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An appeal to rethink infallibility. Kung, Hans Mar 25, 2016 2140
The definitive exercise of teaching authority. Sullivan, Francis A. Essay Aug 31, 2014 6166
Is papal infallibility ironic? Cockburn, Lyn Column Mar 22, 2014 654
'The top person can never be wrong'. Rohr, Richard Oct 11, 2013 972
The "patient and fraternal dialogue" on papal infallibility: contributions of a free-church theologian. Powell, Mark E. Essay Mar 1, 2013 6336
Infallibility--terminology, textual analysis, and theological interpretation: a response to Mark Powell. Ford, John T. Critical essay Mar 1, 2013 4047
The Roman Catholic doctrine of papal infallibility: a response to Mark Powell. Kelly, Gerard Critical essay Mar 1, 2013 3803
Infallibility and the roots of Vatican finance. Berry, Jason Reprint Jun 10, 2011 3077
Infallibility debate intensifies: Australia case latest in tensions that have swirled since Vatican I. Allen, John L., Jr. May 27, 2011 1277
The forgotten promises of Vatican II. Baum, Gregory Essay Jan 1, 2011 7211
Secret disservice: when it comes to public accountability, is the Vatican just another corporation? Kaiser, Robert Blair Column May 1, 2002 1499
The Catholic Doctrine and Reproductive Health. Mumford, Stephen D. Dec 22, 2000 5419
Humanae Vitae: "failure" to freedom. Foy, Msgr. Vincent Jul 1, 2000 3472
The Church in the Age of the Holy Spirit. McNEILL, JOHN J. Mar 22, 2000 2685
Martini repeats his call for reform. ALLEN, JOHN L. JR. Brief Article Dec 3, 1999 726
William of Ockham. GOTTFRIED, PAUL Feb 1, 1999 664
Humanae Vitae: still controversial at 30. Curran, Charles E. Jul 31, 1998 1695
She had a story to tell, but few listened. Roberts, Tom Brief Article Jul 31, 1998 802
With the latest mandate on dissent, should we laugh it off or get mad? Chittister, Joan Column Jul 31, 1998 834
Echoes of Galileo in ordination controversy. Theisen, Wilfred Column Feb 27, 1998 951
Collins' views on papacy face heresy investigations. Feb 20, 1998 622
Papacy too heavy for one man to carry. Zizola, Giancarlo; MacEoin, Gary Oct 31, 1997 2174
Stress on papal primacy led to exaggerated clout for a pope among equals. Collins, Paul Oct 24, 1997 2216
Pentecost papacy would listen to women: church based on Genesis 1 misses the mark. Chittister, Joan Cover Story Oct 10, 1997 2402
Recent theological observations on magisterial documents and public dissent. Sullivan, Francis A. Sep 1, 1997 3369
Pope may declare Mary 'coredemptrix.' (Pope John Paul II: but many argue against a co-redeemer concept)(Cover Story) Unsworth, Tim Cover Story Jul 18, 1997 1430
Beware murkly world of 'secondary truths.' (Vatican changed its justification for a ban on women priests from primary truths to secondary truths)(Editorial) Editorial Jun 6, 1997 959
Papal system is at heart of Tissa problem. Digan, Parig Column Apr 18, 1997 1762
Of antipopes and co-popes: seeing double pontificates. McBrien, Richard P. Column Mar 21, 1997 792
It's inevitable: women will be ordained: Rome reversal would maintain 'kyriarchy,' postpone real reform. Hunt, Mary E. Cover Story Feb 21, 1997 2555
Dulles urges bishops to enforce papal 'no.' (Jesuit Avery Dulles warns bishops on the need for their support on the women ordination question) Roberts, Tom Jul 26, 1996 1916
Infallibility may be answer, but it may also be question. McBrien, Richard P. Column Apr 12, 1996 829
Infallibly complex: have we heard the final word on women's ordination? Piwowarski, Linda Apr 1, 1996 3515
A pastoral response. Knight, David Apr 1, 1996 2775
Infallibility: untenable on every ground. Ruether, Rosemary Radford Column Dec 29, 1995 1297
Theologians now face either-or- situation: Vatican Council III may be only path to new church reform. Kueng, Hans Dec 15, 1995 3150
Dissenters gather at Sister-L's Internet address. Schaeffer, Pamela Dec 15, 1995 610
When events outrun theological consensus. Di Noia, Augustine Column Dec 15, 1995 1167
Focus shifts from ordination to infallibility. McBrien, Richard P. Column Dec 15, 1995 755
Infallibility: the argument from silence. Surlis, Paul Column Dec 15, 1995 794
Assessing ambiguous infallibility factor. Schaeffer, Pamela Dec 8, 1995 4785
Ratzinger raised bigger issues than ordination. Chittister, Joan Column Dec 8, 1995 1152
Before infallibility, there was Jesus. Editorial Dec 8, 1995 879
Bossuet and the consenses of the church. Costigan, Richard F. Dec 1, 1995 10667
Encyclical is positive, problematic. Curran, Charles E. Cover Story Apr 14, 1995 2701
Pope seeking hope can't see it through gloom. Cover Story Apr 14, 1995 1232
Pope stepped back from making encyclical statements infallible. Apr 7, 1995 625
Renewal of papacy will transform the church. Cooke, Bernard Cover Story Feb 24, 1995 1936
Pain and paradox of a pope on a mission. West, Morris L. Jan 27, 1995 1513
The ordinary magisterium's infallibility. Grisez, Germain; Sullivan, Francis A. Dec 1, 1994 8514
Vatican veto: rejection of inclusive language raises question of who has authority to teach. Fox, Tom Cover Story Nov 11, 1994 1638
Priests retain right to debate, promote women's ordination. Transcript Nov 11, 1994 484
Raised-Catholics know what's what, what's not. Blackburn, Thomas E. Column Aug 26, 1994 976
Experts: not much definite about 'definitive.' (papal letter, 'Ordinatio Sacerdotalis') (Cover Story) Roberts, Tom Cover Story Jun 17, 1994 1183
Slav pope gripped by messianic mission: he sees self spared to teach values to West. Hebblethwaite, Peter Cover Story Jun 17, 1994 1997
A search for openings in the absence of 'infallible.' (papal document against women's ordination) (Cover Story) Hebblethwaite, Peter Cover Story Jun 17, 1994 639
How does one know John Paul II is a One? On the enneagram, begin with the pope's penchant for scolding. Thomson, Clarence Dec 3, 1993 924
What bishop might tell her people about encyclical. Ruether, Rosemary Radford Column Nov 12, 1993 969
Encyclical's one aim: assent and submission; absolute norms weren't part of Peter's task. Haering, Bernhard Nov 5, 1993 1738
Vatican's marked cards can give 'dissenters' a raw deal. Hebblethwiate, Peter Oct 29, 1993 746
'Veritatis Splendor' draws cheers and jeers; some moral theologians say it misses the mark. Oct 15, 1993 1150
John Paul II's truths sacrifice tradition of pastoral concern. Editorial Oct 15, 1993 1215
U.S. laity, Vatican are more than ocean apart. Fox, Tom Cover Story Oct 8, 1993 434
Encyclical nails objective right and wrong: roles of theologians, conscience shrivel. Hebblethwaite, Peter Cover Story Oct 8, 1993 2631
Discipline, not doctrine, is nub of pope's new encyclical. Hebblethwaite, Peter Oct 1, 1993 1501
The "secondary object" of infallibility. Sullivan, Francis A. Sep 1, 1993 6834
Papalism and religious liberty. Swomley, John M. Cover Story Sep 1, 1993 1783
Infallibility boosted in leaked encyclical: 'Splendor of Truth' arrays self against modern moral trends. Hebblethwaite, Peter Column Aug 13, 1993 966
A little honesty about infallibility would be nice. Gallagher, Joseph Column Apr 16, 1993 427

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