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Paper calls.

The Tire Society. Papers are solicited for the 24th Annual Conference of the Tire Society, to be held September 20-21 in Akron, OH.

Technical sessions are planned for the presentation of papers based on topics related to tire materials, mechanics, processing, manufacturing and applications. Topic examples include tire performance/mechanics; properties of tire materials; fracture and adhesion in tires; tire design and development; rolling resistance/traction/treadwear; tire noise; advances in tire manufacturing processes; tire testing; predictive models; tire/vehicle dynamics; aging and endurance of tires; techniques for model and laboratory test validation; tire performance on non-dry/ deformable surfaces; and examples of virtual tire development.

Abstracts of papers intended for presentation should be submitted by March 1. Final paper manuscripts are due by August 10. Further information is available from Ric Mousseau (248) 676-7513.

Alliance for the Polyurethanes Industry. A call for papers and posters has been issued for the Polyurethanes Technical Conference and Trade Fair 2005, to be held October 19-22 in Houston, TX.

This polyurethanes conference will present an opportunity to reach manufacturers and processors of polyurethane-based products across all industrial sectors. Papers and posters may address innovations and developments in flexible slabstock, flexible molded, equipment/machinery, cast elastomers, thermoplastic polyurethanes, integral skin, RIM, binders/fillers, adhesives and sealants or fundamentals.

API also encourages papers and posters on breakthrough technology in polyurethane markets or chemistry, developing markets such as medical and fiberboard, and product areas such as rigid foam insulation or coatings.

Presentation submissions may also focus on issues such as combustibility, transportation, recreation and security, as well as environmental and stewardship issues, including emissions, regulatory developments, waste management and related topics.

Abstracts are due by January 31. Poster abstracts are due by May 2. Further information is available from Josiah McClellan (212) 697-2600.

French Association of Rubber and Polymer Engineers (AFICEP). Papers are solicited for presentation at the International Rubber Conference and Exhibition (IRC) 2005, to be held May 16-18 at the Euroexpo in Lyon, France.

Topics scheduled to be explored at IRC 2005 will include chemistry (elastomer chemistry, natural and/or synthetic materials, chemical modification, vulcanization, chemicals, antidegradants, aging, etc.); reinforcement of elastomers (new fillers including carbon blacks, silica and nanoparticles, assessment, characterization and uses, physics and chemistry of filler-rubber interactions, etc.); rheology and processing (flow properties, processes and equipment, testing, machinery, flow simulation, etc.); applications (design and engineering of rubber parts, performance assessment, modeling, durability, etc.); and after-life treatment (recycling, used tire and rubber parts treatment, including grinding, sorting, scraps and rejects, innovative techniques, ecological aspects, etc.).

Further information is available from Valerie Flauraud, tel.: 33 (0) 1 49 60 57 85; fax: 33 (0) 1 45 21 03 50.

Rapra Technology Ltd. Papers are solicited for the High Performance and Specialty Elastomers 2005 Conference, to be held April 20-21 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Subject areas will include temperature performance; chemical resistance; end user applications and case studies; market surveys; processing technology; reinforcement; multi-material components; cost considerations; performance issues; and compounding.

Materials covered will include acrylic rubbers; ethylene-vinyl acetate rubber; chlorosulfonated ethylene elastomers; fluoroelastomers; perfluoroelastomers; epichlorohydrin rubber; chlorinated polyethylene; hydrogenated nitrile rubber; hydrogenated carboxylated nitrile rubber; fluorosilicone elastomers; and silicone elastomers.

Further information is available from Sally Humphreys, tel.: +44 (0) 1939 250383; fax: +44 (0) 1939 252416.
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