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Panex melds diagnostic kits.

CHICAGO -- Premier Sales & Marketing is offering a new dignostic product at the 1997 International Housewares Show, Jan. 12 to Jan. 15, 1997 in Chicago.

Debuting at the housewares show will be the Panex Corp. Dr. Dedo Ear & Throat Examination Kit, which allows parents to monitor the ear and throat conditions for the family at home.

Users can identify common inner ear infections and throat infections. They can also monitor swimmer's ear conditions and ear tube placements using the kit. In addition, the kit's Earlight helps parents identify earwax buildup.

Dr. Dedo's Family Ear & Throat Examination Kit enables users to look inside ears with the Earlight and inside throats with the Throatlight to see if medical problems are present.

"This health care product helps a conscientious physician control medical costs for patients," said Dr. Douglas Dedo, a West Palm Beach, Fla. ear specialist, in a prepared statement. "The doctor remains a participant in care but eliminates nuisance checkups and charges that damage a patient's confidence in the professional."

By looking in the 24-page guidebooks with full color photographs, that accompany the kit, users can compare what they see in their family members' ears and throats with the normal and abnormal conditions that are shown. Then they can determine whether the patient should see a doctor.

"I see patients every day who really don't need a doctor's care," Dr. Dedo said. "Many of them have earwax buildup or throat irritations which can be treated with remedies available in drug stores and large supermarkets."

One of the most important uses of the product, Dedo continued, is for parents whose children awaken in the middle of the night, crying and feverish. Parents would like to know if the child has a serious condition that requires treatment. Most people hesitate to call their doctors at that hour.

Moreover, the doctor can only guess at the child's diagnosis without seeing the child. But if the parents check the child's ears and throat themselves, they may be able to make a more sound determination for themselves.

The Ear & Throat Exam-ination Kit is debuting at the Housewares Show and is a combination of the firm's existing lines of Ear Exam Kits and Throat Exam Kits. It includes an otoscope (earlight), tongue depressor, two 24-page guidebooks, four viewing tips (speculum 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm) and ready to use alkaline penlight batteries.
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Title Annotation:Dr. Dedo Ear and Throat Examination Kit will be showcased at the International Housewares Show from Jan 12 to Jan 15, 1997
Publication:HFN The Weekly Newspaper for the Home Furnishing Network
Date:Dec 16, 1996
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