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Palestinians Say Nude Female Soldiers are New 'Zionist' Weapon.

By Gamla News Service

The Al Hayat al Jadida newspaper, reportedly associated with the Palestinian Authority, has accused the Israel Defense Forces of using semi-nude female soldiers standing atop tanks to lure Palestinians and then killing them.

A Page One headline in the newspaper said: "The occupation is using naked women to hunt down intifada youth." The daily was reporting on an alleged Gaza Strip clash in which the partially-clad female soldier lured Palestinian demonstrators to their deaths.

The Palestinian paper reported: "She started to strip her clothes off in front of the demonstrators until she was [nearly] naked. Some of the protesters said they were disgusted by it while others said the Zionist soldier made rude gestures at them."

When they approached the tank to throw stones at the nearly nude female soldier, she reportedly took a pistol from her panties and shot dead two Palestinians and wounded nine others.

A spokesman for the IDF at first declined to comment on the report, but later said it was completely ridiculous.

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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:Aug 15, 2001
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