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Panasonic Launches Compact Mixed-Media Front Office Scanners; Under $1100* Units Offer Unparalleled Combination of Advanced Features and Speed.

SECAUCUS, N.J. -- Panasonic Digital Document Company (PDDC)

KV-S1025C/1020C Highlights:

--Innovative Double-Exposure(1) technology automatically scans both sides of ID cards and documents and saves them as a single-page file.

--Multiple hard-ID card scanning is ideal for quickly capturing identification information from driver's licenses, insurance cards, credit cards, etc.

--Automatic scanning of mixed batches of plastic ID cards and paper documents of widely differing sizes and thicknesses.

--Compact size and weight (12.5"Wx7.6"Dx6.8H; 8.8 lbs.) is ideal for limited-space front-office environments such as registration counters.

--Unique multi-color dropout capability enables elimination of up to three distinct colors and color ranges for enhanced OCR recognition.

--MultiStream(R) technology for speeds of up to 104 images per minute(2).

--Double-Feed-Prevention Long-Life Roller System minimizes missed scans.

--Automatically activated operation upon document loading.

--Auto Color/Monochrome Distinction eliminates need for pre-sorting batches.

--Dual three-line color CCD sensors(3) with fluorescent lamp and replaceable CCD lenses designed to eliminate most costly repairs and downtown from staple scratches or other abrasions.

--Onboard image optimization and enhancement via a highly integrated Application Specific Integrated Circuit.

--Base price includes scanner, ISIS-certified driver, TWAIN-compliant driver, Panasonic's RTIV document capture and User Utility programs, ABBYY's FineReader 7 Professional OCR application and USB 2.0 cable.

Panasonic Digital Document Company (PDDC), unit of Panasonic Corporation of North America, today announced the release of two low-cost, industrial-strength color scanners designed to streamline front office workflow, particularly in applications requiring identity data collection in accordance with HIPAA, Patriot Act, Check 21 and similar regulations.

The $1049* KV-S1025C Color Duplex Workgroup Scanner features Panasonic's exclusive "Double-Exposure" technology for automatically scanning and combining the content of both sides of an ID card or document into a single electronic image, single-pass color, grayscale and binary scanning speeds to 52ipm(4), powerful multi-color dropout capability for automatically removing up to three colors or color ranges from a document during scanning, and advanced double-feed-prevention paper-handling.

"The KV-S1025C and the $949* non-duplex KV-S1020C were designed for front-office, decentralized scanning environments such as those in healthcare, pharmacy, transportation, insurance and financial services," said Gary Bailer, PDDC product manager for scanners. "Such applications require that data be captured at its point of entry from a wide variety of media including hard ID cards and traditional paper media including NCR forms, onion-skin paper, plain paper and specialty long forms, such as EKG's."

InfoTrends Consultant Jon Franke and Document Imaging Report Editor and Publisher Ralph Gammon agree.

"The Panasonic KV-S1025C scanner is ideally suited for any application with two-sided and/or color-coded forms or cards requirements," Franke said. "The KV-S1025C and KV-S1020C's multi-color dropout capabilities and low price make them very attractive solutions for a number of imaging-intensive industries."

"Panasonic has zigged in a market filled with zaggers," Gammon commented. "The KV-S1025C features some innovative technology. This model should help establish Panasonic as a force in the workgroup scanner segment."

Engineered for a post-9/11 world

Bailer noted that post-9/11 compliance regulations such as Patriot Act, HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley "require businesses to look at document data in a new way. Being able to capture data from paper documents as well as hard ID cards gives organizations a tool to dramatically improve their overall business-process management.

"For example, in the healthcare industry, a patient is required to provide a variety of ID cards and paper documents. These may include a driver's license, a primary insurance card, a secondary insurance card, a patient information form, a HIPAA release form, a consent for treatment form, an authorization for release of medical information form, etc. Unlike the KV-S1025C and S1020C, competing scanners are not specifically designed to handle a mixed batch of a flat and embossed ID card, and paper documents - all with varying sizes, thicknesses and texture."

Bailer also noted that traditional duplex scanners output each side of an ID card, check or other document as two separate pages without any correlation data associating the pages with each other.

"Having to manually link data from the front and back sides of a two-sided document creates a tremendous gap in the automated workflow process," Bailer said. "Panasonic's KV-S1025C is the world's first workgroup document scanner to close this gap.

"With its Double Exposure feature enabled, the KV-S1025C can scan two-sided color, grayscale, or monochrome documents in a single pass and output the two pages into a single TIFF, PDF, JPEG or bitmap image in either vertical or horizontal orientation."

The right scanners at the right time for the right market

The marketing experts, industry analysts, and deployment statistics all confirm that workgroup scanners comprise the fastest growing segment of the scanner market with, according to InfoTrends, an industry-leading 80 percent growth in shipments from 2004 to 2005.

Looking into the future, John Franke expects "the segment to continue its strong growth thanks to trends such as the rise of distributed scanning and ongoing compliance initiatives."

According to Raimund Wasner, Managing Director of the Rheinner Group, a leader in document systems education and consulting services, "the KV-S1025C is such a radical departure from the norm in document scanner design that it is a literal breakthrough. Rather than filling a device with generic features that the customer has to supply the imagination to customize and implement, the KV-S1025C is actually designed with features specifically tailored for several industries and has the out of the box features they want.

"It's hard to imagine a bank, or insurance company, medical practice, car rental agency or government agency (just to name a few) without hundreds of these," Wasner said.

"At Panasonic, we design new models based upon input from our customers and the market, not our own preconceived ideas," Bailer said. "What we've heard recently is a growing demand for a compact, high-speed, high-efficiency, cost-effective workgroup scanner that empowers streamlined front office data collection and digitalization processes. The KV-S1025C and KV-S1020C are our answer to that demand."

Upgraded imaging, enhanced OCR accuracy, smaller file sizes

Dual three-line CCD wide-range-focusing image sensors(3) combine with a long-life, high-performance fluorescent lamp, on-board image enhancement, and smooth-background technology to produce images of exceptional clarity and fidelity. Panasonic's innovative Vertical Line Reduction Tool automatically eliminates artifacts from most lens scratches from finished scans.

In addition to a maximum 600dpi optical resolution, both new scanners incorporate Panasonic's unique multi-color dropout technology to enhance optical character recognition accuracy and shrink file sizes.

"While many other scanners can drop out a red, a green or a blue color; only Panasonic scanners can eliminate up to three different colors of any hue or three ranges of colors including graduated colors," Bailer said. "Dropping unnecessary colors such as shaded color boxes in pre-printed forms, color watermarks, and color-coded routing in hospital patient records dramatically improves OCR recognition and significantly reduces data storage for forms-processing applications."

Panasonic's on-board Dynamic Threshold functionality automatically compensates for background density to ensure maximum image clarity and OCR recognition.

Console speed, desktop footprint, user friendly

The KV-S1025C and KV-S1020C have more than enough raw speed to match the sophistication of their features. The former offers single-pass color, grayscale and binary duplex-scanning rates of up to 52 images per minute(4) and the non-duplex KV-S1020C offers single-sided scanning at up to 26ppm(4). Multistream(TM) technology to automatically generate and save both black-and-white and color images from a single scan effectively doubles speeds when both a monochrome image for OCR and color image for on-screen retrieval filing are required.

The latest additions to Panasonic's award-winning scanner line, the KV-S1025C and KV-S1020C were designed for space-challenged environments. Compact yet powerful, they can be positioned on registration counters and desktops. A removable stand allows them to fit in locations - such as under a shelf or window frame - "off limits" to competing scanners.

Productivity-enhancing features include a double-feed-prevention roller system that virtually eliminates missing scanned pages caused by feeding more than one page at a time, long-scanning mode for documents up to 100-inches - such as EKG's, automatic blank-page removal, and long-life, easy-swap rollers.

Contributing to operator efficiency, the units can handle mixed batches of flat and embossed cards and it can even scan multiple hard ID cards. It also features an automatic application launcher triggered by a single button push or insertion of a document.

Meeting standards and exceeding expectations

Panasonic's policy of supporting open-market standards is evident in both new Workgroup Scanners. Both ship with industry-standard ISIS certified (AIIM MS161S) and TWAIN-compliant drivers, are certified by Kofax for VRS compatibility and incorporate a high-speed USB 2.0 interface capable of up to 480Mbps transfer rate.

The units offer an auto-erasure feature that securely eliminates image data after the data has been transmitted. They also comply with ISO standard 7810 ID-1 for ID cards, ISO 9001 Quality Management System manufacturing standards, ENERGYSTAR(TM) guidelines for energy efficiency and offer many Section 508 C. accessibility features.

Manufactured in Japan, they meet GSA "of origin" requirements, comply with the latest RoHS guidelines for reduction of hazardous substances and are backed by Panasonic's Limited One-Year Advance Exchange Warranty. Extended 2nd and 3rd year Limited Advance Exchange and Depot Warranty plans are also available.

Panasonic offers a full line of color scanners that support a variety of application environments. The company has a solid working relationship with a number of service providers and software developers, many of whom use color document scanners in their applications. Panasonic is the brand of choice for many of these providers, who rely on the dependability of these scanners in meeting their clients' requirements.


In the United States, Panasonic Digital Document Company, a unit of Panasonic Corporation of North America, markets a broad line of digital imaging systems, computer peripherals and office system products designed specifically for business use. Products available include fax and Internet fax machines, digital copiers, network multifunction devices, document management systems, scanners, electronic whiteboards, color and monochrome laser printers and impact printers. Headquartered in Secaucus, NJ, Panasonic Corporation of North America is the principal North American subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (NYSE: MC) of Osaka, Japan. For more information, visit

All brand names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


End users may obtain sales information by visiting or by contacting Panasonic at 1-800-742-8086 or 201-348-7000. Please do not publish the editorial contact telephone number. If you wish to review this or any other Panasonic document-imaging product, please contact Jeff Ayers at 516 609 9500 or Janet Rodgers at 201 392 6075.

Product images can be downloaded from Panasonic's extranet site at Username: images, Password: images. Select Image Gallery from the dropdown menu, select a Product Category, choose the appropriate image file.

*Manufacturer's suggested retail price. Resellers must decide for themselves the prices at which our products are actually advertised and sold.

(1) Model KV-S1025C only

(2) Model KV-S1025C, 104ipm; Model KV-S1020C, 52ppm

(3) Single sensor in Model KV-S1020C

(4) Based on letter-size documents at 200dpi
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