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Our Health: Arresting 'cure' for criminal minds. Sep 3, 2000 459
Health: Emotional Freedom Therapy: We put the tapping technique to the test; LOUISE'S VERDICT. Aug 27, 2000 374
Health: Tap into a new cure. Aug 27, 2000 392
You CAN cook a decent meal for F pounds 1.66; THE GREAT HOSPITAL FOOD DEBATE Hospital food is so bad that the Government is asking celebrity chefs to provide new inspiration. Can the masters of haute cuisine really rustle up a dish for less than two quid? LOUISE PALFREYMAN meets top Midland chefs to find out. Aug 27, 2000 592
Chewing the fat with Posh; THE Posh Spice media wagon rolled into Birmingham last week - part of a relentless tour to plug her new record. LOUISE PALFREYMAN went to meet the diminutive singer but found the only thing they had in common was their weight. Aug 20, 2000 524
'I'll sell my ring and go private'. Aug 20, 2000 345
Being gay is no bar to successful parenting. Aug 20, 2000 605
I left the RAF to become a woman; A male RAF officer has hit the headlines by planning to return to the skies as a woman. LOUISE PALFREYMAN talks to a Midland transsexual who has good reason to believe the take-off will be far from smooth. Aug 20, 2000 741
Health spa pampering is a taste of heaven. Aug 13, 2000 831
Kicking the habit; How midnight soccer is helping teenagers beat drugs and crime. Aug 13, 2000 1028
Postcode lottery fight for anti-smoking drug; SPECIAL REPORT. Aug 13, 2000 569
Our health: The agony of painkillers; The Doog... from world class player to crippling injury A report from Coventry University has revealed that more than half of Britain's veteran footballers are crippled with arthritis - a legacy of the painkilling cortisone injections given to keep them playing during their careers. LOUISE PALFREYMAN reports. Aug 6, 2000 774
Wonder Kids: How Vicky's dreams survived nightmare; It was a total shock to go from what was thought to be a broken leg to a tumour to cancer When Vicky was told her tumour was malignant, I thought: 'Why us again?'. Aug 6, 2000 779
Day we met the Queen Mother. Aug 6, 2000 310
Blunder as letter arrives a day late; SPECIAL REPORT: Patient's 3-year battle to relieve back pain. Aug 6, 2000 899
Are they trying to worry us sick? Jul 30, 2000 966
Silent acceptance of brutal conduct. Jul 30, 2000 187
Asian battered wives face hostel beds crisis. Jul 30, 2000 299
Good cause for concern? Jul 30, 2000 1117
Sunday Special: Tin Tin Cantonese Restaurant. Jul 23, 2000 448
Our Health: Survey reveals misconceptions. Jul 23, 2000 86
Our Health: Ethnic minority groups are ignored by soaps. Jul 23, 2000 103
Our Health: Nurse casualties of the TV dramas; HOSPITAL soaps like 'Casualty' and 'ER' are the main reason many young people consider nursing as a career - but the success of the TV shows is not just what the doctor ordered. LOUISE PALFREYMAN reports. Jul 23, 2000 654
Dad's appeal; ESTRANGED... Fran Healy. Jul 23, 2000 80
Where did it go wrong for Blair?; THREE years ago, New Labour's elite clapped politely along to pop anthem 'Things Can Only Get Better' but now leaked memos reveal that Tony Blair himself fears his party has lost the plot. LOUISE PALFREYMAN talks to grass roots supporters. Jul 23, 2000 755
Our Health: Looking on the bright side. Jul 16, 2000 736
Want to get pregnant? Then try Chinese soup. Jul 16, 2000 402
Hospital to curry favour with a real balti chef. Jul 16, 2000 215
My secret heartache by Jamelia; She's the Birmingham chart star with seemingly not a care in the world, but the violent death of her stepbrother - stabbed to death in a city tragedy - haunts songbird Jamelia. Jul 16, 2000 895
Crimefighters take the hair of the dog; Now animal DNA used to catch crooks. Jul 9, 2000 416
Stalker sent me key to his hotel room; TV beauty Ruth England is a rising star on the brink of national fame. But, in her first in-depth interview today, the stunning newsreader reveals the terror she has suffered at the hands of an obsessed stalker. Jul 9, 2000 781
We don't need to be world class!; City leader's amazing view on our buildings. Jul 9, 2000 518
Who said crime does not pay?; JOHN Plimmer retired from West Midlands Police as one of its most senior and well-respected detectives. Since then, he has carved out a career as a writer and TV crime consultant - making a mint in the process. Now the BMW-driving cop-turned-author has been promised millions for the film rights to his new book co-written by his pal - a notorious underworld crook. Jul 9, 2000 1138
Sunday Shout: Why must we endure this nightmare wait? Jul 9, 2000 629
Our health: Soaps can be bad for you! Jul 2, 2000 637
Cancer expert blasts funding; SPECIAL REPORT. Jul 2, 2000 354
Wonder kids: So brave, so sad.. Jul 2, 2000 637
Sunday shout: Game, set and match to sport as Anna bows out. Jul 2, 2000 603
Hospital's 'annoying' policy over. Jul 2, 2000 191
'It's just a publicity drive'. Jul 2, 2000 208
Doctor backs mother and daughter baby bid. Jul 2, 2000 381
Our Health: Phyllis in shape to beat bone disease. Jun 11, 2000 865
Campaign to teach kids on surfing safely. Jun 11, 2000 402
Valium is best to beat stress says drug expert. Jun 11, 2000 407
Our health: Right to die: AGAINST. Jun 4, 2000 371
Our health: Right to die: For. Jun 4, 2000 583
Our health: Ethical minefield in right to die debate (with pix and break). Jun 4, 2000 266
Staff attack crisis in mental health. Jun 4, 2000 437
Expert's plea over accidents in hospital. Jun 4, 2000 172
Worries as sex disease toll grows. Jun 4, 2000 249
GPs under pressure in extended flu jab plan. Jun 4, 2000 471
Bouncing back with the help of a friend. May 28, 2000 793
Do these hold the key to a healthy mind and body?; More than 14 million Britons believe in everything from vitamins to treebark to help their health - are they right? May 28, 2000 874
Sunday Shout: Sickened by public figures' blatant use of child labour. May 28, 2000 551
Health trusts worst in country for complaints. May 28, 2000 348
Hospital passed on our secret records - family. May 28, 2000 428
Tarsam's long battle to beat ME prejudice; 'ME can strike anyone, you don't have to be white and middle class'. May 21, 2000 479
Herb 'waste of money' as remedy for head noises. May 21, 2000 316
Our Health: Therapy to break wall of silence for the deaf. May 14, 2000 845
Sunday shout: Perils of adopting patriotic hymn to rouse football fans. May 14, 2000 617
Our Health: How would you spend pounds 5,000 on a ward? May 7, 2000 755
'We must prepare for bio terror raids'. May 7, 2000 415
Our Health: Why food is no treat for allergy boy Isaac. Apr 30, 2000 896
One fifth of excluded pupils are black. Apr 30, 2000 407
Incredible journey in memory of husband. Apr 30, 2000 630
Triple cancer threat in six-billion-to-one blow (intro). Apr 30, 2000 153
Triple cancer threat in six billion-to-one blow; Tumour bombshell leaves father and two sons living under the shadow of killer while mum recreates New Zealand adventure in aid of charity. Apr 30, 2000 991
Nurse jobs crisis looms as foreign influx grows. Apr 30, 2000 546
Invasion of pocket monsters sparks playground wars; Parents are baffled as the latest cult toy born in Japan spreads quickly across the world and young fans are caught up by Pokemon power. Apr 23, 2000 1075
Medical website 'waste of time' David Morgan. Apr 23, 2000 305
Hospital set to sell arms trade shares. Apr 23, 2000 275
Shocking rise of child sex in Brum. Apr 23, 2000 509
Our Health: Healthy dose of our history. Apr 23, 2000 1065
Pupils dump lessons in 'uncool' music. Apr 16, 2000 315
Hospital strike threat over bed loss cash row. Apr 16, 2000 326
Psychologist uncovers barristers' bully tactics. Apr 16, 2000 436
Classical: Swoon-along with Carreras. Apr 9, 2000 238
Valentino's Restaurant: Sunday Special. Apr 9, 2000 283
Our Health: Boy's first steps to joy. Apr 9, 2000 530
Wrangle over birth 'negligence'. Apr 9, 2000 303
School in TB screening as pupil struck. Apr 9, 2000 418
Makers re-design mint that looks like drug. Apr 9, 2000 286
Our Health: Helen's long battle to beat curse; 'It's not something that is easy to comprehend unless you've been through it yourself'. Apr 2, 2000 1004
Hospital sets up children's moans line. Apr 2, 2000 322
Thoughts of Genoa helped me conceive. Apr 2, 2000 473
Our Health: Lily's lifeline for silent victims; 'There are high levels of domestic violence reported by women who come to me. They come looking for love and support, someone to listen. Mar 26, 2000 1013
Anger at nurses' move to crime-ridden estate. Mar 26, 2000 488
TB threat as screening programme collapses. Mar 26, 2000 410
Workers' health is failing, say doctors. Mar 26, 2000 285
Our Health: Mine's a pint - and a health check-up! Mar 19, 2000 766
How early change threw Linda's life into total turmoil; 'I went straight into the menopause and the younger you are the more your oestrogen levels plummet. It is oestrogen that controls mood and I think I must have been pretty dreadful to live with' 'My husband couldn't handle the fact we couldn't have children. It was a total shock to both of us'. Mar 12, 2000 921
Brum scientists make TB cure breakthrough. Mar 12, 2000 353
The man who wants to be Travis's biggest Fran; SUPERSTAR... Fran Healy. Mar 12, 2000 571
The deadly trade that depends on charity finance; Should hospitals, schools and churches withdraw their money from companies that export weapons? Mar 5, 2000 1076
Our Health: Transplant op dream for victim of disease. Feb 27, 2000 859
Delayed-op Gary's `winter of suffering'. Feb 27, 2000 246
Breast is best, teen mums told. Feb 27, 2000 329
Boffins search fly DNA 'maps'. Feb 27, 2000 180
Midland hospitals' cash helps fund arms trade. Feb 27, 2000 595

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