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Panasonic propels DVD-RAM adoption in storage market with new software support for DVD back-up and restore.

Panasonic has announced another milestone in the rapid adoption of DVD-RAM technology for the storage industry, as Host Interface International launched its Double Image(R) 5.0 back-up/restore software with support for Panasonic's OEM DVD MULTI Drive. When combined with the robust functionality of the SW-9571-CYY DVD MULTI Drive, Double Image 5.0 users will have a fast, reliable and easy-to-use solution for all their current and future DVD storage needs.

"For years, Panasonic has been delivering effective storage solutions to consumers, business and industrial customers alike with a consistent commitment to excellence," said Bryant Kittleson, CEO and founder Host Interface International. "We're particularly excited about the combination of DVD-RAM/DVD-R/DVD-RW technology. Its reliability, functionality, and flexibility deliver the superior attributes we encourage both IT departments and consumers alike to experience for themselves when making a storage format decision."

Host Interface International's new backup and restore software tool promises to help its users stay ahead of the never-ending, day-to-day job of managing data, systems and applications. Double Image 5.0 can be used across entire local or remote networks with unlimited Windows machines and is interoperable with multiple types of storage media.

The select benefits of Panasonic DVD-RAM technology are a critical factor to Host International's business users. DVD-RAM is not only fast, but it can handle large volumes of data on one 9.4GB double-sided DVD with rewriteability up to 100,000 times. DVD-RAM discs also act as a removable hard drive and provide advanced defect management so users can rely on speedy, worry free recording when burning and rewriting data. With the ability to read/write to DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R, and CD-RW media, the OEM DVD MULTI drive is a cost-effective storage solution that provides users the flexibility to switch between removable storage media without having to purchase new hardware or software.

With Host Interface International, DVD-RAM discs can be formatted with standard Windows NTFS file formatting. Double Image 5.0 then treats the DVD-RAM disc exactly like any other hard drive--with the benefits of removability. In addition, Host International's software reads and writes standard Windows data compression to DVD-RAM discs--giving the user even more storage options for the high capacity DVD disc.

Double Image 5.0 was benchmarked and certified on Panasonic's OEM DVD MULTI drive--model SW-9571-CYY--and supports various data formats. By writing and reading using non-proprietary I-O, Double Image 5.0 is abiding by the same file I-O that is used by Windows Explorer, permitting other programs to easily access the files copied by Double Image.

"Host Interface International and Panasonic share a vision of delivering turn-key solutions that fit into the larger context of a well-managed business," said Dana Berzin, Product Manager for Panasonic's OEM computer Drives. "By combining the power of the DVD MULTI Drive with Double Image 5.0, users have a flexible and cost-effective system that bridges formats, capacities and applications."

Double Image 5.0 is now available with and MSRP (manufacturing suggested retail price) of $59.95.
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Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
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Date:Aug 11, 2003
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