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Dinosaurs' spiky armour may have been status symbol. Sep 5, 2017 532
New species of sauropod dinosaur found in Tanzania. Aug 26, 2017 248
Updates To The Alaska Fossils Database. Aug 7, 2017 152
Honour for pioneering scientist Dorothea. Aug 4, 2017 580
Australia : New dinosaur named after Royal Tyrrell technician. Aug 4, 2017 436
A place to let your imagination saur. Jul 29, 2017 455
Truly a sight for dinosaur eyes; Piers Eady bravely goes back 67m years for a hi-tech encounter with giants of prehistory. Jul 29, 2017 450
United States : BLM Program Helps Cowley Students Find Their Inner Bison. Jul 21, 2017 364
Sacred relics of human prehistory and the discovery of cosmic mind. Cox, Hal Jul 1, 2017 1620
Dinosaur claws get to grips with new exhibition. Jul 1, 2017 164
Field Excursions in Southern California: Field Guides to the 2016 GSA Cordilleran Section Meeting. Book review Jul 1, 2017 166
Dinosaur claws grip museum. Jul 1, 2017 150
Production And Graphic Design Of An Already Existing Series Of Publications collections In The Museum Of Prehistory And Early History In 3 Other Volumes For The Staatliche Museen Zu Berlin preuischer Kulturbesitz. Jun 9, 2017 112
Well-preserved dinosaur unveiled in Canada. May 17, 2017 165
Australia : Unique bone exhibition for Alice Springs. Apr 29, 2017 461
Ichnology of the Devonian (Emsian) Campbellton Formation, New Brunswick, Canada. King, Olivia A.; Miller, Randall F.; Stimson, Matthew R. Jan 1, 2017 7117
Lithofacies, petrography and vertebrate paleontology of Miocene-Pliocene Nagri Formation exposed at Kanati Area, District Khushab, Punjab, Pakistan. Dec 31, 2016 303
Stratigraphy, vertebrate paleontology and economic significance of Zinda Pir anticline, Dera Ghazi Khan District, South Punjab, Pakistan. Dec 31, 2016 452
12-year-old Dubai student gets 92% in university exam. Nov 6, 2016 409
PREKARN: The learning of prehistory of knapping stone. Oct 7, 2016 384
Provision Of Exhibit Design Services To The Palaeontology Gallery And Earth Science Gallery At The Hong Kong Science Museum Of The Leisure And Cultural Services Department. Sep 23, 2016 113
The Stratigraphic Record of Gubbio: Integrated Stratigraphy of the Late Cretaceous-Paleogene Umbria-Marche Pelagic Basin. Brief article Aug 1, 2016 161
Correcting a flood of misinformation: a new book debunks creationist views of The Grand Canyon. Interview Jul 1, 2016 1845
Endemic vs cosmopolitan tethyan benthic foraminifera from the lower Eocene Panoba Formation, Kohat sub basin, Pakistan: implications for early Eocene warming. Report Jun 30, 2016 3250
Study Of Architectural And Museum Programming Of The Museum Of Prehistory Penmarc~h Finistre. Jun 18, 2016 178
Prehistory uncovered at housing estate site. Jun 10, 2016 368
Stratigraphic and paleoenvironmental reconstruction of a mid-Pliocene fossil site in the High Arctic (Ellesmere Island, Nunavut): evidence of an ancient peatland with beaver activity. Mitchell, William Travis; Rybczynski, Natalia; Schroder-Adams, Claudia; Hamilton, Paul B.; Smith, Ro Report Jun 1, 2016 13555
Canada : New DINO-mite exhibit paves way for Tyrrell expansion. May 21, 2016 458
Benedictine University Professor: Prehistoric life is a database just waiting to be downloaded. May 20, 2016 613
Tiny beetle preserved in amber. Rosen, Meghan Brief article May 14, 2016 202
New dog species that roamed Earth 12 mn years ago identified. May 13, 2016 219
Construction Of Amo Paleontology Galleries Collections And Anatomy Compared (Gpac) - Phase 2: Anatomy Of Comparative Collections Exhibited And Last Part Of The Palaeontology Collections - Project Code. Mar 17, 2016 353
Provision of Sedimentary Geology and Paleobiology supports. Feb 7, 2016 195
Prehistory in the making; Dehydration, extreme weight loss and near-death experiences - all part of Channel 5's prehistoric, timetravelling reality TV show 10,000BC: Two Tribes. We meet the Welsh contestants who've signed up for the toughest, most life-changing challenge on the box. Jan 16, 2016 1065
Procurement of 01 Unit New Sputter (Au-pd) and Carbon Coater for SEM Laboratoryfor Palaeontology Division, GSI, CR, Nagpur. Jan 9, 2016 164
Reassignment of vertebrate ichnotaxa from the Upper Carboniferous 'Fern Ledges', Lancaster Formation, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Stimson, Matthew R.; Miller, Randall F.; Lucas, Spencer G. Jan 1, 2016 7287
The Tatui Formation (Early Permian, Parana Basin), Brazil: Paleontology and Paleoenvironmental Considerations/La Formacion Tatui (Permico Temprano, Cuenca del Parana), Brasil: Consideraciones paleontologicas y paleoambientales. Chahud, Artur; Petri, Setembrino Report Dec 1, 2015 3797
Fossil offers clues to ape evolution: living apes may have arisen from gibbonlike primate. Bower, Bruce Report Nov 28, 2015 541
FLAME: FLow of Ancient Metals across Eurasia (FLAME): New frameworks for interpreting human interaction in Later Prehistory. Nov 25, 2015 376
Diet of Dimetrodon reconsidered: extinct reptilelike predator ate sharks, other aquatic prey. Rosen, Meghan Brief article Nov 14, 2015 291
Open tender for the right to enter into a civil contract for the provision of services for the protection of the buildings for the federal state budget institution science institute of paleontology. a. Oct 23, 2015 184
Fleure and the prehistory of European civilisation. Oct 19, 2015 431
Providing and laying vitrified tiles in paleontology laboratory geo- data division and also installation of aluminum frame based glass partition in mineral physics division at gsi office main building. Oct 19, 2015 129
Providing And Laying Vitrified Tiles In Paleontology Laboratory Geo- Data Division And Also Installation Of Aluminum Frame Based Glass Partition In Mineral Physics Division At Gsi Office Main Building. Oct 16, 2015 119
Providing steel grill gate to the main building and annexure building entrances and providing aluminium partition for Paleontology lab at Dept. of Earth Science building. Oct 15, 2015 104
Student finds missing dinosaur foot. Aug 27, 2015 375
Management and operation of paleosite, interactive centre of prehistory in saint-cesaire. Aug 17, 2015 318
Is royalty relative? Since late last year CYMRUDNAWALEs has been carrying out an unprecedented mass survey of Wales' ancestry to trace the origins of its people - back beyond written records and into the mists of prehistory. Here the brains behind it, Alistair Moffat, explains how its latest findings have yielded some very regal revelations. Jul 4, 2015 742
Emulacion decorativa y ceramicas ancestrales. Posibles fuentes de inspiracion de las alfareras mesetenas de la edad del bronce. Blanco Gonzalez, Antonio Jul 1, 2015 11189
La construccion anular y el enclos de Ventosinos (Coeses, Lugo). Estudio preliminar de un conjunto del bronce final. Piay Augusto, Diego; Cano Pan, Juan A.; Naveiro Lopez, Juan Jul 1, 2015 9202
TEXSET: Textiles in Southern Etruria. Textile Technology in Central Tyrrheanian Italy from Late Prehistory to the Roman Republican Period. Jun 8, 2015 363
Underwater cave proves a treasure trove. Jun 1, 2015 336
SUBTERRANEAN CITY Exploring the world beneath our feet; Subterranean spaces have shaped human lives since prehistory. Such spaces hold a dark fascination for us: their atmospheres somehow more immediate to our senses than in the world above. Here BEN WADDINGTON explores the realities behind some of Birmingham's buried realms. May 28, 2015 1526
Discover Your Wild Side this summer at the Alden B. Dow Museum of Science and Art. May 13, 2015 492
Fossil reveals power of terror bird's beak. Yeager, Ashley Brief article May 2, 2015 214
Norman Pedersen Publishes New Book, Shatters Misconceptions About Prehistory. Apr 13, 2015 450
Mixed reaction to 'rawesome' dinos; REVIEW Dinosaur Zoo MALVERN THEATRES. Mar 9, 2015 350
Dino Treasures. Book review Mar 1, 2015 124
Processing and conservation benefits for paleontology collections of the national museum of natural history. Feb 25, 2015 223
Supply of consumables for the needs of the Laboratory of Physics Departments, Chemistry, Biology, Geology and Paleontology, Informatics and Telecommunications, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Primary Edu. Feb 3, 2015 110
Ron K. Pickerill and the genesis of ichnology in the Antilles (Jamaica and Carriacou). Donovan, Stephen K. Report Jan 1, 2015 4610
Supply of consumables for the needs of the Laboratory of Physics Departments, Chemistry, Biology, Geology and Paleontology, Informatics and Telecommunications, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Primary Edu. Dec 31, 2014 108
Supply of consumables for the needs of the Laboratory of Physics Departments, Chemistry, Biology, Geology and Paleontology, Informatics and Telecommunications, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Primary Edu. Dec 18, 2014 104
NIYA TOCHARIAN: Niya Tocharian: language contact and prehistory on the Silk Road. Nov 10, 2014 365
Dino-mite paleontology. DuBois, Anna Nov 1, 2014 695
Virtually there: paleontologists are using 3-D scanning to resurrect ancient animals on-screen and learn how they lived. Witze, Alexandra Oct 4, 2014 2931
High School Students Find 200 Million Year Old Phytosaur Skull During Paleontology Dig with Mesalands Community College. Oct 1, 2014 452
Tracksite Discovery In Alaska's Denali National Park Proves Dinosaur Herds Thrived In Ancient Ecosystem. Jul 8, 2014 980
New species of horned dinosaur with wing-like headgear discovered. Jun 19, 2014 149
First 3-D Pterosaur Eggs Found with Parents. Jun 6, 2014 397
Our genetic prehistory: Did genes make us human? Wilcox, David L. Report Jun 1, 2014 8709
Earn College Credit Digging for Dinosaur Bones at Mesalands Community College. May 22, 2014 444
The national museum of natural history, the contract requires "purchase of books for areas of anthropology, palaeontology entomology and national museum of natural history" in accordance to what is st. Apr 29, 2014 115
As a kid I watched dinosaurs on I'm working with them; DINO DOCMONSTER HIT SHOWS US THE LAND OF THE GIANTS Edinburgh scientist tells how he was inspired by hit BBC show to take up paleontology and is now helping bring Walking with Dinosaurs the movie to the big screen. Apr 28, 2014 977
Techniques for Virtual Palaeontology. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 139
Braquiopodos del Ordovicico Medio y Silurico del flanco surandino. Venezuela. Gomez S., Jessica C. Apr 1, 2014 2865
Dinosaur skeleton goes on display at Dubai Mall. Mar 11, 2014 115
How to be a dinosaur hunter. Book review Feb 1, 2014 193
Plant Fossils: If These Fossils Could Talk. Book review Dec 1, 2013 187
Fossil of Largest Known Platypus Discovered in Australia. Nov 5, 2013 668
Oldest-Known Fossil Bird Tracks from Australia. Oct 29, 2013 670
School kid finds fossil skeleton of baby dinosaur in US. Oct 23, 2013 275
High School Student Discovers Skeleton of Baby Dinosaur. Oct 23, 2013 750
High school student discovers skeleton of baby dinosaur. Oct 22, 2013 564
UNITED KINGDOM - The olive and the vine in European Prehistory. (OVIPE). Oct 15, 2013 324
BIOSTRATIGRAPHIC STUDIES OF LOCKHART LIMESTONE, CHANGLAGALI AREA, NATHIAGALI- MURREE ROAD, HAZARA, NORTHERN PAKISTAN. Sameeni, Shahid Jamil; Haneef, Muhammad; Shabbir, Farhan; Ahsan, Naveed; Ahmad, Nazir Report Sep 30, 2013 1964
Services for cadastre and assessment of invertebrate fossil collection paleontology area of ??the national museum of natural history. Sep 27, 2013 103
Where in the world are they? Sep 22, 2013 354
Megalithism; sacred and pagan architecture in prehistory. Book review Aug 1, 2013 159
How large, plant-eating dinosaurs co-existed millions of years ago. Jul 11, 2013 421
My Beloved Brontosaurus. Book review Jul 1, 2013 107
Ciencia y creencia en la construction del concepto de religion paleolitica. Palacio-Perez, Eduardo Jul 1, 2013 6878
Las raices de los primeros libros de texto de Cambridge sobre la prehistoria europea: un analisis de los viajes formativos de Miles Burkitt a Espana y Francia. Diaz-Andreu, Margarita Jul 1, 2013 7094
How dinosaurs went from 4 to 2 feet. Jun 29, 2013 411
Lack of new emerging species contributing to extinction of animals. Jun 21, 2013 345
Prehistoric New York--fossil collecting in the Empire State. Zdinak, Alan Jun 1, 2013 1669
Limestone in Islamic religious architecture: Istanbul and Turkish Thrace/Islam dini mimarisinde kirectasi: Istanbul ve Turkiye Trakyasindan Ornekler. Dal, Murat; Ocal, Ali D. Jun 1, 2013 6344
Early flying dinosaur hunted slippery fish. Apr 23, 2013 334
CampusNorth Launches Online High School Paleontology Course. Mar 19, 2013 619
Dinosaurs may not have had fleas. Feb 21, 2013 206
Jurassic records predict effects of global warming on marine life. Feb 20, 2013 368
Newly discovered dinosaur fossils defy bird evolution theory. Jan 25, 2013 294
Dinosaurs used feathers to attract mates. Jan 5, 2013 445
Geneva puts Lebanese prehistory on show. Jan 3, 2013 778
Reconocimiento de la fauna y flora fosil del cretacico del gabinete de paleontologia de la E.A.P. de ingenieria geologica U.N.M.S.M. Aldana A., Manuel; Elescano Y., Manuel Report Jan 1, 2013 2915
Art prehistory. French, Jason Dec 22, 2012 935
Why some dinosaurs grew so big. Dec 20, 2012 400
Earliest primate gets ankle bones: a creature known from fossil teeth acquires more parts. Milius, Susan Dec 1, 2012 329
Excavating in breccia: new methods developed at the Benzu rockshelter. Dominguez-Bella, S.; Ramos, J.; Bernal, D.; Vijande, E.; Cantillo, J.J.; Cabral, A.; Perez, M.; Barr Report Dec 1, 2012 2990
Pandas may have originated in Spain. Nov 15, 2012 184
Some dinosaurs followed Cope's Rule and became larger over time. Nov 3, 2012 486
Fossils of first feathered dinosaurs discovered in Canada. Oct 26, 2012 411
Early Thailand; from prehistory to Sukhothai. Brief article Oct 1, 2012 165
On the shoulders of giants: first introduced to dinosaurs through a plastic toy in a cereal box, renowned palaeontologist Philip J. Currie embarked on a life-long journey to study these creatures of the past. Sarfraz, Sheeza Interview Sep 22, 2012 1471
Pursuing prehistory: the global search of David Evans. Sarfraz, Sheeza Sep 22, 2012 689
An epic adventure in Alberta with a crew of ROM dinosaur hunters. Lister, Dianne Sep 22, 2012 350
Human cognition: the Australian evidence. Mulvaney, John Report Sep 1, 2012 2806
Fossil Skeleton of Strange Digging Mammal. Aug 28, 2012 419
Functional morphology at the mall. Hippensteel, Scott P. Report Aug 1, 2012 3417
Eurasian prehistory, v.8; no.1-2, 2011. Book review Aug 1, 2012 142
Science in the 21st Century: From studies of single-celled organisms to distant planets, Daedalus examines how science is changing our world. Jul 19, 2012 1144
I'LL DIG MY WORK; Ulster graduate lands top job with dinosaur expert. Jul 5, 2012 259
1st feathered dinosaur not closely related to birds found in Germany. Jul 3, 2012 577
'Giant' bird with bony teeth ruled Oz skies long after dinosaur demise. Jun 28, 2012 270
Author and dinosaur expert -- all at seven. Jun 18, 2012 612
Dinosaurs come to life as Houston museum unveils new paleontology hall. Jun 3, 2012 356
Where sky and Yorkshire and water meet; the story of the Melton landscape from prehistory to the present. (CD-ROM included). Book review Jun 1, 2012 142
An animate landscape; rock art and the prehistory of Kilmartin, Argyll, Scotland. Book review Jun 1, 2012 120
Historico-natural knowledge. A proposal inspired by the epistemology of Jacques Maritain/El saber historico natural. Una propuesta inspirada en la epistemologia de Jacques Maritain. Carreno P., Juan Eduardo; Serani M., Alejandro Jun 1, 2012 7557
Largest Known Crocodile Could Swallow a Human. May 8, 2012 526
State Museum to Offer Summer Day Camps for Kids. Mar 27, 2012 436
A new shape to dinosaur extinction: ROM researchers take an ecological approach. Evans, David; Campione, Nicolas Mar 22, 2012 689
Supporting the ROM in a giant way. Lister, Dianne Mar 22, 2012 417
Fossils and FEA: paleontologists use an engineering technology to explore animal evolution and see how extinct animals behaved. Thilmany, Jean Mar 1, 2012 2006
Earliest horses throw light on global warming's effect on animal sizes. Feb 24, 2012 346
Why are chimps still chimps? Johnson, Norman A.; Smith, James J.; Pobiner, Briana; Schrein, Caitlin Report Feb 1, 2012 5494
Dorcatherium cf. nagrii from the Chinji Type Locality (Chakwal, Northern Pakistan) of the Chinji Formation, Lower Siwaliks, Pakistan. Khan, Muhammad Akbar; Akhtar, Muhammad Report Dec 31, 2011 4435
The initial India-Asia continental collision and foreland basin evolution in the Tethyan Himalaya of Tibet: Evidences from stratigraphy and palaeontology. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 478
Unearthing Iran's prehistory: after lying in ROM storage rooms for more than 30 years, archaeological finds key to understanding Iran's earliest times finally see the light of day. Gopnik, Hilary Dec 20, 2011 1937
The importance of the Briand Project for the postwar European construction. Dobra, Dorin-Mircea Report Dec 1, 2011 4592
Great Canadian Lagerstatten 1. Early Eocene Lagerstatten of the Okanagan Highlands (British Columbia and Washington State). Archibald, S. Bruce; Greenwood, David R.; Smith, Robin Y.; Mathewes, Rolf W.; Basinger, James F. Report Dec 1, 2011 5626
Great Canadian Lagerstatten 2. Macro- and microfossils of the Mount Cap Formation (Early and Middle Cambrian, northwest territories). Harvey, Thomas H.P.; Butterfield, Nicholas J. Report Dec 1, 2011 4763
Robert Bell's professorship at Queen's University, 1864-1868. Brookes, Ian A. Biography Dec 1, 2011 5737
Everyone do the dinosaur. Nov 18, 2011 188
Enjoy a Jurassic perk. Nov 11, 2011 390
20 feet long species of crocodile discovered in Columbian coal mine. Oct 3, 2011 246
72-million-yr-old armoured dinosaur's brain being 'recreated'. Sep 30, 2011 165
Palaeontology event to explore Cypriot prehistory. Sep 23, 2011 284
Colourful dino feathers found trapped in tree resin. Sep 16, 2011 217
Great mining camps of Canada 5. Britannia Mines, British Columbia. Smitheringale, W.G. "Bill" Report Sep 1, 2011 24599
Fossil Forensics Reveals How Wasps Populated Rotting Dinosaur Eggs. Jul 18, 2011 405
'1st flying animals' pterosaurs evolved in most unusual way. Jul 7, 2011 462
Communication regarding the geology and vertebrate palaeontology of the Adamantina formation (Bauru group, upper Cretaceous) in Campina Verde, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. de Oliveira, Emerson Ferreira; Rangel, Caio Cesar; Alves, Diego Sullivan de Jesus; Limonta, Filipi S Jul 1, 2011 2223
New IGCP projects launched. Kaljo, Dimitri; Hints, Olle Jun 1, 2011 726
State Museum to Hold Fossil Day Camps for Kids in July. May 26, 2011 380
Dawn of the dinosaurs: paleontologists probe the majestic reptiles' origin and rise. Witze, Alexandra May 21, 2011 2565
The bunny that ruled Minorca: fossil rabbit was six times the size of modern relatives. Milius, Susan Apr 23, 2011 268
New Fossil Locality in the Middle Miocene of Lava from the Chinji Formation of the Lower Siwaliks, Pakistan. Khan, Muhammad Akbar; Akhtar, Muhammad; Khan, Abdul Majid; Iqbal, Mehboob; Samiullah, Khizar; Ghaffa Report Mar 31, 2011 5202
Pennies for Protoceratops. Smith, Arthur Mar 18, 2011 153
Pennsylvania's Mastodon Finds Permanent Home at State Museum. Feb 2, 2011 373
Snowmass find is a mammoth of a draw. Best, Allen Feb 1, 2011 469
Humans switched from living in trees to on the ground 4.2mn yrs ago. Jan 29, 2011 312
Written in Stone: Evolution, the Fossil Record, and Our Place in Nature. Perkins, Sid Book review Jan 1, 2011 261
Iban DNA. Baer, A. Jan 1, 2011 1315
Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association: Was there an Austroasiatic presence in Island Southeast Asia prior to the Austronesian expansion? Blench, Roger Reprint Jan 1, 2011 115
66mn-yr-old 'bizzare' croc 'may have been a vegetarian'. Dec 9, 2010 198
Wide-bodies flew Cretaceous air: study suggests pterosaurs could soar halfway around globe. Milius, Susan Brief article Nov 6, 2010 259
Towards a prehistory of the gothic mode in nineteenth-century New Zealand writing. King, Edmund G.C. Nov 1, 2010 7131
Modern Humans Emerged Earlier than Previously Thought. Oct 29, 2010 246
Experts debate over species of dino fossil. Oct 12, 2010 384
Fossil find suggests dinos not as fierce as thought. Oct 7, 2010 268
Trove of ancient animal life found: Burgess Shale site expands to include many more fossils. Witze, Alexandra Sep 25, 2010 356
Killed off by a mammoth climate shift; PREHISTORY. Aug 18, 2010 109
'Secret location' of dino skeletons found in South Dakota Badlands. Jul 30, 2010 181
3,000 years old monkey fossil found in underwater cave. Jul 29, 2010 312
Triceratops, Torsaurus same dino at different stages of growth. Jul 17, 2010 473
Triceratops, Torsaurus same dino at different stages of growth. Jul 15, 2010 473
Analisis secuencial de los patrones de ocupacion humana y explotacion de recursos en el Desierto de Atacama. Nunez, Lautaro; Grosjean, Martin; Cartajena, Isabel Report Jul 1, 2010 14443
Reporte de un nuevo ejemplar de Granastrapotherium snorki en el Valle Superior del Magdalena, Desierto de la Tatacoa, Huila. Colombia. Pardo Jaramillo, Mauricio Jun 1, 2010 1065
International Year of Planet Earth 9. Geology in the urban environment in Canada. Karrow, P.F.; Clague, John J. Report Jun 1, 2010 11360
Bibliometria de la sistematica biologica sobre America Latina durante el siglo XX en tres bases de datos mundiales. Michan, Layla; Llorente-Bousquets, Jorge Report Jun 1, 2010 7903
'Horniest' ever dino discovered. May 29, 2010 294
Cleveland Museum of Natural History Scientist Announces New Horned Dinosaur. May 28, 2010 383
Dino feather shift. Perkins, Sid Brief article May 22, 2010 161
Revised Version - First Studies of Fossil of new Human Ancestor Take Place at the European Synchrotron. Apr 12, 2010 569
First Studies of Fossil of new Human Ancestor Take Place at the European Synchrotron. Apr 8, 2010 569
Paleontology and Geology of the Fort Randall formation at Feyereisen Gap, Gregory County, South Dakota. Weiler, Matthew W. Apr 1, 2010 779
Palaeontology enthusiast Sathya boasts of priceless possessions. Mar 28, 2010 183
New fossil species found in Spain. Mar 27, 2010 332
South African dino eggs. Mar 22, 2010 114
Feathered dinosaurs, bold and in living color: stripes, spangles and spots abound. Perkins, Sid Feb 27, 2010 688
Kyrgyzstan - place to study dinosaur fauna - paleontologist Bakirov. Feb 15, 2010 732
Dressing up dinos: adding soft tissue to bone helps scientists, paleoartists bring ancient creatures to life. Perkins, Sid Cover story Jan 30, 2010 2202
Scientists identify color of dinosaur feathers for first time. Jan 28, 2010 410
Isotopes and individuals: diet and mobility among the medieval Bishops of Whithorn. Muldner, Gundula; Montgomery, Janet; Cook, Gordon; Ellam, Rob; Gledhill, Andrew; Lowe, Chris Report Dec 1, 2009 6552
Parallel worlds: time and transformation in the work of Gregg Moore. Theophano, Janet Dec 1, 2009 1473
Extinction rates higher in open-ocean settings during mass wipeouts. Nov 22, 2009 411
Congo Basin was arid and treeless about 150 to 200 million years ago. Nov 11, 2009 415
One-third of all dinosaur species may never have existed. Nov 1, 2009 346
Angola is a treasure trove for fossils. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief article Nov 1, 2009 108
70-million-year-old evidence of dinosaur cannibalism found. Oct 21, 2009 282
70-million-year-old evidence of dinosaur cannibalism found. Oct 12, 2009 280
Teen dinosaur hunter: Students scour the desert for prehistoric fossils to display in their school's museum. Hamalainen, Karina Sep 7, 2009 1763
All Aboard! The 'Dinosaur Train' Premieres Labor Day on PBS KIDS[R]. Sep 1, 2009 1280
Habitos alimenticios de los caballos Dinohippus mexicanus y Neohipparion eurystyle del Hemphiliano Tardio de Tecolotlan, Jalisco, Mexico. Barron Ortiz, Christian Raul; Guzman Gutierrez, Jose Ruben Sep 1, 2009 3048
Global warming 50 mln yrs ago spurred biodiversity boom in western North America. Aug 7, 2009 415
Secret San of the Drakensberg and their rock art legacy. Prins, Frans E. Jul 1, 2009 7694
Revision de la fauna pleistocenica gomphotheriidae en Colombia y reporte de un caso para el Vvalle del Cauca. Rodriguez-Florez, Carlos David Report Jul 1, 2009 2368
Humans may have been responsible for "megafauna" demise 46,000 years ago. Jun 23, 2009 408
Fossil teeth of ancient browsing horse found in Panama Canal earthworks. Jun 9, 2009 349
Our earliest hominid ancestors may have been European. Jun 2, 2009 280
Finland and estonia in each other's images of prehistory: building national myths/ Eesti ja soome teineteise esiajaloo kujutlustes: rahvuslike muutide loomine. Salminen, Timo Jun 1, 2009 7980
MONSTER LUCK; Car designer Dan lands dream job on dinosaur spectacular : EXCLUSIVE. May 24, 2009 566
All Aboard! The 'DINOSAUR TRAIN' Takes off on PBS KIDS[R] on Labor Day. May 13, 2009 1200
New dino species might be found in Canada. May 13, 2009 363
Island's only paleontology museum closes. May 8, 2009 514
Extreme mammals: meet some amazing animals--from the present day to prehistoric times. May 1, 2009 1368
Bringing evolution to Notre Dame: Father John Zahm, C.S.C. and theistic evolutionism. Sloan, Phillip R. Apr 1, 2009 8390
Possible worlds: a reading of three artworks from the Creative creatures exhibition/Moontlike werelde: 'n ontleding van drie kunswerke in dle Kreatiewe kreature-ulstalling. Lotz, C. Critical essay Apr 1, 2009 7038
Discovery of cat-sized dino suggests 'mini dinosaurs' prowled North America. Mar 17, 2009 426
Research and Markets: Introduction to Paleobiology and the Fossil Record, 1st Edition - a Comprehensive Overview of the Science of the History of Life. Mar 5, 2009 287
Laser imaging investigates how fat or thin dinos were. Feb 21, 2009 427
Triceratops' horns were lethal battle weapons, not mere ornaments. Jan 28, 2009 414
Feathered dinosaur fossil may provide clues to how dinos evolved into modern birds. Jan 17, 2009 397
Giant bird poo records pre-historic New Zealand. Jan 13, 2009 335
World's largest dino fossil site reveals first Asian triceratops. Jan 9, 2009 296
World's largest dino fossil site reveals first Asian triceratops. Jan 7, 2009 296
Commentary: challenges and complexity in the re construction of Hmong history. Yang, Kou Report Jan 1, 2009 5175
CT scans reveal that dinos were complete airheads. Dec 9, 2008 434
Same species of dinos roamed UK and US 170 million years ago. Dec 3, 2008 315
Evidencias directas e indirectas sobre la probable coexistencia de bisontes y el ser humano en Centroamerica durante el Holoceno. Alvarado, Guillermo E.; Lucas, Spencer G.; Gomez, Luis D. Report Dec 1, 2008 4769
Same species of dinos roamed UK and US 170 million years ago. Nov 25, 2008 315
Evolucion humana y el ADN mitocondrial (II). Amat Olazabal, Hernan Report Jul 1, 2008 18525
La Brea Del Sur: the fossil-rich tar pits of Venezuela may rival those of Southern California. Perkins, Sid Jan 12, 2008 1920
Two journeys back in time: whether looking down or looking up, you can travel millions of years into the past. Wehler, Randall Dec 1, 2007 600
Stasis Theory and Paleontology Discourse. Northcut, Kathryn M. Abstract Sep 1, 2007 193
Amphiuma (Caudata: Amphiumidae) from the Pleistocene Clark Quarry local fauna of coastal Georgia. Parmley, Dennis; Clark, Josh; Mead, Alfred J. Report Jun 22, 2007 1992
Las piedras de la memoria (II). El uso en epoca romana de espacios y monumentos sagrados prehistoricos del Sur de la Peninsula Iberica. Garcia Sanjuan, Leonardo; Garrido Gonzalez, Pablo; Lozano Gomez, Fernando Report Jan 1, 2007 15482
Heads up. Hutchinson, Harry Dec 1, 2006 701
Amphibious ancestors: vertebrates' transition to dry land took some fancy footwork. Perkins, Sid Cover story Jun 17, 2006 1933
Remains may be an evolutionary relic. Brief article May 20, 2006 186
A dino's long, long reach. Brief article May 3, 2006 242
Dinosaur neck size reaches new extreme. Perkin, S. Brief article Apr 29, 2006 192
When dinosaurs dominated: ancient creatures arrive from China: A new exhibition "tells the story of how the planet changed while dinosaurs ruled the Earth--and how this affected the evolution of dinosaurs and other life. Jul 1, 2005 2735
Feathery find: scientists unearth evidence that some dinosaurs sported feathers. Janes, Patricia May 9, 2005 1350
The fossil spider family lagonomegopidae in cretaceous ambers with descriptions of a new genus and species from Myanmar. Penney, David May 1, 2005 2924
Early mammal had newfangled fangs. Brief Article Apr 30, 2005 228
Nothing besides remains: preserving the scientific and cultural value of paleontological resources in the United States. Chew, Alexa Z. Feb 1, 2005 12224
Productividad cianobacteriana, variaciones del carbono organico y facies de la Formacion Indidura (Cenomaniano-Turoniano), noreste de Mexico. Duque-Botero, Fabian; Maurrasse, Florentin J-M. R. Report Jan 1, 2005 6211
Fossil ape makes evolutionary debut. Bower, Bruce Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 233
Plenty of dinosaurs yet to be found. Brief Article Nov 20, 2004 280
Dinosaurs in the Dirt: Amateurs Dig With Pros to Uncover the Joys of Paleontology. Mishev, Dina Oct 1, 2004 2250
Gastropods and rostroconchs (Mollusca) from the Maxville Limestone (Upper Mississippian) in Ohio (1). Hoare, Richard D. Sep 1, 2004 4199
Multidisciplinary investigations of alpine ice patches in southwest Yukon, Canada: paleoenvironmental and paleobiological investigations. Farnell, Richard; Hare, P. Gregory; Blake, Erik; Bowyer, Vandy; Schweger, Charles; Greer, Sheila; Go Sep 1, 2004 9042
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