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Paleomagnetism of sedimentary rocks; process and interpretation.


Paleomagnetism of sedimentary rocks; process and interpretation.

Kodama, Kenneth P.



157 pages




Kodama (earth and environmental sciences, Lehigh U.) offers a description of the paleomagnetism of sediments and sedimentary rocks, how they are magnetized, and how the physical and chemical causal processes may influence the accuracy of paleomagnetism. Topics include importance and reliability, depositional remnant magnetization, how to detect and correct a compaction-shallowed inclination, tectonic strain effects on remanence, and processes and their interpretation. While technical, the writing is clear and straightforward. The book is intended for paleomagnetists, students, and earth scientists using sedimentary paleomagnetic data.

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Date:Apr 1, 2013
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