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Pan-Asian TV a reality.

Pan-Asian TV a Reality

Repaired and relaunched, AsiaSat-4 has started operating and is carrying two-channel programs for STAR TV (Satellite Television Asia Region). Owned by Hong Kong's HutchVision, the service reaches from Teheran to Tokyo.

The terms of Hutch Vision's license prevents it from broadcasting in Cantonese, the language of nearly all of Hong Kong, and from selling much advertising space within the colony.

HutchVision is lobbying the Hong Kong government to lift those restrictions. STAR's start-up costs are said to be $300 million.

The Chinese-language channel is aimed at Asia's 60 million overseas Chinese. It is said that most Asians have access to fewer than three television channels, most of them dull and government-controlled. Pent-up demand for more will make STAR popular.
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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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