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Pam Nelson.

Founded Girl Press, a publishing company dedicated to the production of empowering and entertaining books just for girls

Pam Nelson gave up a lot to publish books for girls. A former Wall Street analyst, she started Girl Press, a California-based house specializing in "slightly dangerous books for girl mavericks," in 1998--a bad time for the publishing industry. "It's been an amazing struggle," says Nelson, who sold her company in January to an Internet company specializing in "Generation Y" content, though she remains president of the imprint. "The book business doesn't have high profit margins," she explains. "You have to be really creative."

Creativity comes easily to the publisher of such titles as Cool Women, Girl Boss, and Girl Director. Nelson originally envisioned Girl Press as a venture in partnership with one of the major publishers, but those she approached recoiled from the idea of edgy books for teens. "It scared them to death," she remembers. "[They said] `You can't say [the word] dangerous when you're talking about girls.' I just thought, `These people don't get it.'" --E.L.
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Date:Aug 14, 2001
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