finnish Paper Engineers' Association and TAPPI. This comprehensive textbook presents an overview of stock preparation and the wet end of the modern paper machine. The book covers slushing, defibration, web forming, wet pressing and more. It also includes diagrams of modern mills and a brief history of papermaking. 2000. 461 pages, hard cover.


Item Number: 0202FIN08 * ISBN: 952521608X

List: $85 * Member: $85

Surface Analysis of Paper

See page 59.

Tension Control

See page 15.

Troubleshooting the Papermaking Process

by Jerome M. Gess and Paul H. Wilson

This book takes the reader through the process of making paper, pointing out where interruptions can occur and where elements which are added to the system can cause problems in that part or subsequent parts of the papermaking process. The aim of this book is to give papermakers and those involved in the papermaking process the information required to allow them to understand how to track down and solve problems at their source rather than where the problems surface. 2001. 165 pages, hard cover.


Item Number: 0101R298 * ISBN: 1930657587

List: $156 * Member: $102

Water and Fiber - Wet End Chemistry:

A Problem Solving Approach

This interactive CD-ROM training program takes a practical, hands-on approach to helping mill employees understand the workings of wet end chemistry. This easy-to-use, self-guided training tool presents a series of wet end chemistry problems, then lets the user explore the most effective ways to solve each challenge. Through this practical, easy to use CD-ROM course, participants learn wet end chemistry concepts using an interactive, problem solving approach.


Recommended System Requirements:

* 486 DX 66MHz computer (Pentium recommended)

* 8MB RAM (16MB recommended)

* 4x CD-ROM drive

* Wave compatible (.wav) sound card

* SVGA with 256 colors

Item Number: WPL-WEC1 * ISBN: 0898520657

List: $50 * Member: $35

Site License available, see page 7 for details.

Site License Item Number: WPL-WEC1SITE

List: $1500 * Member: $1000

Water Management in Paper Mills

By Fridolin Zippel

This text provides a comprehensive view of water management in paper mills, focusing on water use in the German paper industry. Part one, "Technology of the Water Systems of Paper Mills--The Historical Evolution," covers the history of water reduction technology. Part two, "The State of the Art in the Paper Industry," details current industrial practice in Germany. Part three, "Optimization of Mill Wide Water Circuits," provides an overview of current knowledge and technology. Translated from the original German by John D. Peel. Published by F. Zippel, 2001. 332 pages, hard cover.

Item Number: 08WMPM * ISBN: 2000082476

List: $59 * Member: $59

Web Words

By David R. Roisum, Ph.D. This compiled volume contains a complete collection of the popular Web Works column written by Dave Roisum for Converting Magazine. More than six years worth of monthly columns on various web handing topics are included in this handy volume, along with other longer technical reports that Roisum has written over the years. The columns and reports are presented chronologically and are indexed for easy reference. 2000. 108 pages, soft cover.


Item Number: 0101R295 * ISBN: 1930657536

List: $90 * Member: $60

Wet- and Dry-Strength Additives-Application, Retention, and Performance

Edited by Gavin G. Spence, Ph.D.

This reference guide provides a brief discussion of the chemistry of various additives, while providing a great deal of data on the practical application of wet- and dry-strength additives. 1999. 50 pages, soft cover.

Item Number: 0101R284 * ISBN: 089852363X

List: $32 * Member: $22

Wet Strength Resins and Their Application

L.L. Chan, Task Group Chairman and Editor A project of the Papermaking Additives Committee of TAPPI's Paper and Board Manufacture Division. This book discusses in detail the three most commonly used wet strength resins: formaldehyde-based resin, polyamine-polyamide-epichlorohydrin, and glyoxal-polyacrylamide. It also evaluates advancements in the use of electrokinetic theory, techniques to optimize wet strength resin efficiency, technology which produces paper with 'stiffness-when-wet' properties, and the use of wet strength resins in Europe and Japan. It will be of primary interest to mill technical directors, chemical and process engineers, R&D personnel, and chemical manufacturers. 1994. 136 pages, hard cover.

Item Number: 0102B059 * ISBN: 0898520606

List: $88 * Member: $59

WINDER 911 ... To the Rescue!

This interactive CD-ROM provides the help a finishing room requires to maintain winder production efficiency with an overview of wound roll structure wound roll testing and other areas of winding practices. Major elements are implemented. The CD contains:

* A set of eight easy to use calculators that produce answers to paper and production queries, designed to augment data requirements for winder analysis

* A group of 'helpers' that respond to specific inquiries regarding paper properties, winder and machine operation


* Twelve technical articles treating a wide range of topics from wound roll quality, machine reel updates, to building a winder core loading cart

* A group of VRML Worlds that depict winder and machine sections. The VRML Worlds give the user the ability to enlarge, rotate, and examine the sections in a 3D environment

System Requirements:

* Windows 95, 98, NT 4x, Millennium Compatible

* 150MHz or faster Pentium processor

* 16MB RAM

* 24X speed CD-ROM drive or faster

* Sound Blaster or compatible sound card

Item Number: WINDER911 * ISBN: 1930657544

List: $110 * Member: $75

Site License available, see page 7 for details.

Site License Item Number: WINDER911SITE

List: $1500 * Member: $1000

Winders: The Complete Guide for Paper Mills and Converters

by Jan Gronewold

This comprehensive book serves as a complete winder training, applications, and product buying guide. This helpful text shows readers how to analyze, select, implement, and improve a winding operation. By describing and illustrating the various types of winders, the book can help readers determine the best winding method for their particular materials.


This resource will be useful to everyone involved in the winder process area, including engineers, production managers, maintenance managers, and other technical and production staff. Winder manufacturers and industry consultants will also find this unique book to be a valuable resource. 1998. 186 pages, soft cover.

Item Number: 0101R274 * ISBN: 0898524741

List: $93 * Member: $62


by Kenneth G. Frye

This book is an inclusive study of modern winding technology by a recognized authority in the field. It will be useful for training new operators and as a handy reference source for production, engineering and paper machine personnel, process engineers, and machinery suppliers. 1990. 132 pages, soft cover.

Item Number: 0101R165 * ISBN: 0898524652

List: $85 * Member: $58

Winding: Anthology of Published Papers

Task Group Members: Jan Gronewold, Bob Lucas, David Pfeiffer, and David R. Roisum This anthology reviews over 30 years of winding applications. It contains a total of 47 papers covering practically every aspect of winding, and is a compilation of technical papers published in TAPPI JOURNAL and in the TAPPI Finishing & Converting Conference Proceedings, as well as a chapter from the Extrusion Coating Manual. This is truly a must-have reference for everyone involved in the winding process. 2000. 386 pages, soft cover.

Item Number: 0101R294 * ISBN: 1930657528

List: $138 * Member: $94
Books in the series include:

 1 Economics of the Pulp & Paper Industry See page 20
 2 Forest Resources and Sustainable Management See page 17
 3 Forest Products Chemistry See page 53
 4 Papermaking Chemistry See page 39
 5 Mechanical Pulping See page 54
 6 Chemical Pulping See page 52
 7 Recycled Fiber and Deinking See page 56
 8 Papermaking, Part 1: Stock Preparation and Wet End See page 42
 9 Papermaking, Part 2: Drying See page 37
10 Papermaking, Part 3: Finishing See page 37
11 Pigment Coating and Surface Sizing of Paper See page 32
12 Paper and Paperboard Converting See page 38
13 Printing See page 32
14 Process Control See page 48
15 Materials, Corrosion, Prevention, and Maintenance See page 13
16 Paper Physics See page 39
17 Pulp and Paper Testing See page 59
18 Paper and Board Grades See page 39
19 Environmental Control See page 16

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RELATED ARTICLE: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase from TAPPI, you may return the products for credit or a refund within 30 days of your purchase. Please contact 866-201-1012 for return authorization.


RELATED ARTICLE: Papermaking Science and Technology Series Set (19 Books and CD-ROM)

Item Number: 0202FINALL

List: $2065 * Member: $2065


Papermaking Science and Technology CD-ROM

All 19 volumes on one CD-ROM!

System Requirements:

* Windows 3.1 (running Win32s), Windows 95 or Windows NT operating system

* 10MB hard disk space

* 12MB of RAM

* CD-ROM drive


Item Number: 0202FINCDALL

List: $1290 * Member: $1290

There is no Site License available for this product.

Papermaking Science and Technology Book Series-Complete Set of 19 books.

Item Number: 0202FINSET

List: $1290 * Member: $1290

RELATED ARTICLE: Be a Standing Order Customer!

Standing Order Customers are notified when TAPPI PRESS publishes a new book in their area of interest. Plus, they can save an additional 5% on their purchase. To join the Standing Order program, complete the application on page 62 or call TAPPI's Member Connection Center.

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