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Panda-monium at US zoo; WORLD BULLETINS.

THE National Zoo in Washington DC says its adult female panda has had twins.

The two cubs were born about five hours apart on Saturday and both appear healthy, the zoo said.

If the cubs survive, they would be the 17-year-old panda's third and fourth surviving offspring.

Mei Xiang's first cub, Tai Shan, was born in 2005 and returned to China in 2010. Her second cub, Bao Bao, is two years old today and still lives at the zoo.

Keepers will be watching the new cubs closely. Pink, hairless and blind, newborn cubs weigh just three to five ounces.

The zoo has also had disappointments in the past. Mei Xiang gave birth to a stillborn cub in 2013. And in 2012, she gave birth to a cub that died after just six days.

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 24, 2015
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