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Palmprint identification technology. (Security Supplement).

Avon and Somerset Constabulary is has become the first police force in England and Wales to install an end-to-end identification system designed to match crime-scene marks to criminals. Based on technology from Cogent and InformixC Software, the system helps the Force to solve crimes where palm marks are available - about 25% of all cases. In the first three months, the system has already helped identify over 45 criminals and, once complete, the database is expected to contain over 80,000 records.

Cogent's Automated Palm and Fingerprint Identification System (CAPFIS) uses Informix Internet Foundation, database technology, at its core. Records held in this system are linked to queries by Cogent's Matcher technology, which attaches scores to each print in order to find the most likely matches. The system is compatible with NAFIS, the UK police's fingerprint matching solution, increasing the potential for better future collaboration between systems and forces.
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Date:Jan 1, 2001
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