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Pall Introduces New Bioprocessing Technologies.

Pall Corp. has introduced new systems to its Allegro single-use chromatography and Cadence continuous bioprocessing product portfolios. Each product is designed to enable scalable process integration and intensification for bio manufacturing, while reducing resource use, process time, user risk and overall facility footprint.

The Allegro Single-Use Chromatography System is an automated platform of scalable single-use solutions from R&D to process scale. The flexible single-use chromatography system is designed to enable installation of two different sized manifolds, with a flow range of 10 to 900 L/h. In addition, the system can accommodate applications utilizing membrane chromatography.

The Cadence BioSMB Process 80 System is a modular 80 liter/hour process scale continuous multi-column chromatography system built specifically to support small scale process development, with perfusion bioreactor-based compatibility.

The Cadence BioSMB Process 350 System is a modular 350 liter/hour process scale continuous multi-column chromatography system that allows for scalable process flexibility, with a minimized facility footprint and resource consumption. It has been designed for fed batch applications of up to 2000L.

Finally, the Cadence Virus Inactivation System was designed to complement the Cadence BioSMB Process 80 and 350 systems. It is a fully automated low pH virus inactivation system that can be integrated into batch, semi- or fully continuous processes.

"A changing market has increased demand for drug manufacturers to innovate, thereby driving the need for critical automated end-to-end traditional and single-use process solutions. This is especially true as many manufacturers look to pursue the advantages of semi- or fully-continuous bioprocessing approaches," said Martin Smith, Pall chief technology officer. "The latest additions to our technology portfolio provide the support manufacturers need, and carry forward Pall's promise to bring continuous bioprocesses to life."

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Caption: AFG 5000

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Date:Nov 1, 2017
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