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Paper mill is on a roll with telemanagement system.

S.D. Warren, a subsidiary of Scott Paper, is a producer of high quality coated paper for the printing and publishing industry. Our mill is located in Muskegon, Michigan.

The facility is spread over approximately 110 acres, campus style. We recently underwent a $200 million plant remodernization, although some buildings date back to 1895.

Originally hired as an engineer to help modernize the manufacturing plant, I was also charged with telemanagement. Our facility, which employs about 1,000 people and runs 24 hours a day, was suddenly faced with many new issues after AT&T's divestiture. We realized what we were in for in January of 1991 when we decided to install a new AT&T Definity G1 PBX to accommodate 350 phone extensions.

We have about 30 IDF's (intermediate distribution frames) spread throughout our facilities, many hidden and difficult for technicians to locate.

We decided to purchase a telemanagement system along with our new PBX since we had to establish a database and could do so for both simultaneously. We chose Xtend Communications for their broad integrated product line and fast processing speed. We purchased their Cable Management System to keep track of wiring pairs and help manage adds, moves and changes.

Cable management helps keep an accurate count and trace hard to locate wiring from each employee's extension jack through the IDFs to the PBX in our switch room. The system automatically assigns usable pairs from available inventory, saving valuable time.

Their call detail reporting system helps curtail phone abuse with monthly departmental summary and detail reports and allows us to charge back costs to our customer service department. It maintains two separate pricing tables, the full V&H plus accurate pricing for our SDN (software defined network). The SDN allows us to take advantage of corporate rates for direct dialing between Scott locations.

Xtend's "real-time" system also provides weekly reports on incoming customer calls from our MegaCom 800 line.

The program that appeals most to my engineering background is their ComCad System. ComCad keeps up-to-date floor plans containing each employee's name, extension, jack and port number in position. Every time there's an add, move or change we can print out a new floor plan containing the updated information.

A book of those floor plans is kept on file for easy accessibility. This is extremely helpful to technicians who are unfamiliar with our facility and have to locate a building, office or one of our hidden IDFs to make a change. Before the installation, this type of maintenance was taken care of by our local telco, GTE.

Now the responsibility is ours--and it can be tough to track down cable during our Michigan winters.

In the future we plan to add a remote access manager allowing us to maintain database records from different locations throughout our mill. Xtend maintains our system remotely via dial-up modem from their New York headquarters.

Our new telemanagement system is just one small portion of our total modernization, but it's already proven to save money and improve efficiency.
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Title Annotation:Call Accounting; S.D. Warren, a subsidiary of Scott Paper Co.
Author:Lintula, Matt
Publication:Communications News
Date:Jun 1, 1992
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