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Palindromic movie reviews.

In two articles in 1995 issues of Word Ways Ross Eckler presented anagrammatic movie reviews. That is, they were movie reviews obtained by anagramming the movie's title. In that spirit I present here Palindromic Movie Reviews. There is, of course, a natural limitation to what can be said given the constraints of having the rifle actually appear reversed in the text, so these do not pretend to be "'actual discussions", as it were, of the movie, but simply opinions about the film, often intended to be spoken to a friend, for example. Comments are included for clarity when appropriate. Movie titles are in Bold.
God, sis, god! Rio V "Reservoir Dogs" is dog! (Playing at the #5
 screen at the Rio.)
"Amos", Dee, nix. I need soma. (Will need to be
drugged to see again.)
"Ed?" I hide.
"Ishtar" wrath? Si!
"Metro" bad. Abort, Era!
"Narnia?" Pain. Ran.
"Norma Rue" bill I bear A.M., Ron. (I can put up with the
morning screening.)
"Star Wars" is raw. Rats!
"Straw Dogs?" God, warts!
"Taps?" I spat!
"'Tora, Tora, Tora?" A rot! A rot! A rot!
"Torso's" rot!
"Z?" ZZZZZZZ! (Snoozing.)
%$#!? No! O, "Coeoon!"?#$% (Cursing!)
Ow! Ta-da! Boo! "Tootsie" is too, too bad.
A two. (i.e.stars out of 4.)
IMO (and Eli) "Vertigo" dog! It reviled
Em, "Spy" gyps me.
Evade "Dave."
Evil as is is "Alive."
Evil, ay, at "Stay Alive."
God, Asa, cc Ebert: "Rebecca's" a dog!
Hey, "Doom's" moody, eh?
Hey, "Doomsday," Nyad's, moody, Eh?
Hey, rot's, Ev, old "Love Story," eh?
Hey, rots, yo, "Toy Story," eh?
I made "Robocop." Poco bored am I. (Close to snoozing
I veto (.nine.) "Venus" is uneven, I note,
 Vi. (Less than one star)
I'M AWOL (rah, "Harlow") AM I. (Unenthusiastic cheer)
IMO, "Ants" is error: resist, Naomi.
IMO: And, "E.T." a hit I hated, Naomi.
It's a messy bad "Abyss," Era Asti
It's an "Istanbul" flub Nat's in, Asti.
No "Casino Royale" Delay, o, Ron Is a con
No "Heidi!" I die, hon.
No, "Voodoo" doo-doo, Von.
No, "Voyage" be gay, o, Von.
No, die! So ponder, Fred, no "Poseidon."
Noel, o, pan "Napoleon."
One! "Babel," I very revile, babe No!.
Oh, Cy, spit I: "Psycho!"
On "Saw HI": was "no."
Panic in a "Titanic?" I nap. (Snoozing again.)
Rail! Rail! Error re: "Liar, Liar."
Rats, "10!" 1 star.
Si, "Godzilla", Al, Liz, dog is.
Sir, a loser. Ire: "Solaris."
Sra., "Montana Belle" ban at Nomar's.
Sue, "Robots" is to bore us.
Last in. A "Bean?" Nae, ban it, Sal (No Rowan Atkinson
Tix? "Insomnia?" Pain. Mos. Nix it.
Tix? "XXX?" X it.
To boring is a sign: "I, Robot."
Well, "Anastasia?" I sat. 's anal, Lew.
Won tix, Inca? I doze. "Zodiac", nix it now. (Snoozing again.)
"Crash": ahs arc.
"G.I. Jane" Man, amen! A jig!
"M?" Mmmmm!
"Nuts" did stun.
7.1, gal, at "Stalag 17." (Not bad on a scale of
 1 to 10)
An airy "Syriana."
Boss is "S.O.B."
Darn OK's "Konrad."
Ev? "Oliver," Ev, I love.
Ev, Oleg, 'ix Art Sr., Dev, (ole!) love "Dr.
Go, both, to "Bog."
Hey, "Cars" is racy, eh?
I rah at a "Mata Hari."
No Nam traffic if "Fartman" on. (Stem Trailer;everyone
 in a movie house?)
One 'No miss' is "Simone," no?"
Raw: Nine: "Men in War." (9 on a 1-10 scale)
Remarks.'? V! Re-mark "Kramer vs. Kramer." (Five stars!)
Rota, I'd, A, go to "Gladiator."
Si! "Speed's" deep, sis. (So philosophical?)
Sy awed is now on "Sideways."
'Tis? Let's! Oh, "Hostel's" it!
Do! O, "Goldeneye," Ned, lo, good!
Yaw! 'atsa "Castaway."
Yo, "Borat's" a star. O, boy!


Waco, Texas
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