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Pancho Villa and My Grandfather.

Scholars have debated for a century why Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa attacked the frontier town of Columbus, New Mexico, on March 9, 1916a deadly incursion and infamously the only time in the 20th century that a major foreign army invaded the continental United States. According to my family's most spectacular story, recounted at reunions with a quizzical smile, he was looking to kill my grandfather.

Villa was likely motivated by a constellation of reasons, but most accounts note a grievance with a prominent merchant named Sam Ravel, whom the Villistas desperately sought on that murderous March night. They did not find him; Ravelmy grandfatherwas in El Paso for a medical appointment.

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Author:Abarbanel, Stacey Ravel
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Aug 27, 2019
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